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Advisor Prime: Trimble Ag Software for Crop Advisors

One of the biggest challenges facing crop advisors and independent agronomists today is moving data between software platforms, adjusting or creating large volumes of prescriptions, and sharing data back with their farmer customers.

Welcome to Advisor Prime, the premier web-based solution featuring an intuitive, streamlined workflow for creating and sharing management zones and variable rate prescriptions. By using Advisor Prime, you’ll reduce data entry errors created by repetitive field-by-field procedures, cut out hours of processing time, and eliminate steps in transferring data back to the farmer.

More Than Just Pretty Maps

Are you tired of looking at yield maps that don’t match what’s in the field? Advisor Prime’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool automatically fixes issues with grain flow delays, GPS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps, saving you countless hours manually fixing them field-by-field. As more and more farmers move toward precision ag, accurate yield maps become critical when using them for prescriptions or management zones. Clean yield data means accurate maps, which result in more profitable acres.

Precision Zone Management

Advisor Prime’s robust zone management tool reduces the time and effort required to detect patterns in multiple data layers, including crop health imagery, EC data, elevation maps, or yield data. Use your own style and agronomic principles to:

  • Select number of zones
  • Set zone sizes
  • Edit zones

You can then apply these settings to multiple clients, saving time and reducing headaches!

Trimble's robust management zone help crop advisors find patterns from multiple data layers, such as imagery, EM/EC, elevation or yield data.
Trimble's robust management zone help crop advisors find patterns from multiple data layers, such as imagery, EM/EC, elevation or yield data.

Mobile Soil Sampling

Advisor Prime comes with with the Trimble® Ag Mobile app, available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. When it comes to soil sampling, no other app makes the process easier. Create grids on the fly or display background zones for each field. See where you logged the actual point and send all data back to your computer without worrying about USB sticks or cables.

With our mobile app you can:

  • Create any grid size
  • Load background zone maps
  • Navigate to target points
  • Complete work without an internet connection

Soil Lab Compatibility

Advisor Prime users can work with any soil lab and use a streamlined process to import soil test results for your clients. Further, easily print bag labels and lab submission sheets by field or in bulk. Advisor Prime makes it easy to manage the soil analysis process and create prescriptions from the resulting data.

Crop advisors can use SIS soil maps for variable rate application.
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Crop advisors can rely on Trimble Ag Software to work with a variety of hardware options.

Variable Rate Prescriptions

How much time do you spend creating fertility and seeding prescriptions and sharing them with farmers? This manual process can result it many painstaking hours and unexpected errors, right in the middle of your busiest time of year. With Advisor Prime, you can define when formulas are used and how fertilizer applications will be calculated to make both initial prescriptions and last minute changes quick and easy.

The best part? Your variable rate prescriptions can be easily shared with customers, especially if they use Farmer Pro. Once permission is granted, connect with your customers’ Farmer Pro accounts and quickly share prescriptions without a USB drive. Advisor Prime supports a wide range of controllers to drive field applications. No other software solution is easier to use.

Crop Scouting

Advisor Prime includes the ability to leverage the Trimble Ag Mobile app for crop scouting. The best part? Multiple users can enter crop scouting records at the same time, sending data back to one central location. Advisors can quickly analyze the results and create recommendations in a timely manner.

With our mobile app you can:

  • Pick from pre-populated pest and weed lists
  • Share real-time reports
  • Capture photos and tag them to scouting job
  • Complete work without an internet connection
Crop advisors can use Trimble's farming app to scout fields for pests and weeds.
Crop advisors can rely on Trimble Ag Software to work with a variety of hardware options.

Soil Map Analysis

The Soil Information System™, or SIS, provides the world’s most accurate three-dimensional soil map information to enable more precise variable rate application of nutrients and water. SIS soil maps are automatically available in Advisor Prime (SIS maps sold separately.)

“Advisor Prime not only allows us to grow our crop advisor business but helps our customers make more money. For example, very few clients spray fungicide on canola but now this tool will help them reconsider that decision if it is profitable.”

Matt Maess

CCA, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Time is always money, so having a single software platform allows me to change fields so quickly, to get the zones and everything right where I need them is huge.”

Todd Farver

Agronomist, Iowa, USA

Advisor Prime Key Features

The best way to check out the features of Advisor Prime is to see it up close. Contact sales at 1-800-282-4103 or fill out our form to schedule a demonstration.

 Advisor Prime
Manage client data online from any location, anytime
Access in-season crop health imagery and high-res weather data by field
Process yield data with yield cleaning tool
Boundary import, editing and crop zone creation
Create management zones and prescriptions with flexible configuration parameters by field or batch
Leverage the Trimble Ag Mobile app for integrated soil sampling and crop scouting
Print bag labels and submission sheets for sampling tasks
Link with your local lab and download soil test results into the software seamlessly
Build your own formulas and utilize them across multiple farming organizations
Eliminate data entry errors associated with repetitive field-by-field procedures
Sync with customers’ Farmer Pro accounts to share management zones and prescriptions
Export shapefile prescriptions for use with common field devices
Print PDF bulk reports for prescription applications
Includes software training to assist getting started1

1Complimentary remote training is available in English, expanding to other languages in the future.

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