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Trimble’s Farmer Starter is a free easy-to-use online weather and grain commodity dashboard for farmers who want to organize and access their farm data from any desktop computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. This farm management software tool provides the perfect starting point and can be seamlessly upgraded to Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus for additional functionality. Get started today — sign up for your free Farmer Starter account now.

Weather Forecasting

Access weather information on your dashboard for tracking current temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and chance of precipitation. Doppler radar maps can be used to overlay on field boundaries to help anticipate future weather events.

Farmer Starter can track weather events.
Track commodity prices in real-time using Farmer Starter.

Commodity Price Tracking

View real-time future prices and local cash bids to simplify your grain marketing strategy.

Temperature Trends

Farmers today understand the impact extreme heat and cold temperatures can have on yield and profitability. With Farmer Starter, you can access temperature trends based on location and date ranges. In addition, you can view weather and precipitation patterns and co-relate them to your current season stage to improve decision-making and anticipate vulnerable periods.

View temperature and weather trends using Farmer Starter.
View your field boundaries with Farmer Starter.

Simple Mapping

Create your farms and fields with boundaries and then view them along with other mapping data, including aerial imagery and street maps.

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