Changes to this Connected Farm release include:



  • The Tasks tab has an Add button that can be used to create new tasks.  Additionally, any existing task can be selected and edited.   Tasks include:
    • Client/Farm/Field
    • Start & Stop Date/Time
    • Hours Worked
    • Area Covered
    • People/Vehicles/Implements/Materials
    • Field Conditions/Weather Conditions/Notes


  • There is a new type of alert: Machine Alert, which reports machine faults.
  • Alerts now show on the map in the vehicle history page (note – this function only works for alerts that occur on or after 11AM MST 2/23/2016).
  • Alert notices include a link to view the alert on the map.
  • The Fleet Vehicle page is now user-configurable and includes additional data to view such as Last Reported Speed and Delay Response Threshold.


  • Connected Farm now supports the Ukrainian language.