Farmer Software Plans

Farmer Software Pricing

Trimble Ag Software farmer solutions are available in three different bundles: Farmer Starter, Farmer Fit, and Farmer Pro. View a comparison chart to learn more.

We also offer customized solutions for large operations. Please fill out the form on this page to learn more.


1Includes up to 10,000 acres of Crop Health Imagery. Additional acres can be purchased by contacting sales at 1-800-282-4103.

2Ag Premium Weather is available in North America but expanding to other regions in 2018.

3Using Trimble modems & data plans or a third-party USB Wi-Fi adapter is needed for wireless connectivity. Additional vehicle connections can be purchased for a fee. API vehicle connection do not count against the vehicle license allowance.

4Using API partner’s hardware and/or software licenses are needed for connectivity through Trimble Ag Software.

“I no longer handle USB drives for transferring data which saves me a lot of time during the busy season. I can access my data quicker which allows me to make better decisions.”

Ed Groholski

Burlington, MI

“We have over 25 years of field records which saved us hours of work when our farm was subjected to a pesticide audit. The software makes it easy to find all the required application reports that the state requires you to have.”

Mark Nicholson

Oskaloosa, IA