Q: What is Trimble Ag Software?

A: Trimble Ag Software combines the functionality of Agri-Data Solutions®, Connected Farm® and Farm Works Software® solutions into one powerful platform.

Trimble Ag Software can help you focus more on farming and less on data collection and management. It is one of the broadest desktop and cloud-based Farm Information Management Systems within agriculture. Trimble Ag Software offers extensive functionality in these areas of the farm:

• Operations management, with equipment-direct data transfer

• Agronomic tools, allowing coaches and advisors to use planning tools and field observations for yield improvements

• Farm accounting, giving farm owners and managers access to basic accounting tools to monitor day-to-day cash flow drivers

Trimble Ag Software can also shorten communication cycles among growers and their trusted advisors by eliminating pen and paper —and even email — by storing and sharing critical information using the mobile app.

Q: What is new for me as a user?

A: It really depends on which legacy software you have been using. Trimble Ag Software is a much deeper tool as it combines the power of Agri-Data, Connected Farm, and Farm Works Software solutions:

• If you have been using Agri-Data Solutions you will notice more functionality related to equipment-direct data transfers, streamlined prescription and field boundary capabilities, as well as basic accounting functionality.

• If you have been using Connected Farm, you will have access to a deeper and broader set of agronomic tools used by professional farm coaches to help their grower clients, plus the mapping and basic accounting functionality of Farm Works.

• If you have been using Farm Works Software, you will be able to use more tractor-direct data transfer capabilities, new agronomic-based tools and a fully-functional mobile app.

Q: Will the information from Trimble displays and Farm Works Software solutions will be combined with information I enter into the Agri-Data Solutions?

A: Yes, that’s right! If you subscribe to the Farmer Pro or Pro Plus bundle you can manage farm records online and in the desktop software. The software remains in sync preventing costly and confusing double data entry.

Q: I have been using Agri-Data Solutions, Connected Farm, and/or Farm Works Software solutions for years. What is happening to my pricing and how soon do I need to transition?

A: Access to the new functionality of Trimble Ag Software starts on November 7, 2016. If you have multiple products with multiple expiration dates, all the expiration dates will shift to the last calendar date. You should receive an email that will explain the transition. Contact us at to learn more about pricing and options that work for you.

Q: What is happening to the Connected Farm Field, Fleet and Scout apps?

A: The three separate apps have been combined into one single app. The functionality of the legacy Connected Farm Fleet, Scout, and Field app are now tiles within the Trimble Ag Software app. The Connected Farm Scout app was replaced with the broader and deeper functionality of the Field Scouting Report that has been used by Agri-Trend coaches, field reps, and farm advisors for years. User will have until January 17, 2017 to upload existing data from these legacy apps into the new Trimble Ag Software online platform.

Q: What is happening with those that have active Office Sync subscription?

A: They will be placed in the respective Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus bundle based on the number of vehicles that they have as of November 7, 2016. Your service will continue until your current expiration date at which time your will chose which annual bundle to continue the subscription with.

Q: What is happening to Farm Works View?

A: The Farm Works View software will continue to operate after the final update of v2016.03 that was released in September 2016.

Q: What is happening to Farm Works Mobile?

A: Farm Works Mobile is still available and will still sync with the Desktop software.

Q: What is happening to Farm Works Surface software?

A: Farm Works Surface is now called the WM-Subsurface solution to align it with the WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution. Also, the WM-Subsurface solution now includes the Farmer Basic bundle instead of the Farm Works Mapping software. The WM-Subsurface solution works only with the desktop portion of the Trimble Ag Software.

Q: What is happening to the software trials?

A: The free online version is called ‘Farmer Starter’. If you owned a free Connected Farm account, your data will automatically transfer to Farmer Starter. The same username and password used for Connected Farm will be used for logging into Farmer Starter. The other change to trials involves the desktop software, formerly known as Farm Works Software. A free trial to the desktop will be available for three consecutive days upon activation. The previous trial version was a 15 day use that wasn’t based on consecutive days.

Q: How is information added into the Trimble Ag Software?

