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  1. Farmer Core

    These release notes provide information about Farmer Core software updates available as of November 18, 2020. These updates apply to the web, Trimble Ag Mobile app, AutoSync Service app, and features within Precision-IQ. The minimum display firmware versions to access these enhancements are: TMX-2050™ display: v6.60 GFX-750™ display: v2.60 GFX-350™ display: v1.60 FmX™ display: v2.60 […]

  2. Farmer Pro Release Notes

    Enhancement Summary Online – Add Clarification on the Harvest Data UI Added additional clarification on the harvest summary screen that “changes in this summary will not reflect in the Yield Map PDF. Use the clean yield function in equipment activity to run post-calibration.” Online – Ability to Transfer Equipment Task Data from One Org to […]

  3. Display Sign In

    To get to the Contacts page, go to Alerts, then click on Configure, then from the Manage menu, select Contacts From the Contacts page, you can turn on Operator Display Sign In by going to the Manage menu and selecting Operator Display Sign In. Turning this feature on will require all operators to sign in […]

  4. Farmer Pro Release Notes

    Enhancement Summary Online – Bin Transaction – Default volume unit when adding to bin or subtracting from a bin Bin Profiler/Transaction page has been updated so that when you create a new bin and set the units for total capacity, it will default to that same unit selection when adding a new transaction to that […]

  5. 5 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Conventional Spraying Practices

    Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizer — many inputs are applied through the sprayer.  But spraying these chemicals and fertilizer the conventional way can end up costing farmers a lot of money, whether it’s wasted resources, ineffective pest control, or even damage to the crop. The more often you make a pass without precision ag technologies […]

  6. 7 Ways Small Farms Can Benefit from Precision Ag

    How Smaller Farms Can Benefit from Precision Ag Precision ag is often considered a tool that only applies to large, broadacre farms. But the truth is, even farms with less than 500 acres can find opportunities to capitalize on PA tools and technologies. We spoke with precision ag experts Wes Porter, University of Georgia Associate […]

  7. Trimble Propels Agri-Food Innovation at Virtual World Agri-Tech Summit

    When you think of agtech, you think innovation. This innovation spans every facet of the food supply chain, from precisely planting seeds to monitoring how food is purchased in the grocery store.  All of these unique pieces are working towards a united goal: to improve the agri-food system for a more productive and sustainable industry. […]

  8. Farmer Pro Release Notes

    Enhancement Summary Add support for Egyptian Pound Add Egyptian Pound (EGP) currency mapping from online so that this unit will appear in mobile Display number of Pallets in Bin Transaction screen Bin transaction screen on the mobile app now gives you the ability to enter the number of pallets on the setup/edit screen Add new […]

  9. Trimble Select Introduces Sencrop for Ag Weather Data Sensing

    A great precision ag solutions suite needs great data to work with. That’s why French ag-tech startup Sencrop was chosen as the newest Trimble Select Partner. Sencrop develops and implements connected, accessible, and collaborative solutions based on agro-environmental data collection in order to make precision agricultural monitoring technology available to everyone. Ag-Weather Solutions A leader […]

  10. Farmer Pro Release Notes

    August 2020 Enhancement Summary Mobile (Android and iOS)  – Visualize Documents in mobile app  (version 4.8 or higher) Customers can upload any type of document (pdf, xls, doc…etc) in the online platform in Farm > Documents and organize it by folder, field, type or year. A “document” tile is now available in the TAS Mobile […]

  11. Trimble LATAM team participates in World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

    Last week, the Trimble Agriculture Latin America (LATAM) team represented Trimble as a key participant in the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in South America on July 29 and 30. This collaborative virtual event served as a platform for some of the biggest players in the agriculture industry to discuss the most cutting edge technology on […]

  12. 5 Key Takeaways from THRIVE Innovation Series Webinar with Trimble CEO Rob Painter

    It’s not often that two CEOs have the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion about the future of their industries in a public forum. Trimble CEO Rob Painter and John Hartnett, CEO of SVG Ventures-THRIVE, an organization focused on the future of food and agriculture, shared such a discussion last week in “Trimble: Connecting the […]

  13. Fleet Map Screen

    This dashboard allows you to view your entire Fleet within a single sitemap, along with your Field Task History. This feature is only available with Farmer Core licenses. To access this feature first locate the Fleet section on the top bar of your organization’s site once you’ve logged in. Hover over this to see a […]

  14. Farmer Core Release Notes

    The Trimble® Connected Farm® solution provides the tools to better plan and execute field work, as well as collect and leverage valuable data from farm operations. This powerful functionality helps the end user get the most out of their precision farming investment — and is what sets Trimble Ag’s in-field solutions apart. The Farmer Core […]

  15. Trimble Stands with the Black Community

    Racial injustice is heartbreaking and unconscionable. We, at Trimble, are deeply saddened by the senseless tragedies and systematic racism and its pervasive presence. We will use our voice and not stay silent. We stand in solidarity and will speak up against this injustice. We believe in belonging, inclusion and diversity to best represent the communities […]

  16. Carrot Farm Sees 20% Increase in Efficiency with RTK Guidance

    With the TMX-2050 display and Autopilot, Leo Dunne Ltd. is able to cover more acres per hour and build more accurate carrot beds, resulting in less time and crop loss. They first tried a different system, but as farm manager Tim Davies put it, “Nothing went right with it,” and after-sales service and support were […]

  17. How Precision Ag Pumps Up Profits

    One of the most frequently asked questions farmers have about precision ag is: Will it pay off? Most farmers find the answer to be yes. Whether it’s by streamlining workflows, reducing over-application of farm inputs or leveraging quality farm data to make better decisions, precision ag increases both productivity and profitability.  Here are four common […]

  18. 4 Steps to Get Started with Precision Ag

    There are seemingly endless benefits to adopting precision ag equipment and technology on your farm. Precision agriculture can help save you valuable time and product while increasing your ROI in overall efficiency and profit. A 2016 USDA Economic Research Service report found that the average farm operating profit of precision ag adopters was $66 per […]

  19. What Is Precision Ag?

    Precision agriculture (PA) can be an intimidating topic. High-tech terms like drones, robots, sensors, geo-mapping and big data come up when discussing precision ag. Not only are those concepts misunderstood and complex, but they all come with price tags— and often large ones. All of this complexity and expense have led to the relatively slow […]

  20. Trimble Ag Software Earns Strong Ranking in Independent Ag College Survey

    Farmers are faced with a huge number of options from a wide range of companies providing data management software in the marketplace today. Each of these options comes with a price tag, of course — whether it’s a subscription fee, one-time cost, or simply the time that it takes to input and manage the data. […]

  21. Five Ways Technology Can Help Continue Your Work

    How Precision Ag Can Help You Farm Through COVID-19 As we discussed in a recent blog post, agriculture is an essential industry all the time, but especially in the midst of a pandemic. Despite the challenges and uncertainty you’re facing from COVID-19, we know you’re still planting, harvesting, raising livestock and doing everything possible to […]

