Ag Premium Weather

Trimble’s Ag Premium Weather is the ultimate agricultural weather application that offers field level precision. Ag Premium Weather is your ticket for up-to-date tracking of precipitation, temperature and growing degree days without the worry of physical rain gauges or expensive in-field hardware. With Ag Premium Weather you get current and historical precipitation data, which will enable you to improve operational planning, anticipate yield potential and adjust yield goals.

Ag Premium Weather is an add-on module to the Farmer Pro bundle and is available for North America, expanding to other regions in 2017.

Key Benefits:

  • Access your data online or from the mobile app.
  • Save time from driving to fields and dumping rain gauges.
  • View rainfall variability for each field using color-coded contour maps.
  • Determine field workability based on recent rainfall volume and intensity.
  • Optimize water usage by not turning on irrigators in areas that have received adequate rainfall.
  • Predict swathing and harvest timing from up-to-date growing degree days.
View rainfall for each field without checking rain gauges.
View rainfall for each field without checking rain gauges.

NEW! Mobile Friendly

Ag Premium Weather goes where you go. By using our popular Trimble Ag Mobile app, you can see variations in precipitation, temperature and growing degree days with Ag Premium Weather’s color-coded farm map overlays, including historical and future date range options. Trimble Ag Mobile is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Our Trademark Contour Maps

Our contoured weather maps provide simple, strong visual cues with bands or zones of weather across the farm. These color-coded contour maps allow farmers to easily see zones where temperature and precipitation are the same, and where these are changing. The best part, change your date range to see historical or a future short-range forecast.

View rainfall for each field without checking rain gauges.

Rainfall Trends

Plan your day better by remotely tracking how much rainfall each field received and when – all without checking a single rain gauge.

Growing Degree Days Trends

Receive day-to-day information on how many heat units are accumulating at the field this season and compare with historical averages.

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