Changes to this Connected Farm release include:



  • Crop Season Improvements:
    • If you select a year for the Crop Season area, you can now see a list of crops being grown in that year.  Additionally you will see a map of all the boundaries colored by crop.  When you select a crop you see a list and boundary maps of all the fields that have that crop.   If you click on a boundary on the map you will have the option to change or assign a new crop season to the field.


  • Performance and visualization improvements to the Vehicle History page.
  • Added last reported calendar date to configurable columns on Vehicles page.
  • Configurable sorting for Vehicles page results.


  • End Gun Setup – Improvement to the end gun setup functionality that enables users to manually enter or draw end gun bearings, as well as copy end gun bearings from the currently running scenario.
  • Sector Control – New feature for monitor and control customers that enables them to divide their pivots into wedge-shaped sectors and apply different speeds to each sector.
  • Uniform Corner – New feature set to the Irrigate-IQ solution that allows growers to achieve a consistent applications in areas covered by the corner arm.

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