  22. Bushfires Hit Ag: The Impact on Australian Farmers

    When Stuart Austin heard about the Aug. 31, 2019 fire that started 20 kilometers north of Ebor, where he manages Wilmot Cattle Co., he wasn’t too concerned at first. His region in New South Wales is known for its high, reliable rainfall, so he never imagined it could burn there. But last year they were […]

  23. Thank You, Farmers

    Thank You, Farmers With COVID-19 spreading across the globe and becoming a pandemic, many are retreating to their homes and taking their work online. But for farmers, that’s not an option. Farming is critical at all times to the quality and availability of food, to keep our society healthy and growing. It’s fundamental to providing […]

  24. Online Updates

      19.4 – 01/13/2020 Released Display Work Orders for remote task set-up on Precision-IQ Displays  With Display Work Orders can attach a prescription that is sent to the display Added ability to view Auto Asset Detection Beacons in Trimble Ag Software 19.3 – 10/7/2019 New crop year wizard launched to make starting a crop year […]

  25. App Updates (v4.3.2)

    Trimble Ag Mobile v4.3.2 – 2/27/2020 Farm Map Performance improvements v4.3 – 2/7/2020 Search for materials in Inputs list v4.0 – 12/18/2019 Precision-IQ Work Orders available to view in Farmer Core v3.7 – 12/20/2019 View Imagery or Coverage map when creating a new path or polygon v3.6 – 12/4/2019 Ability to Email Work Orders View […]

  26. Farmer Basic/Desktop Release Notes

    Farmer Basic/Desktop v.2020.02 Features CNH – Added support for reading CNH seedbed quality sensor. CNH – Added support for reading CNH Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) yield information. v.2020.01 Features Accounting – Payroll Withholding Tax Tables updated for 2020 tax year. v.2019.03 Features Main window – Added buttons to the main window to hide the left and […]

  27. Congratulations to our Trimble Photo and Video Contest Winners!

    We are excited to announce the winners of our 2019 global photo and video contest! The contest welcomed farmers, Trimble resellers, and Trimble employees to submit photos and videos that celebrate the essence of agriculture, the passion of farmers, and the exciting innovations that are driving this industry forward. The contest received over 300 submissions […]

  28. Are Your Investments Paying Off? Why Proven ROI is Your Key to Success

    When you make a purchase or change to your operation, you want to know it’s going to pay off. The best way to determine this is through return on investment (ROI): how much the value of the investment outweighs the cost of it. Calculating ROI is simple: take the net profit of your investment (the […]

  29. How Precision Ag Tools can Reduce Inefficiencies on your Farm

    By Zach Gettman No farmer wants to be inefficient in their operation. But if you’re not evaluating whether all aspects of your operation are optimized, then there are likely some areas where you could improve. Small improvements in efficiency add up over time, resulting in higher productivity, better yields, and stronger bottom lines. While there […]

  30. Why Reliability = Profitability in Farming Today

    By Michael Bruno If you’ve ever been ready to get to work in your fields, only to find your equipment wasn’t working, then you know the importance of reliability. There are many time-critical tasks in farming — you have to be ready to go when the time is right, whether that’s getting your crops planted […]

  31. Higher Accuracy Results in Better Consistency, Stronger Profits

    By Michael Bruno and Vivek Nadkarni  Many farmers rely on positioning services to make accurate passes across their fields. Doing so ensures their passes are consistent, preventing overlaps and skips so they can be efficient with their time, land, and inputs.  But with options for correction services varying from the sub-meter accuracy level down to […]

  32. Trimble Launches Photo and Video Contest to Celebrate Successful Farmers Around the World

    For today’s most successful farmers, it’s not about working harder. The secret lies in discovering new ways to make your overall farm operations more intelligent…and it’s happening on farms around the world every day. Trimble wants to honor these efforts and celebrate empowered farmers everywhere who are embracing precision ag innovations in exciting new ways […]

  33. Smart Spot Spray System Saves Money and Reduces Over-Application

      A next-gen spot spray system by Trimble is generating some buzz among farmers, who stand to cut their chemical costs by up to 90% with the new WeedSeeker 2. “It uses an automatic spot spraying system and active light crop sensors to detect and deliver a precise amount of chemical — only to weeds […]

  34. Ag Innovation Leaders Explore New Ways to Expand Digital Frontiers of Smart Farming 

    Top global ag leaders and innovators will gather in London this month to uncover new ways of leveraging technology to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the food system today. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, which takes place in London October 15-16, is expected to draw over 500 global agribusiness leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, […]

  35. Soil Sampling Secrets: How to Get in the Zone

    The proliferation of precision ag practices is pushing more and more growers to begin soil testing – and those who already are, to ramp up their efforts. A common question they encounter: Which is better, grid sampling or zone? There are pros and cons to each, which we’ve outlined below. In the end, a soil […]

  36. Trimble Select Introduces senseFly for Aerial Imaging

    Trimble Select is excited to announce our newest relationship with senseFly. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland and with North America operations in Raleigh, NC, senseFly is a global leader in fixed-wing drone solutions. In an industry full of companies supplying pieces of imaging technology, senseFly has earned its position as a leader by offering a complete solution […]

  37. Simple Ways to Leverage Cost-of-Production Data to Drive Farm Profits

    Farming, more than many other industries or career paths, can engender strong emotional ties — to the land, to a family legacy, to a strong work ethic, and to an experience of community. This sense of mission or purpose is what draws many people into the agriculture industry. And for those born into it, farming […]

  38. Leverage the USDA’s Market Facilitation Program to Drive Farm Profits

    Farming is challenging. Maintaining a healthy bottom line is no small feat, especially while planning for a crop, securing inputs at a good price, and juggling field work around unpredictable weather. That’s why today’s most successful farmers are multi-talented entrepreneurs who have learned the value of being prepared and acting quickly to leverage in-season opportunities; thus, maximizing productivity and profitability.

