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Trimble’s Farmer Starter is a free easy-to-use online and mobile platform for farmers who want to organize and access their farm data from any device connected to the Internet. This farm management software tool provides the perfect starting point and can be seamlessly upgraded to Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro for additional functionality. Get started today — sign up for your free Farmer Starter account now.

Field Boundaries

Create your farms and fields with boundaries and then view them along with other mapping data, including aerial imagery and street maps. Boundaries can be imported via shapefile, hand drawn or downloaded via the mobile app to help visualize the entire farming operation.

Farmer Starter can track weather events.
Track commodity prices in real-time using Farmer Starter.

Custom Dashboard

Access weather information on your dashboard for tracking current temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and chance of precipitation. Doppler radar maps can be used to overlay on field boundaries to help anticipate future weather events. Also, view real-time future prices and local cash bids to simplify your grain marketing strategy.

Field Records

Need a starting point for your field record keeping? Assign a crop and seeding dates to a field to track your seeded acreage for your farm.

When it comes time for harvest, use the mobile app to enter the average yield for each field and have that historical information at your fingertips. Additional functionality and reports are available when you upgrade to Farmer Pro.

View temperature and weather trends using Farmer Starter.
View your field boundaries with Farmer Starter.

Weather Trends

Farmers today understand the impact extreme heat and cold temperatures can have on yield and profitability. With Farmer Starter, you can access temperature, precipitation and growing-degree-day trends based on a pre-set location. This gives you a sample of Ag Premium Weather as the paid version allows you to see this information for each field, along with contoured maps and email alerts.

Ready to upgrade Farmer Starter to Farmer Pro?

Product Comparison


Login users1Up to 2 Users Up to 5 Users
Dashboard for weather forecasting and commodity price tracking1
Create client/farm/field names and boundaries
Import or manually draw field boundaries
Record yield by field✔ (mobile only)
Enter seeding rates and acreage
Map benchmarks
Includes desktop farm management software with basic accounting
Enter detailed field records for seed, spray, fertilizer, harvest and other applications
Import/export data to/from precision farming displays
Process yield data with yield cleaning tool
Add materials and track purchases and usage by field with costs
Print reports on seed, fertilizer, chemical usage and more
See profitability by field and farm
Manage guidance lines
Wireless vehicle connections with Trimble displays212
Track fleet locations, status and utilization reports
Connect to third-party displays for wireless data transfer (via API)
Enter and view field records, re-entry alerts, and basic mapping with the mobile app
Use drawing tools to lay out management zones based on yield and other map data
Create simple VRA prescription maps using yield or any other precision ag display data
Includes software training to assist getting started3
Includes 1 year of software updates and technical support
Additional modules for field specific weather4 and employee time tracking
Grid or zone soil sampling workflow including mobile app navigation
Track bin inventory
Manage grain contracts and market position statements
Log scouting data and create recommendations
Create and assign Work Orders and monitor the status of each
View Crop Health Imagery for each field5
Import UAV imagery

1Cash bid prices available only in the United States.
2Vehicle Connections allow you to connect to a Trimble display for fleet tracking and wireless data transfer using Trimble modems & data plans or a third-party USB Wi-Fi adapter. Additional vehicle connections can be purchased for a fee.
3Offer expires 60 calendar days after purchase.
4Ag Premium Weather is available in North America but expanding to other regions in 2018.
5Includes up to 10,000 acres of Crop Health Imagery. Additional acres can be purchased by reaching out to sales at 1-800-282-4103.