Changes to this Connected Farm release include:



  • Tank Mixes have been added to the Materials area of the Resource section. This allows you to create and manage any number of dry fertilizer blends and liquid mixes.
  • Tank Mixes can be imported from displays that support tank mixes (such as CNH and John Deere). If the display does not support tank mixes (such as Trimble displays), the name of the tank mix can be added as a Material on the display. As these tank mixes are imported into Connected Farm™, the quantity of each ingredient will be calculated and used in the task.
  • Original data files are saved and easily accessible for each task. By going to the Task History and clicking on the task, you’ll see the data file(s) that make up the visible data. This allows you to download the file or reprocess it.


  • Organizations can be deleted by going to “My Organizations”, selecting edit and then clicking the delete button. Organizations can be deleted as long as:
    • It has no paid service licenses (Office Sync, Fleet or the Standard Bundle).
    • It has no display or telematics devices.
    • It is not the primary organization.
    • It is not tied to other members; they must be removed from the organization before it can be deleted.
    • It doesn’t have any task data; data must be deleted before the organization can be deleted.
  • View licenses for devices that are assigned to a Trimble TMX-2050™ or MMX-070 display for your organization.
  • The language is automatically selected based on the browser setting; no longer is there a language selector.


  • Vehicles that do not report its status for two days will now report “No Current Status”.
  • Miscellaneous updates include a new date picker on the vehicle sensor page, updated alerts upgrade, and new user alerts page messages.


  • Server has been upgraded to provide more reliability and efficiency.
  • Connected Farm login credentials is now fully supported. Users can no longer utilize their Irrigate-IQ login credentials to access the system.
  • Users can change their unit preference via the Connected Farm Account site.
  • Help guide is available via the user navigation and Connected Farm Help Center.