  39. Harness the Power of Satellite Imagery This Crop Season

    Wouldn’t it be great if farmers could have an ‘eye in the sky’ that would monitor the health of their crops throughout the growing season? If everything looks good, they can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their chance of hitting the year’s yield goals is promising. If problems are revealed, they have […]

  40. Four Reasons to Track Herbicide Use on your Farm

    During the busy crop season farmers are juggling many tasks, including scouting and applying pesticide to emerging crops. Half the battle is keeping track of all the information about what’s being applied where, and at what cost; the other half is managing the logistics. Factor in equipment readiness, weather conditions and labour…and things really get […]

  41. Why Farmers Should Care About Clean Yield Data

    Why should farmers care about clean yield data? This is a question many farmers are asking, and Devon Liss is ready with an answer. The Trimble Product Development Manager has been immersed in the world of ag technology for 14 years now, with a clear focus of finding new ways to help farmers grow profitable […]

  42. Online Updates

    New Field Manager  — An all-new interface for creating, viewing, and managing field records is now available. Various farm category tabs are available and easy to navigate, including an updated ‘Profitability’ tab that now includes expenses and revenue. Field records can also include operators and equipment with an expanded area for ‘Other Expenses’ where you […]

  43. App Updates (v3.2.5)

    Map Slider Bar — An all-new slider bar has been added to assist navigation between field details and coverage maps. Bug Fixes

  44. In Crop Scouting, Timing is Everything

    Crop scouting may just be one of the most important investments in risk management a farmer can make. It’s also one that can pay off — quite significantly. There was a time when, after seeding, farmers would come back to their fields to spray and then often not return until it was time to combine. […]

  45. App Updates (v3.2)

    Coverage Map Tab (Farmer Core) — Coverage data uploaded via USB or transferred via AutoSync now appears on the mobile app. This helps ensure accurate applications and to verify yield results in real-time from your mobile app. Default Attribute for Coverage Layers — Application coverage data defaults to the attribute ‘rate applied’ and yield data […]

  46. Online Updates

    Online Work Order Creation (Farmer Pro)  — You are now able to create work orders from the online platform (vs only the mobile app) that includes materials, people, and equipment — allowing workers to access these from a connected smartphone or tablet. Updated Support for Tank Mixes  — If you have an ingredient in a […]

  47. Turn Weather Data into Profitable In-Season Decisions

    You can’t fight Mother Nature. But with the right weather and precipitation data flowing directly into your farm management software, maybe you don’t have to. Whether you have too little or too much, water plays a key role in determining the success of each crop year. Farmers today need a tool that helps them walk […]

  48. How Traceability Can Increase Food Safety and Boost Farm Profits

    By Minos Athanassiadis, Business Area Director – HarvestMark   When an E. coli outbreak was linked to romaine lettuce last fall, it illustrated the importance of traceability in agriculture. Without sufficient information to pinpoint the particular farm and fields where the tainted lettuce was coming from, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advised the public […]

  49. How Will Autonomy Change Farming?

    Since the tractor replaced the horse and buggy over a century ago, farming has continued moving towards full autonomy. With more and more machines replacing typical farming roles, it leads to the question: How will autonomy change farming?

  50. App Updates (v3.2.2)

    Maintain zoom level when changing displayed layers Fixed retired seed varieties showing in work orders Other bug fixes

  51. Will Blockchain Transform Agriculture?

    Blockchain is the latest buzzword in many business sectors today, and agriculture is no exception. A transparent and secure digital ledger system that allows two parties to conduct a transaction without the need for a trusted intermediary, blockchain captured headlines as the digital backbone of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In recent months it has gained further […]

  52. No-Till Farmer Partners with Trimble on “Connect Your Farm Spring Giveaway”

    No-Till Farmer has partnered with Trimble to launch the “Connect Your Farm Spring Giveaway.” This Instant Win digital promotion is free to enter and runs through May 31, 2019. Play the Connect Your Farm Spring Giveaway here. GRAND PRIZE — A $1,788 VALUE ONE WINNER will receive a 1-year subscription to Farmer Pro, Trimble’s most powerful desktop, online and […]

  53. Automated End-of-Row Turns a Must for Large Potato Contractor

    Ben Clappison farms over 4000 acres of potatoes on a contract basis in the United Kingdom. With the cost of planting, growing and harvesting speed potatoes averaging about £2000/acre, it is vital for his beds to be planted as accurately as possible. After a successful trial, he was happy with the results and ultimately chose the GFX-750 display system to achieve the level of accuracy he needed in his operation.

  54. How to Manage Water to Maximize Yields and Drive Profits

    Water is one of the biggest factors of determining crop yield on farms today. And while farmers often feel at the mercy of Mother Nature, there are many effective strategies we can leverage to help turn the tables on soil moisture problems and manage available water to hit top yields. One of the industry’s top […]

  55. Where Ag Meets Climate Change…and How Farmers Are Making a Difference

    The agriculture industry frequently ends up in the spotlight when it comes to climate change. And it makes sense, when you consider that globally, our food system is responsible for approximately a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Economic Forum. But people need food, and producing that food comes with a […]

  56. App Updates (v3.2.1)

    Added ability to create Work Orders from Scouting jobs Material list is now in alphabetical order Changed the default view of coverage map layers when they are first opened Bug fixes and performance improvements

  57. How Farmers Are Using Software to Improve Field Record Accuracy

    Consumers are hungry for information about where their food came from, and experts predict the trend will continue to grow. A recent survey by the International Food Information Council, and a similar study by Nielsen, show that consumers want more information on how the food they eat was produced. They’re also more likely to choose […]

  58. Trimble Launches Farmer Core to Connect the Entire Farm Operation

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 3, 2019—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the launch of Farmer Core, a new entry-level Trimble Ag Software subscription that enables farmers to connect all aspects of their farm operation. Available online and on any mobile device, Farmer Core is a powerful yet affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that integrates machine-generated data from precision ag […]

  59. Trimble to Attend Thrive Innovation Summit

    Wednesday, March 27th marks the 3rd annual THRIVE Innovation Summit, an event designed to showcase the latest AgTech innovations and gather the best of Ag’s industry leaders to discuss hot topics like blockchain, biotechnology, precision farming and autonomy. The Summit is held in Silicon Valley at Santa Clara University and attracts over 300 agriculture corporations, […]

  60. Enhance the Performance of Older Vehicles With Precision Ag

    There comes a time in every machine’s life when, as reliable as it may be, it is not meeting all of the needs of a farm. Perhaps responsibilities need to change hands or profit margins need to be improved due to market pressure—whatever the reason, a farmer is faced with a decision. Should they retire […]

  61. State of the Industry: Adoption of Precision Ag Grows as Farm Sizes Grow

    Since the first auto-steer tractor was introduced in the 1990s, precision agriculture has only gained traction amongst farmers for its cost and time savings benefits — and it’s a trend that’s not likely to slow down anytime soon. Farms are generally growing in size across the globe. In the U.S., the percent of cropland on […]

  62. Legal Notices

    Agriculture Business Area Trimble Inc. Trimble Agriculture Division 10368 Westmoor Drive Westminster, CO 80021, USA Copyright and Trademarks © 2020, Trimble Inc. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo, Farm Works Software, and FmX are trademarks of Trimble Inc., registered in the United States and in other countries. Connected Farm, Farm Works, GFX-350, GFX-750, and TMX-2050 […]

  63. Other Fleet Documentation

    FarmStream FAQ FarmStream versus Traditional Fleet Manager Comparison Matrix FarmStream Setup Guide FarmStream Cable Guide

