Imagine how your decision making would change if you could access your precision farming data in a timely manner. This would benefit not only you, but also your entire team of crop advisors and service providers. You see, wireless data transfer makes everything easier by giving you access from the cloud.

Better yet, what if you could utilize your existing technology (i.e. smartphones and tablets) to accomplish all of this? Some farmers turn to higher-end modems such as the DCM-300 or GX450 to handle their wireless data transfer needs. But in farming, the ‘one size fits all approach’ rarely works.

For those looking for a lower cost solution that works great with the Trimble® TMX-2050™ display, there is a number of off-the-shelf third party USB wireless adapters to consider. By using a simple wireless hotspot from your smartphone, or any wireless access point in range of where you park your tractor or combine, you can take advantage of wireless data transfer without the modems or data plans required for a larger operation. Here’s how it works.

Use the Trimble TMX-2050 display to transfer data wirelessly to the office
The wireless data transfer adapter helps transfer precision farming data

Wireless Wi-Fi USB Adapters

The following tested and supported wireless Wi-Fi USB adapters are compatible with the TMX-2050 display:

Trimble Tip: Other Wi-Fi USB adapters should not be presumed to work.

Getting Started

While the DCM-300 and GX450 can be set up by your Trimble Authorized Reseller, you can set up your wireless Wi-Fi USB adapter on your own.

  1. Purchase one of the USB devices listed above.
  2. Purchase a Trimble Ag Software Plan that includes Vehicle Connections (each display will take a vehicle connection and additional Vehicle Connections can be purchased beyond the included plan).
  3. Login to and add your TMX-2050 serial number under Farm > Equipment > Devices.
  4. Set up a vehicle and assign the Device, and a Vehicle Connection to the Vehicle under Farm > Equipment > Vehicles.
  5. In the Display, open the Wi-Fi Settings and connect to your prefered Wi-Fi network— we recommend either using a local Wi-Fi router — or if you have a wireless hotspot on your phone (sometimes enabled through your carrier).
  6. Turn on Wireless data Transfer on the Display itself by Activating the Office Sync feature in the App settings for both the FmX® Plus or Precision-IQ™ applications.

That’s it! Now you have wireless data transfer whenever you are in Wi-Fi coverage.

Need Help?

Contact us if you need assistance.  Every annual Trimble Ag Software Plan comes with access to our support network to help farmers every step along the way. Please Email or call Support if you have any questions.