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Advisor Prime: Trimble Ag Software for Crop Advisors

In order to manage complex farm management systems for their customers, today’s crop advisors and independent agronomists need powerful yet easy-to-use software that’s right at their fingertips.

Welcome to Advisor Prime, the premier web-based solution for Management Zone Creation and Variable Rate Prescription Generation.

This robust software tool allows you to create and share management zones and prescriptions using a process that can cut the time you spend at your computer in half! You’ll also be able to reduce data entry errors created by repetitive field-by-field procedures.

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Trimble's robust management zone help crop advisors find patterns from multiple data layers, such as imagery, EM/EC, elevation or yield data.

Precision Zone Management & Editing

Trimble’s robust management zone generator reduces effort and time when finding patterns from multiple data layers, such as imagery, EM/EC, elevation or yield data. Crop advisors can then use their own style and agronomic principles to set zone sizes and number and then edit zones, all in a single platform.

Outputs are generated with efficiency using the advisor’s logic to auto-generate and auto-update variable rate prescriptions, all the way through to controller files to drive field applications. You can manage:

  • Variable rate prescriptions
  • Precision management zones
  • Yield mapping
  • Irrigation tracking
  • Imagery support

Integrated Soil Sampling

When it comes to soil sampling for your customers, easily create grids or zones using any size and navigate to each target point in the order they are numbered. Visually see where you logged the actual point and send all data back to your web-based solution without the need for USB sticks or cables.
With our mobile app you can:

  • Create any grid size
  • Load background zone maps
  • Navigate to target points
  • Share results with customers
Crop advisors can use SIS soil maps for variable rate application.

Soil Map Analysis

Observing soil from the surface, we tend to assume it to be relatively uniform below.  When in fact, it has been formed over millenniums through the interaction of topography as well as the weathering of rocks, minerals, and organic matter. The resulting soil is hugely variable.

The Soil Information System™, or SIS, provides the world’s most accurate three-dimensional soil map information to enable more precise variable rate application of nutrients and water.

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Hardware Integration

As a supplier of both agricultural software and hardware tools, Trimble products are a ‘natural fit’ and integration is streamlined and efficient. Guidance lines and variable rate application maps can be stored directly in the software for use with Trimble guidance products that provide the high level of accuracy our users demand.

Whether you are pushing prescription maps out to controllers or pulling as-applied maps back into the software, we’ve got you covered with simple tools — all enabled from your smartphone.

Crop advisors can rely on Trimble Ag Software to work with a variety of hardware options.
Crop advisors can use Trimble's farming app to scout fields for pests and weeds.

Crop Scouting

As in-season scouting work continues to grow in importance, so does the need to share the results real-time with those that need them.

Rather than using one more piece of software that fails to store data and integrate into your customer files cleanly and securely, it’s time to start using professional grade tools to drive the in-season recommendations that have become so vital to farm customers around the world.  Trimble Ag Software offers:

  • Simple drop down menus
  • Real-time report sharing
  • Grid and zone soil sampling
  • GPS tagging
  • Photo integration
  • Easy mobile use (even without a cell signal!)

Ag Data Analytics

With industry-standard MODUS lab integration, your test results simply show up, removing the PDF and Excel file problems that limit the usefulness of many testing programs. (Important note: our soil sampling mobile app supports both Grid and Zone sampling protocols).

Review trend lines by nutrient or element over multiple years to better understand the longterm impact of your fertility and crop protection recommendations. Some of our key agriculture data reports include:

  • Seed varieties
  • Restricted-use pesticides and tank mixes
  • Fertilizer usage
  • In-season crop scouting reports that drive corrective measures throughout the year
Crop advisors can import soil test results and create variable rate applications from the data.
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