  64. Third Party API Information in Fleet

    The Fleet website can show vehicle information from some external applications, including Raven Slingshot and JD Link. To set up a vehicle from a third party application, Go to the Data Transfer page and select Settings and API Connections. On this page, you will see any existing connections between your organization and an external account/ To […]

  65. Comparing utilization

    In the Utilization tab, enter a Start date, time and duration. Select the group, and within that group, the vehicles for which you want to compare utilization: A graphic appears comparing the vehicles for the selected period. To decode the graphic, use the indicators (for example, Green = Working) that appear at the top of […]

  66. Utilization

    The Fleet Utilization reporting feature allows users to evaluate the performance of their machines over a chosen 24 hour period. Vehicle status is displayed, showing states such as moving, working, off, or stopped. The time in each state is calculated and displayed: You can now compare the utilization of each vehicle over the selected time. […]

  67. Print QR Codes

    In the Operators tab, select Print QR Codes from the Manage drop-down list. In the Print QR Codes screen, select the staff for whom you want to print the QR codes. These codes are used to log in to a display: Click Print. The QR code is printed, with the name of the person for whom it is intended:

  68. Exporting Operators

    In the Operators tab, select Export Operators  from the Manage drop-down list. You may be prompted to save or open the Operators.csv file. If you open the file, you will see all information entered in the system earlier in the order Login ID, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Group and Availability:

  69. Importing Operators

    Operators can be imported from a .csv or .xls file, or from an existing organization. The following is an example of a .csv or .xls file import: LoginID First Name  Last Name  Job Title Group BSmith1 Bob Smith Operator1 GroupA JSmith1 John Smith  Operator1 GroupB Operators are added to the Operator list or Group specified […]

  70. Send to Vehicles

    This feature is only enabled for FmX integrated displays on a vehicle with an active Display Connection (formerly Vehicle Connection) license. TMX-2050, GFX-750, and GFX-350 displays automatically download all operators when they have connectivity and are visible in the Operator app on the display. In the Operators tab, select Send to Vehicles from the Manage […]

  71. Creating a new Operator Group

    Creating a new Operator Group From the Operators page, from the Manage menu, click on New Operator Group. Enter a name for the new operator group and then click on +ADD. OR – from the Alerts page, click on Configure, then from the Manage menu, select the Contacts page. From there, you will see a list […]

  72. Creating a new operator

    In the Operators tab, select New Operator from the Manage drop-down list. This can also be accessed from the Farm menu, under People. In the Contact Properties screen, complete the fields and click Save. To make the user an operator, be sure to click on “Equipment Operator” under the Equipment Operator tab. Operator login and […]

  73. Editing operator details

    Editing operator details In the list of operators, click the edit symbol next to the operator you want to view or edit. Change any fields, as required and then click Save.

  74. Operators screen

    This screen shows the following information:   Item Description Operator Name The name assigned to the user by the administrator. Login Login name. The login is used for the display – it is also the unique identifier for duplicate names. Job Title The job title of the operator. Groups The group(s) (if applicable) that the […]

  75. Creating a contact

    To get to the Contacts page, go to Alerts, then click on Configure, then from the Manage menu, select Contacts In the Contacts page, click Manage -> Add Contact: Complete the fields in the screen. If you are an org administrator, you will be able to assign access levels in the web software for a […]

  76. Deleting a contact

    To get to the Contacts page, go to Alerts, then click on Configure, then from the Manage menu, select Contacts From the Contacts page, In the list of contacts, click the menu to the right of the contact that you want to remove: Click Yes. Once a contact is deleted, it is removed from all […]

  77. Editing a contact

    To get to the Contacts page, click on Alerts, then click on Configure, then from the Manage menu, select Contacts On the Contacts page, in the list of contacts, click on the menu to the right of the contact you want to view or edit and select “Edit.” If required, make any changes and then […]

  78. Contacts

    In the Alert tab, click Configure. From the Manage drop-down list, select Contacts. In the Contacts screen, you can do the following: From the drop down menu next to each contact, you may select to Edit or Delete a contact – see Editing a contact or Deleting a contact. From the Manage menu, you may choose to […]

  79. Creating a geofence

    Go to Manage -> Geofences. In the Geofences screen, click Create. In the Geofence screen, enter a Name for the geofence. Zoom in on the area where you want to create the geofence. Select one of the Drawing tools. Click the map to create a point to start the geofence. Follow the instructions given for […]

  80. Deleting a geofence

    In the list of geofences, click  next to the geofence that you want to remove: Click Delete. Once a geofence is deleted, it is removed from all alerts where it was selected.

  81. Editing a geofence

    In the list of geofences, click  next to the geofence you want to view or edit. If required, you can change the Name of the geofence and then click Save. Note – When using the point-based drawing tool to create a geofence, you can only edit the points once you have completed the geofence boundary, […]

  82. Geofences

    In the Alerts tab, click Configure. From the Manage drop-down list, select Geofences. In the Geofences screen you can do the following: Click   to review or edit the geofence details, see Editing a geofence. Click  to delete the geofence, see Deleting a geofence. Click Create to create a new geofence, see Creating a geofence.

  83. Creating a new alert

    In the Alert tab, click Configure. From the Manage drop-down list, select New Alert from the drop-down list. In the Creating Configured Alert screen, complete the fields as follows: Section Description Alert Data Name: Enter a name for the alert. This is the name that is used in the main screen of the Alert tab. […]

  84. Deleting an alert

    In the Alerts tab, click Configure. In the list of configured alerts, click next to the alert that you want to remove: Click Delete.

  85. Editing alert details

    In the Alerts tab, click Configure. In the list of configured alerts, click . Make any required changes and then click Save. For a list of the fields, see Creating an alert.

  86. Alerts screen

    The Fleet website has an alert mechanism that warns you when a vehicle requires immediate attention: Use a Geofence alert (traditional Fleet set up only) to be notified when a vehicle has entered or left a closed boundary that you defined. Use a Curfew alert (traditional Fleet set up only) to be notified when a vehicle ignition is […]

  87. Configuring Columns

    From the Manage drop-down list, select Configure Columns. In the Manage Columns screen, select the data that you want to view: Drag the columns to arrange them in the order you prefer to see them and then click Save.

  88. Creating Delay Thresholds

    From the Manage drop-down list, select Delay Thresholds (For traditional Fleet only): You can do one of the following: To view and/or edit an existing Delay Threshold, click a threshold name on the left of the screen, and then make the required changes. To create a new Delay Threshold, click Create New. In both instances, […]

  89. Adding a vehicle to a group

    In the Fleet main page, click  next to the vehicle group that you want to add vehicles to. In the Add Vehicles screen, select the check box next to the vehicle(s) that you want to add to the group: Note – You may not assign a vehicle to more than one group. Click Save.