A: Information can be add in several ways:

• You can enter information using the mobile phone app: Remember to click the sync button.

• You can manually enter farm data, import it from a USB drive, and upload files from your hard drive using the desktop application.

• You can also wirelessly connect your Trimble display with the online application.

• A growing list of third-party Application Program Interfaces (APIs) can also stream data into Trimble Ag Software, including Raven Slingshot® and John Deere Operations Center.

Q: What languages supported?

A: English, French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Latin American Portuguese for the online environment. The Language is determined by your internet browser language settings. The app offers two languages, English and Spanish.

Q: What language is phone and email support offered in?

A: Phone support is offered in English, Russian in Europe and Latin American Portuguese.
For other languages not listed email your questions to
Support phone numbers and support hours is available at:

Q: What are bundles and how are they priced?

A: Bundles help us provide software at the lowest possible price by combining a defined set of functions at a base price. You can then add optional upgrades to match the size and scope of your operations.
The Farmer Basic bundle is a desktop-based solution for precision farming mapping and simple cash accounting, with limited access to the cloud. As of March 14, 2017, task syncing is available between the desktop and online platform (read more here).The cloud-based solution has two bundles: Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus. The differences between the two bundles are the number of user logins, the number of connected vehicles and the base functions. For more information, visit our website at

Q: Is there area-based pricing?

A: No. Farmer Basic, Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus are not charged using a per-area (acre/hectare) fee. However, a handful of optional upgrades to these bundles, such as in-season crop health imagery, are available for purchase and priced by the acre.

Q: The Maintenance Plan cost is $495 to update the programs a customer currently has, correct?

A: Yes, the Annual Software Maintenance Plan is to update the desktop environment of Trimble Ag Software.

Q: Is the price the same in whichever currency/country you are in?

A: Yes, at this time.

Q: How do I purchase the new software solution?

A: There are a number of purchasing options and you can select the one that you are most comfortable with:
You can purchase and provision on the Trimble Ag Software website, where transactions are paid in full by credit card. Or, if you have a Trimble reseller that you like and trust and want to rely upon for follow-up professional services, you can purchase from them. If you are a grower who has been working with Agri-Trend® coaches or other companies that have signed corporate licenses with Trimble, you can continue working with these coaches or licensees.

Q: Will a customer be required to select a dealer when purchasing online?

A: No

Q: How are discount codes accessed for current customers that want to upgrade to Farmer Pro?

A: A promo code was emailed to each email address that was available for customers of legacy Agri-Data Solutions, Connected Farm and Farm Works. The promo code can be used in the Marketplace of Trimble Ag Software and is not available through the Trimble Reseller Store. Promo codes can be requested from Support at if they were misplaced or not received.

Q: In Farmer Basic, if you do not want support or updates, do you have to still pay a yearly fee or can you just run it at the version you stopped paying for?

A: The Annual Software Maintenance Plan is optional and you can continue to use it at the most recent version you had paid for.

Q: Will the maintenance plans be automatically charged to the customer’s credit card year to year or will they need to sign up for maintenance every year?

A: If customers order the USP maintenance plan online in the Marketplace then they will be automatically charged on their renewal date. If the reseller orders the USP for the customer on the Trimble Store, the reseller will need to manage the renewal dates as the Trimble Store does not support automatic renewal billing.

Q: I heard that customers could upgrade for the same fee through March 2017.

A: That is correct. Following the launch of Trimble Ag Software in November 2016, customers had the option of renewing at the lower of their current price of their Connected Farm or Agri-Data Solutions software licenses or the new price of their respective Trimble Ag Software bundle. Users of legacy Farm Works and various free accounts were provided access to a special promo discount code valid through March 17, 2017 for legacy Agri-Data and May 5 for Connected Farm. To learn more about pricing options that work for you, contact

Q: Who is counted as a user? Do employees who use Trimble displays count?

A: A user is a person who has a login name and password to use Trimble Ag Software. These users would access Trimble Ag Software on a desktop computer, online, and through the mobile app.
People who use Trimble displays in a vehicle cab only are not thought of as users if they do all of their work through the display. Instead, we think of them as ‘operators’. You may have some employees who do work that you would like documented through the app on a mobile phone. In this case, they would need a login name and password and would then count as a ‘user’.

