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The farming app for farm management software on the go

Mobile-Friendly Ag Software from Trimble

Successful farmers track every detail of their operations. With lower commodity prices putting pressure on profits, and the move to precision ag adding new complexities, mobile-friendly farm management software is a requirement for farming today.

Most farm software tools require users to spend hours in front of a computer — something farmers simply don’t have time for. Trimble Ag Software is different. Mobile-enabled for your busy lifestyle, we put the power of Trimble in the palm of your hand.

Choose a Partner You Can Trust For Years to Come

And by partnering with Trimble, you’ll have the support and ongoing commitment of one of the top leaders in global agriculture today, while maintaining your independence. Trimble technology works even when you change genetics, crop protection suppliers or equipment colors.

Crop Planning

Set out your plans by field (and by zone) to set yourself up for success in the coming year. From input purchase lists to budgets to fertility, our planning tools will help you strategize for the best possible crop season.  Some of these include:

  • Fertility planning
  • Crop planning
  • Budgeting
  • Precision prescriptions
Plan out your crop year to determine upcoming farm costs
Keep track of your seed, chemical, fertilizer and other inputs

Field Record Keeping

Manage all field records easily from any mobile device or your desktop computer. Create easy-to-print field task reports — a trademark of our software since 1992 — to stay organized.

Most field activities are automatically generated from your precision farming data or our mobile app. Some of the key reports that you’ll find include:

  • Seed varieties
  • Tank mixes
  • Restricted-use pesticides
  • Fertilizer usage
  • Harvest data
  • Grain storage tracking

Precision Ag Mapping & Tools

We understand that farmers today have many different precision farming maps coming at them from all directions. Farmers can import yield, soil type, soil test results and other key data layers to assist in creating simple variable rate prescription maps for seed, crop protection or fertilizer applications. Precision farming maps can also flow into your field record keeping for a complete farm management software solution. Additional precision ag tools include:

  • NDVI
  • Variable rate prescriptions
  • Irrigation tracking
  • Imagery support
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Utilize Trimble displays and guidance systems to improve efficiency

Hardware Integration

As a supplier of both ag software and hardware tools, Trimble products are a ‘natural fit’ and integration is streamlined and efficient. Guidance lines can be stored directly in the software for use with Trimble guidance products that provide the high level of accuracy our users demand. Variable rate prescriptions and as-applied maps move wirelessly between Trimble Ag Software and your Trimble display for increased efficiency and productivity.

Financial Tools

We take pride in tracking your ‘true’ profitability for each field. With tools that compare your actual expenses to your planned budgets, farm financial statements and cost per unit of production, we support your profitability. Our software can take your data and yield maps and create Profit Maps that provide you with the financial results of your year field by field — allowing you to see where you want to make changes as you improve year after year.

(U.S. market only) Our farm accounting software is incredibly easy to use. Start by entering your transactions in our interactive account register and quickly see your profit and loss field by field. For the more advanced farmer, we offer add-on accounting functionality for payroll, accrual general ledger and other more advanced functionality. Our goal is to keep it simple and give you more flexibility where needed.

Farm management software for field-by-field cost analysis

Trimble Ag Mobile

It’s time to take the supercomputer you carry around in your pocket and turn it into the most powerful farm management software tool you have ever used! Our mobile farming app works on both Apple iOS and Android devices. And it continues to work even if you lose your WiFi or cellular signal. With our mobile farming app you can manage:

  • Crop scouting
  • Seeding, as-applied and harvest data capture
  • Field re-entry alerts (as an add-on)
  • Pre-harvest interval alerts
  • Field details and history
  • Grain inventories
  • Precision ag prescriptions

Farm Data Compatibility

Farm data compatibility and connectivity agreements between Trimble Ag Software and other third-party farm management software platforms include Raven Slingshot® system, AGCO VarioDoc and AgCommand® systems, John Deere Operations Center, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect™, New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect and more.

Trimble Ag Software works with a wide range of third-party farm management software

“I no longer handle USB drives for transferring data which saves me a lot of time during the busy season.  I can access my data quicker which allows me to make better decisions.”

Ed Groholski
Michigan, USA


“Trimble makes it easier to manage farm data, especially when you own several farms with significant geographic distances.  It allows you to monitor field activities in real-time so that mistakes are reduced – improving our overall efficiency.”

Victor Campanelli
Bebedouro, Brazil

Farmer Pricing

Farmer solutions are available in three different bundles. Farmer Basic is an easy-to-use desktop mapping, field record keeping and cash accounting system for the beginner. Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus subscription bundles serve as a total farm solution that includes desktop, online and mobile solutions.  View a comparison chart to see a detailed feature list of each bundle.

Farmer Basic

  • Desktop Software

  • Desktop software for mapping, importing/exporting precision farming data, field records and simple cash accounting
  • Includes an online account to Farmer Starter for accessing a custom dashboard layout of weather, commodity cash bids and futures prices and more
  • Upgrade to Advanced Accounting for accrual general ledger, payroll, budgets and other features
  • Upgrade to WM-Subsurface for additional drainage features
  • Add optional maintenance plan for $495/yr which includes latest software updates and tech support1

Farmer Pro Plus

  • Desktop + Online + Mobile

  • Desktop software for mapping, importing/exporting precision farming data, field records and simple cash accounting
  • Desktop software upgrade options for Advanced Accounting and WM-Subsurface farm drainage
  • Up to 10 online users
  • Online software for viewing boundaries, field records and precision farming data (also syncs with desktop software)
  • Mobile app for field records, re-entry alerts, fleet tracking, scouting and soil sampling
  • Custom dashboard layout of weather, commodity cash bids and futures prices and more
  • Includes 5 vehicle connections for fleet tracking and wireless data transfer between the office and Trimble displays2
  • Includes unlimited vehicle connections for fleet tracking and wireless data transfer between the office and API partners3
  • Data can be shared with a trusted advisor
  • Includes Ag Time Tracker for 10 employees
  • Includes Ag Premium Weather4

1All maintenance plans are subject to a one-time lapsed fee of $100 if renewing from an older version.

2Using Trimble modems & data plans or a third-party USB Wi-Fi adapter is needed for wireless connectivity. Additional vehicle connections can be purchased for a fee. API vehicle connection do not count against the vehicle license allowance.

3Using API partner’s hardware and/or software licenses are needed for connectivity through Trimble Ag Software.

4Ag Premium Weather is available in North America but expanding to other regions in 2018.

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