  90. Editing a vehicle

    To edit a vehicle, in the Vehicle Status screen (see Vehicles status screen), select Edit Vehicle from the drop-down list  : Make changes to the fields as required and then click Save. For an overview of the fields,see Creating a New Vehicle. In addition, if a telematics device is selected in this screen, you can […]

  91. Assigning a display connection license

    A Display Connection license is required to use most of the features of Fleet. Display Connection licenses can be purchased and assigned to a Display. You can tell on the Vehicles page which vehicles don’t have devices with display licenses assigned by the yellow warning icons. When creating a new vehicle, it will not have […]

  92. Creating a new vehicle

    Click the Manage button, and then select New Vehicle from the drop-down list: In the Creating a new vehicle screen, complete the fields as follows: Icon To change the icon: Click Change below the icon to change it. In the Vehicle Icon screen, click a color (in this example, Lime Green), click the icon that […]

  93. Creating a new group

    Click the Manage button, and then select Manage Groups from the drop-down list, In the Manage Equipment Group screen, enter a name and then click to create a new equipment group. Alternatively, select a group name from the Choose field and click  to edit an existing group name: The new group is added to the […]

  94. File management

    The file management feature allows you to access the original data files from the FmX® integrated display, TMX-2050™, GFX-750™, GFX-350™, or the CFX-750™ using the Fleet solution. This eliminates the need for a USB drive for data transfer from the display. Customers can quickly download / upload their field operation data files. Files can be […]

  95. Moving a vehicle to another group

    Select Move Vehicle to another Group from the menu on the Vehicle Status screen for the vehicle you want to move. Check the radio button next to the group that you want to move the vehicle to: Click Save.

  96. Calibrating engine hours (traditional Fleet set up only)

    In the information banner of the vehicle status screen, select Calibrate Engine Hours from the drop-down list: The Calibrate Engine Hours screen appears: The screen shows the Current Engine Hours. This value establishes a baseline for engine hours as measured from the alternator’s R-terminal. Engine hours taken directly from the CAN bus require no adjustment. […]

  97. Vehicle status screen

    This screen shows the following information for an individual vehicle – to open this screen, click the vehicle name: Item Description Information banner The information banner shows the following information: An icon representing the vehicle, with below it the name of vehicle and the group to which it belongs. An icon representing the fuel level, […]

  98. Vehicle screen

    This screen is configurable so that you can choose which information to display about your vehicles – the following information can be displayed: Item Description Vehicle List Allows you to organize your fleet by vehicle group (for example, Tractor – 4WD), name vehicles as required, and move vehicles. You can do the following: Click the […]

  99. Screen layout

    Description ❶  Menu bar. This allows you to access the Farm, Field, and the Fleet tab. ❷ Fleet screen menu bar. The items are: Vehicles, Alerts, Operators, Utilization, and Fleet Map (Fleet Map is only available with a Farmer Core license). ❸ Search field. Enter a vehicle or alert name into this field. To clear […]

  100. Feature overview

    The Fleet website allows you to manage mixed fleets to help improve operator performance and overall efficiency. You can: View and download fleet positions overlaid on background imagery. Identify the current and historical status of vehicles such as moving, working, stopped, or off. Manage alerts. Monitor vehicle engine hours. Use the Fleet website to analyze […]

  101. Note on Equipment: Traditional and FarmStream Set Up for Fleet

    Traditionally, the DCM-300 modem has been the primary device used to communicate vehicle position, sensor data, and other information from a vehicle to the Fleet website. While the DCM-300 modem can still be used with Fleet, FarmStream is the preferred set up for Fleet. FarmStream uses a specially configured TMX-2050, GFX-750, GFX-350, or FmX display, […]

  102. For more information

    Refer to the following documentation: FarmStream and Traditional Fleet Feature Comparison Matrix Fleet User Guide FarmStream Fleet Setup Guide FarmStream Cable Guide

  103. What version of firmware is required to run FarmStream?

    Version 10.01 is required for the FmX and Version 4.3.1 is required for the TMX using the FmX+ app. Version 5.5 or higher is required for TMX using the PIQ app. Version 1.5 or higher is required for the GFX-750 display. All versions of firmware for the GFX-350 display will support FarmSteram.

  104. What equipment do I need to use FarmStream Fleet?

    FmX integrated display, GFX-750 display, GFX-350 display or TMX-2050 display. A Cable to connect the display to the vehicle. The GFX-750 and GFX-350 display also requires an additional adapter cable. Part Number Description 86995-01 Cable Assy, FarmStream, CAN diagnostic port to FmX integrated display / TM-200 Module 90147-01 Cable Assy, Autopilot™ system and FarmStream, Vehicle […]

  105. Is traditional Fleet changing?

    Yes. With the release of FarmStream Fleet, you are no longer able to use the productivity features of traditional Fleet with both the DCM-300 modem and the FmX or TMX display. The productivity features of traditional Fleet is now based on the DCM-300 modem and does not include information from the FmX or TMX display, […]

  106. Where can I buy FarmStream Fleet?

    From your Trimble Reseller. The part numbers and price for a license that includes FarmStream Fleet (which is part of a Display Connection License and also requires a Farmer Core or equivalent license) is the same as for traditional Fleet.

  107. How can I tell if a vehicle is set up to use FarmStream or traditional Fleet?

    In the Fleet site select a vehicle and go to its individual vehicle page. This page will show whether FarmStream has been enabled. It will say “FarmStream on” or “FarmStream off”. “FarmStream on” means it is using the FarmStream Fleet features, and “FarmStream off” means it is not using Farmstream.

  108. How do I purchase FarmStream Fleet?

    FarmStream Fleet is included as part of the Trimble Ag Software Display Connection license. Display Connection Licenses are purchased separately from the Farmer Core licenses. The Display Connection license is assigned to a vehicle in Fleet in the Trimble Ag Software.

  109. What are the differences between FarmStream and traditional Fleet?

    FarmStream Fleet provides vehicle utilization data using the FmX, GFX-750 or TMX-2050 display. Utilization settings are configured in the display instead of the Trimble Ag Software interface. There is no need for a DCM-300 modem when using FarmStream Fleet, but the DCM-300 modem can be used with FarmStream Fleet as a communication device. The FarmStream […]

  110. Why would I use FarmStream Fleet?

    FarmStream Fleet provides more detailed vehicle utilization and sensor data using the FmX®, GFX-750™, GFX-350™ or TMX-2050™ display and a wireless connection. There is no need for a DCM-300 modem when using FarmStream Fleet, but the DCM-300 can be used as a wireless connection. Farming operations with more than a few vehicles and hired operators […]

  111. Legal Notices

    Agriculture Business Area Trimble Inc. Trimble Agriculture Division 10368 Westmoor Drive Westminster, CO 80021 USA Copyright and Trademarks © 2014-2020, Trimble Inc. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo, Connected Farm, and FmX are trademarks of Trimble Inc., registered in the United States and in other countries. Autopilot, Precision-IQ, GFX-350, GFX-750 and TMX-2050 are […]

