Farm Data Compatibility

Trimble Ag Software is compatible with many data formats. Whether it’s directly from your Trimble displays or through a third-party account with one of our approved partners, you’ll find our software to be quite flexible.

To get started, find your equipment brand or file type in the chart below to see what types of data can be brought in and which data transfer method can be used to transfer that data into our software. If you have questions on how to execute data transfer with your equipment, reach out to our support team at

Trimble Farm Data Compatibility

  Data Compatibility File Transfer Method
File Type Data Direction Clients, Farms, Fields Resources (Materials, People, Equipment, Crops, etc.) Boundaries VRA Prescriptions Task Data (As Applied, Yield, Coverage, etc.) Guidance Lines Feature Layers Work Orders Wireless (direct with display) API (indirect with display) USB (upload/ download)
Trimble – AgGPS and AgData From Device      
To Device   TMX-2050, GFX-750, GFX-350
CNHi – CN1 From Device      
To Device    
John Deere – GS3, GS4 From Device        
To Device      
ISOXML (includes AGCO, Mueller, TopCon, CLAAS, and others) From Device       AGCO Only
To Device    
Raven Slingshot From Device          
To Device              
Ag Leader – agdata, agsetup From Device            
To Device        
Precision Planting – 2020 From Device            
To Device              
Loup/RDS From Device            
To Device              

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