Q: Does each person need a login name and password?

A: Yes. From a practical standpoint, for data security and privacy, it is important to know that only authorized users have access to Trimble Ag Software. Sharing a common login name and password reduces data integrity, increases data security risk, and could create situations where former employees have access to your farm data. Reports you print from Trimble Ag Software may be sent to insurance companies, government agencies, and even food processors and it is important that the data feeding these reports are protected. In addition to these practical reasons, sharing login names and passwords among individuals provides grounds to close the account in accordance with the End User License Agreement.

Q: Does Trimble Farmer Basic software (formerly the Farm Works Software solution) now require a username and password for installation? What happened to my CD keys?

A: We changed a few things. Farmer Basic and WM-Subsurface desktop software now have online licensing and registration. Users can enter their Trimble account username and password while the software is being installed. If you do not have an Internet connection, contact the support team and they will walk you through the process and send you the codes you need to install.

Q: Are resellers going to be taking up one of the users at the Farmer Pro level if we are on the account as admin?

A: If set as a member yes that will take up a user counting towards the maximum. (Set up a user by going to People > Contacts > double clicking on individual > clicking on “Can sign in” beneath email.) The creation of a relationship of Reseller to a Customer in the Reseller Admin site does not count as a user.

Q: Is the software able to manage units of measurement in metric units?

A: Yes, metric units are available. Online, click on the Person Icon > My Settings > Unit System. There is an option to further customize the unit system below Unit System. The choices you make will apply to farm organization you have open at that time. For the app, click on “My Settings” after selecting a farm and select the units you prefer.

Q: Do you plan to add Hectares as a measurement in the mobile app?

A: Set the units to Hectares online and then sync to the mobile app. That will push the hectares unit setting to the mobile app.

Q: Who do I contact for Trimble Ag Software support?

A: We love helping customers get the most out of their Trimble Ag Software! Email us at and expect a response within one business day. For a complete list of regional support numbers and hours, visit

Q: What kind of training is available?

A: Training is available and our portfolio is continuously expanding, with free, online training and web-based user guides arriving in April 2017. Our Support team loves sharing their knowledge and they can be reached by emailing when you run into trouble. Professional training webinars can be arranged — contact our Support team and they will connect you with our Professional Services team.

Q: I could use some help setting up fields and maintaining the bigger picture.

A: Glad you asked! Let us connect you with one of our world-class Trimble Vantage™ resellers who can provide you with local professional services. Email and they will connect you with the right team.

Q: Is there a Quick Reference guide that will assist existing customers in migrating to this new system?

A: Existing customer’s data from Agri-Data Solutions and Connected Farm will be automatically migrated to Trimble Ag Software. Please sign in with the same login ID and password that were used before. While we expand our web-based user guides, reach out to our support team at, who can access a real-time Q&A chat with our developers to get answers fast.

Q: What type of hardware is needed in the cab to connect my vehicles to the cloud?

A: You need a Trimble display, modem, and a data plan for the modem. The vehicles can be set up online. Contact your authorized Trimble reseller to request demos of the latest Trimble solutions.

Q: Does Farmer Pro supply the mobile data plan? Or would we need to provide a data plan?

A: No, Farmer Pro does not supply a data plan. That will need to be purchased separately through a cell phone provider.

Q: What activation level is needed to collect and document soil sampling data on a smartphone and tablet?

A: Farmer Pro

Q: So everyone that wants to simply send and receive data wirelessly must have the Pro Bundle?

A: Yes, the Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus bundle is required to enable Vehicle Connections and to send and receive data wirelessly in the field.

Q: So as a consultant using Farm Works and doing VRA Rx and sending files to multiple customers with Office Sync but no Farm Works, we will have to purchase a Pro bundle? And a USP for the Desktop?