  112. Android Permissions Settings

    Location Setting for both the TMX-2050, GFX-750 and GFX-350 Display From the home screen, go to SETTINGS Select Location (under the “Personal” category) Turn On the Location Setting If Using GFX-750 or GFX-350 Display If using this app with the GFX-750 or GFX-350 display, then you must set the following permissions on the GFX-750 or […]

  113. Utilization App

    In the screen where you can access all apps on your display, tap the Utilization app to start it. The following is the Utilization app screen. It shows the operator (if available), vehicle status, vehicle thresholds, and implement thresholds. If you tap on the settings gear in the upper right corner, you can set how […]

  114. Setting up the Operator for FarmStream Reporting

    Signing in as an operator is not required for Utilization or FarmStream to run, but if you want to see operator information in the application, you must sign in. In order to use operator login with PIQ, the Enable Operators (Operator Sign In) feature must be turned on. This feature can be turned on in […]

  115. FarmStream Diagnostics – for FmX Display and the FmX Plus app

    In the Configuration screen, the user can see the FarmStream diagnostics. This shows the current vehicle sensors being reported. The three sensors that are reported in the FmX+ app are Fuel Level, Fuel Rate, and Engine hours. Additional sensor data may be viewable in the Utilization app, depending on what sensors are reported by the vehicle.

  116. Delay reasons

    If delay reasons are enabled, and if the stopped to delayed timeout threshold is reached, the operator will be presented with a screen to explain the reason for the delay. This delay reason will be reported in the Trimble Ag Software.

  117. Vehicle Monitoring – for the FmX Display and FmX Plus App

    In the Monitoring tab you can select to send information about the vehicle speed to Fleet in the Trimble Ag Software. Any amount that the vehicle travels over this speed is reported as speeding. From the Configuration page, select Autopilot (Vehicle): Select the Monitoring tab. If you set the Maximum Moving Speed to Off this means that the […]

  118. Implement Reporting – for the FmX display and FmX Plus app

    If an operator exceeds the functional speed limit for an implement, possible damage can occur to the implement, the vehicle, the crop, or the field. The FmX integrated display or TMX-2050 display (using the FmX Plus app) can send information to Fleet in the Trimble Ag Software solution regarding the speed of vehicles and implements. […]

  119. Setting up an FmX, GFX-750, GFX-350 or TMX-2050 display on FarmStream Fleet

    To set up the FmX, GFX-750, GFX-350 or TMX-2050 display to use FarmStream and have it report into the Trimble Ag Software, you must have the following: A Trimble Ag Software account, a Farmer Core Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro license assigned to the account, and a Display Connection license assigned to a display, as […]

  120. Setting up licenses for FarmStream Fleet

    Licenses for FarmStream are managed in the Reseller Admin site and in Fleet. To use FarmStream , a vehicle requires a Display Connection License. To use a Display Connection license, the vehicle’s organization must have a Farmer Core, Farmer Fit, or Farmer Pro license. Documentation on how to set up a Farmer Core license and […]

  121. Part Numbers for FarmStream Fleet CAN cables

    The following cables are used to connect the display to the Vehicle CAN port – select the cable to match the type of vehicle. Part Number Description 86995-01 Cable Assy, FarmStream, CAN diagnostic port to FmX integrated display / TM-200 Module 90147-01 Cable Assy, Autopilot™ system and FarmStream, Vehicle CAN interface, John Deere R & RT […]

  122. Part Numbers for FarmStream Fleet

    The same part numbers are used for both traditional and FarmStream versions of Fleet. Part Number    Description 81017-05    Farmer Core 81017-04    Display Connection 81017-01    Farmer Pro 81017-03    Farmer Fit To activate FarmStream Fleet, assign a Farmer Core,  Farmer Pro or Farmer Fit license to the customer’s organization (in the Reseller […]

  123. Differences between traditional and FarmStream Fleet

    Some differences between the traditional and FarmStream Fleet include: Alerts Geofence, curfew, and ignition alerts are available in traditional Fleet only. Machine and rushing alerts are available in FarmStream Fleet only. For a detailed list of differences between the two types of Fleet, refer to the feature comparison chart. For information on how to use […]

  124. Hardware Requirements

    To run FarmStream Fleet, a vehicle must have an FmX® integrated display, a GFX-750™ display, a GFX-350™ display or a TMX-2050™ display installed. FarmStream can use one of many wireless connectivity options including the DCM-300 modem as well as the GX450 modem, SNM941 Connected Site Gateway, Wi-Fi, and WAN gateways. Customers may use the Precision-IQ […]

  125. Fleet Utilization Page

    Options Traditional Fleet FarmStream Fleet Compare utilization of vehicles Yes Yes Utilization using FmX, TMX-2050, GFX-750, or GFX-350 Display No Yes Utilization using FmX Display and DCM-300 modem No  No Utilization using DCM-300 modem only Yes No Utilization states: Working  Yes  Yes Moving  Yes  Yes Stopped  Yes  Yes Off  Yes Yes Speeding  No  Yes Rushing […]

  126. Fleet Operators Page

    Options Traditional Fleet FarmStream Fleet Create/Edit operators Yes Yes Create/Edit operator groups Yes Yes Import operators Yes Yes Export operators Yes Yes Send operators to display Yes Yes Manage job titles Yes Yes Print QR codes Yes Yes

  127. Fleet Alerts Page

    Options Traditional Fleet FarmStream Fleet Geofence Alerts Yes No Ignition Alerts Yes No Curfew Alerts Yes No Create Geofences Yes No Machine Alerts No Yes Rushing Alerts No Yes

  128. Fleet Sensors Tab

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  Engine Hours Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Fuel Level Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Fuel Rate  Yes for compatible vehicle platforms  Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Boost Pressure Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Coolant Temperature Yes for compatible vehicle platforms Yes for compatible vehicle […]

  129. Fleet Vehicle History Tab

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  Vehicle location history Yes Yes Color location markers by machine state Yes Yes Export location history  Yes  Yes Show alerts on Vehicle History page  Yes Yes User configurable speeding  Yes  Yes

  130. Fleet Vehicle Status Screen

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  Vehicle last updated Yes Yes Vehicle icons Yes Yes Vehicle last known status  Yes  Yes Telematics Device Serial Number  Yes  N/A Display Device Serial Number  No  Yes Manufacturer  Yes Yes Last location when vehicle last reported  Yes Yes Delay response threshold  Yes  N/A Edit vehicle  Yes Yes Calibrate Engine Hours […]

  131. Fleet Vehicles Page

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  See your list of vehicles Yes Yes Configure the columns Yes Yes Column options: Date last Reported – Relative time Yes Yes Date Last Reported – Calendar Time Yes Yes Last Known Status  Yes  Yes Engine Hours  Yes  Yes Alert (Type/Name/Generated)  Yes  Yes Delay Response Threshold  Yes  N/A Last Operator […]

