Tax season is just around the corner. If you’ve used your Trimble Ag Software (desktop platform) for managing purchases or payroll, a tremendous amount of data has been gathered the past 12 months. Use Trimble’s Advanced Accounting to print and e-file your forms this year and reduce your tax preparation time by 50%!

Benefits of E-filing

  • Eliminates costly paper forms
  • Pay for only the number of forms you file (even if it’s just one)
  • Lowers your labor costs of printing, mailing and manually submitting forms
  • View submitted payer forms in a PDF format which is free with the purchase of any service

Reliable. Fast. Safe.

We support the electronic submission and printing of the following government forms:

  • 1099 – MISC
  • 1099-INT (Electronic Submission only…no printing)
  • 1096
  • W-2
  • W-3

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(expires 1/25/19)