A: There are some important nuances to consider. Purchasing one instance of Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus implies your growers have up to 10 or 20 vehicles, respectively. That is okay and we would work with you as an Enterprise Account so that you have a package that matches the size of the combined fleet. Another item to consider is whether your clients would like access to the data in the software. It would be good to discuss the options we have to help you do that. The USP for the Desktop is included in the Pro or Pro Plus bundles.

Q: Does Farmer Pro also give you Farmer Basic so that you have desktop software? If not, is there any plans to bundle those two together?

A: Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus both include Farmer Basic Software as part of their bundles.

Q: So currently have Surface. Would like to have connectivity for 5 vehicles. This would be perfect for Farmer Pro. Would I have to buy TABS and WM Subsurface? How would that work?

A: Farmer Pro includes Farmer Basic (Farm Works and Basic Accounting) and 2 vehicle connections. Additional Vehicle Connections can be added up to 10, which will accommodate your 5 vehicles. Since you already own WM Sub-Surface (formerly Surface), you already own Farm Works, which is the desktop environment for Farmer Pro. All you need to purchase is a Farmer Pro bundle plus 3 Vehicle Connections.

Q: For customers that already have Farm Works and update their USPs annually, will they have to repurchase Farmer basic or if they update their USP’s, will it allow them to upgrade?

A: Current customers simply need to renew their USP license. They don’t have to purchase the software again.

Q: What about Case AFS software?

A: No changes to CNH branded version of legacy Farm Works software.

Q: Is Case AFS using your OEM software or going it on their own?

A: Please refer to Case’s website for details on their solution. We are working on a connection between Trimble Ag Software and AFS Connect and PLM Connect via the cloud through what is called Application Program Interface (API) so that users who have Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus can sign up to have information flow from cloud to cloud. The data loaded onto those sites will be able to be shared online at no additional cost for Vehicle Connections and the vehicles will not count towards the maximum number of Vehicle Connections.

Q: Does Precision Planting have a data transfer?

A: No it does not. It can be read into the desktop environment of Trimble Ag Software with Read Job Data.

Q: Does file sync support John Deere?

A: File Sync is the software that reads Trimble display information that is on USB memory sticks. File Sync does not support John Deere file import but there is an API that supports the automated import of John Deere data. API means Application Program Interface it is how data is shared between clouds. If you have John Deere tractors and displays and have paid John Deere to have data sent to John Deere’s cloud, then you can choose to have that data come into Trimble Ag Software if you have a Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus license. These vehicles do not count towards the number of Vehicle Connections you have and do not cost no additional charge.

Q: If I’m using a third-party software system that I would like integrated with Trimble Ag Software, how does that work?

A: Email your needs to our support team at and they will forward it to our Professional Services team. They will reach out to you to discuss your ideas and what it would take to make it happen Just like anywhere else, there is a reasonable limit to the types of value-added projects we can work on and we look forward to hearing from you

Q: Regarding Equipment Data Transfer, is AGCO’s AgCommand also supported? I believe it was in legacy Connected Farm.

A: Yes, data transfer with AGCO’s AgCommand is still supported.

Q: What is a Vehicle Connection and can they be transferred?

A: We looked closely at the Fleet and Office Sync solutions and decided to combine them into something we call a ‘Vehicle Connection’ to make it simpler for growers to manage. Vehicle Connection enables real-time and simple wireless data transfer from displays and vehicles that are assigned in the Trimble Ag Software. The Vehicle Connection cannot be transferred between vehicles and growers can purchase an additional Vehicle Connection or use USBs to manually collect and download information from other displays. Trimble hardware can still be transferred between vehicles.

Q: If additional licenses for vehicles are not transferrable, do you just let a vehicle license expire when a vehicle is traded and have to purchase new for new vehicle?

A: Vehicle Connections are transferable when vehicles are traded out. Please contact Support at when this occurs.

Q: Since the license is tied to the actual vehicle, what do I need to do if my display goes down and I receive a loaner display?

A: You will need to assign the loaner display serial number to the specific vehicle.

Q: If a TMX is moved from one vehicle to another, how many licenses are required?

A: A license is required for each vehicle that you would like connected to Trimble Ag Software wirelessly and without using a USB.