  132. Dashboard Page

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  View vehicles on map Yes Yes View vehicle details for selected machine Yes Yes Vehicles listed in Fleet Widget  Yes  Yes

  133. Power Off Mode

    Options Traditional Fleet  FarmStream Fleet  Track vehicle location when hardware powered off Yes No

  134. Desktop Updates (v2019.01)

    Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB. This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. Warning: Due to potential variations between manufacturers guidance systems, guidance line repeatability and position accuracy may degrade as field work occurs further away from the […]

  135. Online Updates

    Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB (File Upload) and API (Wireless). This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. By improving the compatibility with John Deere guidance lines along with AB lines from Trimble and other third party displays, […]

  136. App Updates (v3.0)

    Material Inventories — The current inventory balance of materials is shown when you select a material to use for a task. Improved Interface for Adding Inputs to Tasks — The user interface for recording tasks has been updated by relocating the Add button for Materials and Equipment. Chemical Tank Mixes — A new Tank Mix […]

  137. Desktop Updates (v2019)

    Updated Support for Precision Planting Data  — Additional support for reading the latest Precision Planting files. Updated Support for Loup/RDS Yield Data  — New driver is available for reading data from Loup/RDS, provides summary data from the yield monitor in addition to the map data. Updated Support for Ag Leader Data Files — Now supports […]

  138. Online Updates

    Support for Precision Planting — Data from Precision Planting can now be imported via the File Upload area. Update to CNH API — Now compatible with the latest CNH AFS and PLM Connect APIs. Files received via the new APIs will automatically flow into the software every 5 minutes and process automatically. Additionally, there is […]

  139. Check out the Highlights of our 2018 Software Updates

    The Trimble Ag Software engineering team had a busy 2018! In case you lost track of all the upgrades and enhancements, check out this ‘at a glance’ list of the highlights, with links to find out more information.

  140. Plug and Play with ISOBUS: What it is and how it can Help Your Operation

    If you’ve invested in or researched precision technology, you’ve likely heard of ISOBUS. But what is it? Also referred to as ISO, it is the industry-standard communication protocol for ag equipment manufacturers that allows computers, vehicles and implements — regardless of their brand — to “talk” to each other. It’s what makes “plug and play” possible […]

  141. Next Step in ISOBUS: Tractor Implement Management

    If you’re in the market for a new tractor, especially if hay is part of your operation, you may have heard about Tractor Implement Management (TIM), also known as ISOBUS Class 3. As we discussed in the last blog post on ISOBUS, Task Controller communicates between the tractor and implement so the implement knows when […]

  142. 10 Helpful Tips for Tax Planning

    Lock in success for 2019 with these helpful farm accounting tips.
    With the new year now underway, many of us are setting goals and establishing resolutions that will set us up for success in 2019. A big part of hitting our goals, of course, is understanding what went well during the previous year, and where things could improve.

  143. Introducing: Yield Data Cleaning

    Trimble Ag Software’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool automatically fixes issues with grain flow delays, GPS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps, saving you countless hours manually fixing them field-by-field.

  144. Working with ISOBUS: Task Controller

    If you’re investing in ISOBUS, it’s likely because you want to use it for precision applications, such as variable-rate seeding or automatic section control. In order to utilize these functions, you’ll need an ISO Task Controller. As briefly discussed in our first post on ISOBUS,  Task Controller (TC) is the software that automates commands for […]

  145. App Updates (v2.9)

    Field Activity Entry Enhancements — You will now experience a streamlined user interface that is consistent when entering records for seeding, fertility and crop protection. Updates to Inventory Balances — When applying products on fields, the inventory balance can be viewed on the product selection screen. This helps the operator see a running balance of inventory […]

  146. Trimble’s Precision-IQ Steps Forward for Today’s Farmers

    Precision ag keeps getting smarter. From hardware that can track and provide insights into your in-field processes to software that can help turn data into actionable information for year-over-year improvements, the modern farm looks much different than our parents’ farms. We released Precision-IQ with three main goals: Make upgrades and the adoption of new precision […]

  147. Top 3 Ways Farmers Win with Trimble Ag Software

    Crop advisors working with farmers who manage their operations with Trimble Ag Software have reported big financial and time savings tied directly to their farm management software. We wanted to share three of our favorite ag software benefits seen by growers over the past year, including yield, environmental, and VRT gains.

  148. 8 Technology Tune-up Tips for an Efficient, Accurate Harvest

    With the end of the season fast approaching, you’re probably monitoring your crops and the weather for the ideal time to get into the field and begin harvesting. While you likely know the importance of conducting a thorough inspection of your equipment before you get the combine rolling, you should also ensure your precision technology […]

  149. Vegetable Farm Reaps Benefits of Software: Customer Success Story

    Learn how an Arizona-based vegetable and fruit operation, deployed a new software platform a year ago that has transformed clunky, time-consuming processes into streamlined, automated workflows that boosted productivity, improved decision-making, and empowered staff.

  150. Advisor Prime Updates

    Support Variable Rate Seed and Lime Prescriptions — Similar to fertility prescriptions, variable rate seed and lime prescriptions can be built manually or from customized formulas and auto-applied based on the crops and customers. Batch Export Prescriptions — You can now batch export prescriptions to a number of display and shapefile formats including those from […]

  151. How to Track Every Dime and Remove the Guesswork: Case Study

    Learn how one farmer in Montana is leveraging Trimble’s online, mobile, and desktop software platform to turn farm data into actionable reports he uses on a daily and hourly basis to make quick decisions and adjustments that save time and drive farm profits.

  152. Verify equipment task data

    When equipment data is read-in to Trimble Ag Software through file imports or wireless connections with vehicle displays or third-party accounts, it’s held for verification before the data becomes part of a field record. You can edit or delete the task details to fix errors, merge or reassign tasks, and control whether to add tasks […]

  153. Desktop Updates (v2018.04)

    Linking Contacts from the Web to Desktop —  When synchronizing data from web to desktop, you now have the ability to link contacts from the website to an existing person in the desktop. Added Support for Additional Pipe Sizes (WM-Subsurface) —  Two new dual wall pipe sizes (225 mm and 9 in) are now available […]

  154. Online Updates

      New Guidance Line Offset Feature — The Guidance Line area has a new Offset button that can be used to create a new guidance line by offsetting an existing line. To do this, go to the GIS area and find the Guidance Lines tab. Here you can select a guidance line and choose the […]

  155. Make Data-Driven Decisions That Drive Farm Profits

    Ever find yourself doing a bit of guesswork when it comes to making decisions on the farm? Are you following a gut feeling one day, or doing things the way they’ve always been done the next? Find out how to track and use farm data to drive profits.

