Farmer Software Plans

Farmer Software Pricing

Farmer software solutions are available in three different bundles. Farmer Basic is an easy-to-use desktop mapping, field record keeping and cash accounting system for the beginner. Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus subscription bundles serve as a total farm solution that includes desktop, online and mobile solutions.  View a comparison chart to see a detailed feature list of each bundle.

If you are looking for pricing on our crop advisor, food processor or ag retailer software, please call (800) 282-4103 or request a demo.

Farmer Basic

  • Desktop Software

  • Desktop software for mapping, importing/exporting precision farming data, field records and simple cash accounting
  • Upgrade to advanced accounting for additional financial features
  • Upgrade to WM-Subsurface for additional drainage features
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Farmer Pro Plus

  • Desktop + Online + Mobile

  • Desktop software for mapping, importing/exporting precision farming data, field records and simple cash accounting
  • Desktop software upgrade options for advanced accounting and WM-Subsurface farm drainage
  • Up to 10 online users
  • Online software for viewing boundaries, field records and precision farming data (also syncs with desktop software)
  • Mobile app for field records, re-entry alerts, fleet tracking, scouting and soil sampling
  • Custom dashboard layout of weather, commodity cash bids and futures prices and more
  • Includes 5 vehicle connections for fleet tracking and wireless data transfer between the office and Trimble displays*
  • Data can be shared with a trusted advisor
  • API compatibility to transfer data to/from third-party displays and software
  • Includes Ag Time Tracker for 10 employees
  • Includes Ag Premium Weather**
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* Trimble hardware & data plans need to be installed in order to gain connectivity features. API vehicles do not count against the vehicle connections.
**Ag Premium Weather is available in North America but expanding to other regions in 2017.

“I no longer handle USB drives for transferring data which saves me a lot of time during the busy season.  I can access my data quicker which allows me to make better decisions.”

Ed Groholski Michigan, USA

“Trimble makes it easier to manage farm data, especially when you own several farms with significant geographic distances.  It allows you to monitor field activities in real-time so that mistakes are reduced – improving our overall efficiency.”

Victor Campanelli Bebedouro, Brazil