Q: Can a customer have a vehicle connection without a display? For example, Coop using DCM or Sierra Wireless modem on tender trucks for location tracking etc… CF Fleet supported this in the past.

A: This functionality is called asset tracking. That feature is still possible with the DCM-300 modem but is not supported with the Sierra Wireless modem. Please check with your reseller for other differences when considering the DCM-300 or Sierra Wireless modem.

Q: What is the cost for additional vehicle licenses?

A: $299 per Vehicle Connection per year.

Q: When you say the vehicle license cannot be transferred to the other vehicle do you mean the Serial numbers of the display?

A: Trimble displays and modem serial numbers can be moved among vehicles. The Vehicle Connections for Trimble Ag Software cannot be transferred among vehicles. The key is the vehicle must have an active vehicle license for data to appear for that vehicle regardless of the display or modem assigned to the vehicle.

Q: What hardware device identifies the “vehicle”?

A: Each vehicle has a vehicle connection license that can’t be moved. However, the hardware (display and modem) can be moved to another vehicle with an active vehicle connection licence. If customers choose to move the hardware, they also need to move/assign/change the devices assigned to the vehicle in order for the data to be catalogued properly. If the device is not reassigned, the data will still come in, but will show up under the previous vehicle. These settings are found under Fleet > Vehicles > Manage.

Q: How do you get client/farm/field data into the Mobile app if you don’t have the wireless data transfer (Farmer Pro)?

A: It is possible to enter data into the app by hand without wireless data transfer of the Vehicle Connections. As well, as of March 14, 2017, our desktop platform features task synchronization with the online account, and the online account can be synced to/from the mobile app, and back to desktop again to complete the picture on all three platforms. Read more here.

Q: Is it possible to set up different crops?

A: Yes. Go to Farm > Commodities > Add Crops.

Q: Can we limit input data to a user-defined dropdown menu of responses?

A: Many of the areas for input have drop down menus. Please submit your ideas to the Support team at

Q: Can you set up a new season on the mobile app?

A: Yes.

Q: I have the ag mobile app set to metric, but the areas are all in acres still, is there an update for this soon?

A: We’re pleased to announce that the metric settings have been updated in the mobile app version 2.1.0 released March 8, 2017. Learn more about the full range of feature updates here.

Q: Is the Crop Planner visible on the mobile app, and if not, what is your recommendation for how to efficiently view the crop plan on the app for a grower to utilize during seeding/spraying etc?

A: Not at this time. A workaround to this is that the grower/admin can add field plans in Field Manager without a start date and then view their plans in the Seeding, Fertility or Crop Protection tiles. Unfortunately they would have to dive into each tile to see each seed, fertilizer and product application instead of having this all on one screen for each field.

Q: Can weather be backdated on scouting reports that is being entered a day or two later?

A: Yes. Complete the Scouting Report, save, sync the app and reopen the Scouting Report. Click on the weather tile and edit temperature and wind speed.

Q: Can the Mobile app handle grid soil sampling soil data? In other words, 5 acre grid samples per field?

A: Yes, you can identify a field boundary, lay a grid over the field with targeted sample locations and navigate to each location to take a sample.

Q: Field data is by year only. What if there is no year associated with the data?

A: If the field has a Crop Year assigned to it (such as 2017 Corn) when the data is processed, the program will compare the date of the task to the date range of the crop year and assign the task to the appropriate crop year. If the field does not have a crop year, you will need to go to the Field menu and go to Equipment Activity. The task will be located here and you will be able to edit it and assign it to the appropriate crop year

Q: Can data be cleaned and analyzed in Mobile app?

A: Yes, there is data that can be revised in the app. The online and desktop environments have different levels of analytical capabilities.

Q: Is the mobile app usable in the Farmer Basic bundle?

A: No

Q: Can you track lot numbers on inputs applied to each field?

A: Seeding Data allows you to enter a lot number for the seeds. There is a comments field in the input entry screen where lot numbers can be captured.

Q: How does info get into the storage tab? Manually?

A: Yes, information is entered manually both online and through the app. Check out the demo video “How to Avoid Surprises at the Bin” by searching for “Experience Trimble Ag Software” on YouTube.

