News and Updates

App Updates (v2.7)

Updates to Path/Polygons  — Benchmark path / polygons now display the length and area. Updates to Boundaries  — View crop boundaries above field boundaries in map area Various Bug fixes New! Work Orders Feature  — Assign tasks to team members so that everyone is... read more

Precision Ag Insider – Issue 20

April 16, 2018: Welcome to the latest Precision Ag Insider — Keep up with the latest trends in precision agriculture, farm technology, and Trimble Ag news.

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Precision Ag Insider – Issue 19

April 2, 2018: Welcome to the Precision Ag Insider — Keep up with the latest trends in precision ag, farm tech, and Trimble Agriculture news.

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App Updates (v2.6)

Improvements to performance and usability of map screens Record Benchmark polygons/lines in Drive mode Added option to issue description before submitting logs to support Display labels for Field Names and Zones on top of layers for easy... read more

Online Updates

Updates to Crop Season List  — If editing a task in Equipment Activity, the Crop Season list only shows the crop seasons for the selected field as well as sub-crop names. Support for Creating Resources for John Deere GS3 and GS4 — Creating resources to download to a... read more

Reseller Admin Updates

Undo License Assignment — Trimble resellers can now undo license assignments within the first 24 hours of assignment. There are limits to how many licenses can be unassigned. For more information please refer to the support... read more

Desktop Updates (v2018.02)

Fixed Filter for Crop Planning Report — Resolved issue where the Client/Farm/Field and Crop Enterprise filters did not work for the Crop Planning Report. Added Delete Button for Scale Tickets — A delete button can be used to remove individual scale ticket loads.... read more

Online Updates

New Field Creation Interface — There is a new interface when creating a new field or updating the properties on an existing field. The new interface is more intuitive and makes it easier to enter or edit information. The General tab allows you to add/edit field,... read more

Online Updates

Added Bateman Spreaders to List of Vehicles — Within the Vehicle Setup area, a new Manufacturer for Bateman and a Vehicle Type for Spreader (for self propelled spreaders) is now available. New Edit Button in Task Summary  — There is now an Edit button in the Task... read more

Desktop Updates (v2018)

Updated  Support for Trimble TMX-2050 Precision-IQ — When using the Precision-IQ™ app on a Trimble® TMX-2050™ display, the software now utilizes an updated driver that supports the reading and writing of resources, jobs/tasks, VRA maps, guidance lines and landmarks.... read more