Q: I’ve been using one of the legacy software tools and wonder how Trimble will safely secure my data during a software conversion?

A: Trimble strongly protects your data and it can be accessed using your current paid subscriptions. When you log into you will see your fields and any other information you entered previously, along with additional functionality.

Q: If we make changes online, how are they changed in the field?

A: Online changes are synced with the Trimble Ag Software mobile app. This has no effect on the display data.

Q: We will have to delete before we push from the display to online?

A: It would be based on user preference whether the display resources and other items would be deleted before sending information from online/mobile/desktop.

Q: Will Greenseeker data collected in Farm Works Mobile (windows version, not the app) appear online?

A: Correct, there is no online functionality for Greenseeker.

Q: How do you find Unassigned data? It used to show up when data was sorted by Client, Farm and Field, but not now that data is sorted by year.

A: Go to Field > Equipment Activity and filter by Date, Client/Farm/Field, Crop, Operation, Vehicle, Implement, Operator or Material.

Q: I can select my location on the Farm Tab but not on the Field Tab, only Kansas and Oklahoma show up.

A: That is correct. There are two weather services: one for the dashboard at Farm > Home and one for Field. You can set multiple widgets and locations under Farm > Home. Under Field, the Basic weather package allows you to select weather stations near the field and near where you are located. Under Field, the Premium weather package automatically provides field-level weather.

Q: I would be interested in knowing what types of imagery can be imported (GeoTIFF, KMZ?) and whether there are any resolution restrictions.

A: At this time imagery files cannot be imported. However, crop health imagery is available as an optional upgrade on a per organization basis.

Q: Will old Farm Works projects migrate to the new platform?

A: The update from Farm Works to Farmer Basic will be seamless. It will use the same .prj file with the project data. No migration step is required. For those who used CD keys the most recent time you updated, please note there is a new process for downloading from the Trimble Ag Software website, under Support.

Q: Will Farm Works Mobile still sync with the desktop?

A: Yes

Q: Can we upload generic *.shp files?

A: Yes

Q: Can work orders be pushed out to the display (for example, sprayer work orders)?

A: Yes, prescription applications can be sent to any vehicle with an active vehicle license

Q: Does the accounting software go to the cloud? Or, is it limited to reports?

A: No

Q: Is Advanced Accounting the same package that we know now?

A: Yes. Farm Works Accounting has been renamed to Advanced Accounting.

Q: Are files that are sent to the vehicle overwritten when they are returned?

A: No.

Q: Can landmarks, line warnings, lines etc. be edited deleted and then synced back to the vehicle in the field?

A: You can create, edit and delete guidance lines and landmarks in the desktop portion of Trimble Ag Software and delete and wirelessly send guidance lines and landmarks to displays.

Q: Can the harvest data be easily reconciled with legal scale weights to automatically correct yield data to real life scale weights? preferably reconciled by variety?

A: You can read yield monitor data from different displays including Trimble, CNH, John Deere, AGCO and others into the online and desktop software. The desktop software allows you to edit that data and enter scale tickets. Scale tickets can be entered for the total job or for individual regions or loads which can represent different varieties. The updated data can then be reconciled to the map so that yield maps reflect the updated weights. This makes harvest/yield data more accurate for generating prescription maps as well as for field reporting.

Q: Can the software process and analyze yield data to management zones?

A: Yield data is processed as point data when it comes it. It is not merged into management zones at this time.

Q: Are there any changes in the basic mapping?

A: Very little has changed to Farmer Basic relative to the legacy Farm Works other than the inclusion of basic accounting functionality as an optional upgrade and the ability to sync task data to the cloud.

Q: Will the ability to see more than three years of data be available? I have customers that have summer fallow and are already entering data for 2018 crop year.

A: There is no limit on the number of years of data to enter or maintain.

Q: In the accounting side of the Farmer Basic is there going to be the ability to limit employees seeing the accounting or will they be able to see everything?

A: There is no way to limit access in Farmer Basic.

Q: How many accounts for Farmer Basic?

A: Farmer Basic is a single desktop software license.

Q: What are the changes in a levees function in the farm works surface?

A: There are no changes. However, we did change the name to WM Sub-surface.

Q: When you download the raw data, can you back that up as raw data outside of FarmWorks? Or would you only be able to do that if you used a thumb drive?

A: All of the data that’s entered into the desktop software can be backed up by going to the File menu and selecting Make Backup. It is recommended that these backups be made to an external device such as a USB or external hard drive for safe storage.

Q: How is Fleet tracking supported? I thought the GX450 modem did not support Fleet?

A: The GX450 will require the use of FmX/TMX with the new FarmStream Fleet Manager utility to support telematics tracking data.

Q: When does the new Maintenance plan fee take affect?

A: November 7, 2016 for new customers.

Q: When a Maintenance plan is purchased will it update both Farmer Basic and Advanced Accounting.

A: Yes

Q: Did I hear that when a person purchases Farmer Basic that includes the first year of maintenance support and updates or do they need to purchase the maintenance separately?

A: The Annual Software Maintenance Plan is not included with Farmer Basic bundle and must be purchased separately, including the first year of the purchase. The USP plan is included with the Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus bundles.

Q: Can File Sync be used on the free account to transfer data?

A: File Sync – the way to upload Trimble display data with a USB memory stick – can no longer be used to upload data on a free account. You need Farmer Pro at a minimum to be able to upload data.

Q: The time tracker is only available with Farmer Pro Plus, correct? But is the contacts function available just in Pro or only in Pro Plus?

A: Time Tracker is included with the Farmer Pro Plus bundle; however, it can be added to the Farmer Pro bundle for an annual fee. The contacts function is available in Pro and Pro Plus and will tie in with Time Tracker if enabled.

Q: What about an Intuicom modem?

A: The Intuicom modem can be used to bring in RTK data via cell but it does not support any of the Trimble Ag Software solutions.

Q: If Sierra Wireless modem does not support CFX750, and the DCM300 is being phased out, does this mean that the CFX750 will no longer support wireless data transfer?

A: CFX does support wireless data transfer with Sierra Wireless GX450 modem when running firmware v7.71 or higher. Note – the GX450 Modem does not support Fleet Manager functionality.

Q: How is soil sample grid creation managed on the Mobile version?

A: Yes, there are two solutions for soil sample grid creation: the Trimble Ag Software Mobile app and the legacy Farm Works Mobile software, which works with the desktop environment of Farmer Pro.

Q: Is there anything in the works to develop an API with Climate Field View?

A: We do not have an answer at this time.

Q: Are there plans to add the Greenseeker Handheld NDVI Calculator from the Scout App to the Trimble Ag App before Scout is discontinued?

A: We are defining the plans as we move forward with our development plans and welcome input.
Q: Can you set speed limits for vehicles that would notify the farmer if exceeded in the field?

A: Yes, when using FarmStream to report vehicle status Rushing Alerts can be setup to report speeding violations. FarmStream is available on FmX v10.01 or TMX-2050 v4.3.1

Q: Can old inventory of Office Sync be converted to Farmer Pro?

A: The unactivated subscriptions of Office Sync, Fleet and Remote Assistant will not work with Trimble Ag Software and it is critical to not start the activation process for these services. Resellers who have inventory of these services received a Support Bulletin in December, 2016 outlining the detailed plan for how to help growers. The bulletin is called Special Promotion for Software Commitment.

Q: Will resellers be provided with a demo/live account to Farmer Pro?

A: Yes, resellers, coaches and Trimble employees are entitled to one Farmer Pro Plus account at no charge. These will be managed as annual licenses and will need to be renewed at the end of the annual term at no charge. Send requests for demo accounts to Support at

Q: Can old inventory Farm Works license keys be updated? I was referring to our old reseller license key stock.

A: Inventory of Farm Works CD-Keys purchased before November 7, 2016 can be used with the 2016 Farm Works installers, but are not being upgraded to 2017 versions automatically.

Q: Will dealers still receive commission for orders placed online?

A: Yes, when the purchaser selects you as their reseller during the first steps of transaction in the Marketplace.