  156. Troubleshooting login issues

    Having issues with logging into your Trimble Ag Software account? We’re here to help. Check out our troubleshooting tips below, featuring automated help from our website. Find our login webpage by visiting, then click the LOGIN button on the top right corner of the page. Select Software Customer Login. Click “Forgot password?” if you need […]

  157. Unlock the Proven ROI of Ag Software

    Calculating the ROI of cloud-based farm management software is a crucial step of farm management. Farmers need a way to know how the decisions they make today will impact their farm’s bottom line tomorrow, and possibly for years to come. We’re here to help with this new blog.

  158. Online Updates

    New ‘Update Task Costs’ Button for Materials — When you go to the Materials screen (chemicals, fertilizer, or seed), there is now an ‘Update Task Costs’ button that can be used to update the cost of selected materials on the fields where it has been used.  To use this feature select the materials that you […]

  159. How to Use Reference Strips for Better Nitrogen Management

    How much money could you be saving per acre by using reference strips? How much money are you wasting today? A simple change in your farming practices could make a major impact on your bottom line, and those farming practices all come down to better nitrogen management.

  160. Online Updates

    Expanded Support for John Deere API — You can now send resources (client/farm/field and material names) and VRA maps wirelessly to John Deere vehicles that are leveraging John Deere Operations Center. This new feature expands our API capabilities with John Deere (learn more). Updated Contacts and Organization Listing — The Contacts area has been updated […]

  161. Stay a Step Ahead of Hail Damage

    Farmers notoriously love talking about the weather. And rightly so — it impacts their livelihood. In most instances, the relationship between farmers and the weather is very one-sided. Mother Nature is the boss; she levels the judgement and farmers find themselves either reaping the benefits or salvaging the remains. However, while growers can’t influence the […]

  162. Online Updates

    Updated Language Translations — Updated online translations for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian. New Material Purchase Interface — To purchase materials (chemicals, seed, fertilizer,…) go to the Farm menu, select Materials and choose the category of material. To purchase an existing material, select it from the list […]

  163. Quick Tips for Using Your Phone to Manage Your Farm

    This is one of the busiest seasons for farmers. You’re looking for any and all opportunities to save time. Look no further than the mobile phone in your hand! Here are some quick tips for leveraging mobile farm management and getting some hours back in your day. We know this works because farm software users […]

  164. FarmStream documentation

    Learn more about FarmStream, an advanced productivity tool within Trimble Ag Software that can be turned on or off from the TMX-2050, GFX-750, GFX-350 or FmX display, in the Fleet User Guide. Here are a few handy links to other Fleet documentation: FarmStream Comparison Matrix FarmStream Setup Guide FarmStream Cable Guide FarmStream FAQs  

  165. Data compatibility and transfer charts

    Trimble Ag Software can read in and export your precision ag data from a wide range of supported vehicle displays and third-party accounts. Check out our data compatibility and data transfer charts to see if your system and files are supported, or contact customer support for more help.    

  166. Download legacy Farm Works Software

    Use the links below to download or reinstall legacy Farm Works Software purchased prior to the Trimble Ag Software launch in 2016. If you’re missing your CD registration key, contact our support team for assistance.  Download Farm Works Mobile 2016.03 Download prior software versions (includes desktop and mobile) Download prior Farm Works User Guides (available in […]

  167. Install Trimble Ag Desktop software

    Before installing Trimble Ag Desktop software, make sure you have already reviewed the system requirements, activated your desktop license online, and downloaded the installation files from our website for Windows (or Windows emulator for Mac). If this is all new to you, let us walk you through the steps in our printable QuickStart Guide for Trimble Ag Desktop. […]

  168. QuickStart Guide for Trimble Ag Desktop Software

    If this is your first time using or upgrading Trimble Ag Desktop software (formerly Farm Works) included with any of our Farmer plans, follow these steps for a smooth install. Once you create your Trimble ID and activate your account online with the Farmer plan of your choice, you can download and install the desktop […]

  169. Minimum system requirements for Trimble Ag Software

    For the best performance when using Trimble Ag Software online, on the mobile app or on the desktop, make sure your systems and devices meet our minimum requirements. Each of our platforms has been tested by our developers to ensure you’ll continue to have access to the full range of features in our software, by […]

  170. Download Annual Maintenance Plan Updates

    If you already have Trimble Ag Desktop installed and have purchased the Standard or Premium Annual Software Maintenance Plan, you can install the latest software fixes and updates from within the desktop software Help menu, or download the latest updates by clicking here. Once the download is complete, click the file shown in the download pane […]

  171. Step-by-step videos for Trimble Ag Software

    Sit back, relax, and see how it’s done. Click here to browse our library of demo videos for Trimble Ag Software’s online and mobile app features. Farm software just got a whole lot easier.      

  172. Download the legacy Farm Works Mobile display user guide

    Download the PDF user guide for this legacy software, available in 10 languages including English. Click here to get started. Learn more about legacy Farm Works Mobile software for your hand-held vehicle displays (this is different from the Trimble Ag Mobile app available for iOS or Android mobile devices included with our Farmer plans).        

  173. Download the WM-Subsurface Desktop user guide

    Get the latest help for WM-Subsurface™, available on its own or as an add-on for Trimble Ag Desktop software, to analyze topographic data on your farm and create drainage plans, as well as features for general mapping, field records and simple accounting. Click here to view, search (CTRL+F) download or print this PDF guide. Contact our sales […]

  174. Step-by-step videos for Trimble Ag Desktop

    Watch how it’s done to get more out of Trimble Ag Desktop (formerly Farm Works) including features available in the add-ons, Advanced Desktop Accounting™ and WM-Subsurface™. These videos may feature the old Farm Works logo, but the functions are still relevant today. Watch videos for Trimble Ag Desktop Watch videos for legacy Farm Works Mobile Learn […]

  175. Two Important Reasons to Listen to Your Seed Monitoring System

    Seed monitoring solutions have long been used by farmers in varying degrees of complexity. From the most basic of factory-installed seed monitoring technology to solutions that inform a farmer’s data management software—there are an array of systems on the market to help plant smarter.

  176. Trimble Adds Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders to its Agriculture Software

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 8, 2018—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it has added Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders features to its Trimble® Ag Software. The software is a desktop, cloud-based and mobile-enabled agricultural solution that simplifies farm data management to drive productivity, profitability and sustainability for farmers, crop advisors, ag retailers and food processors. After […]

  177. Online Updates

    Crop Health Imagery —  Access satellite imagery of your fields powered by PurePixel™ technology, a proprietary algorithm to analyze multiple sensor inputs to produce calibrated vegetative index maps throughout the growing season.  Available imagery includes vegetative index-calibrated, vegetative index-classified, natural color and infrared color. By selecting the Field Map tab, available crop health imagery will […]

  178. New! Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders for Farmers

    Trimble announced today that it has added Crop Health Imagery and Work Orders features to its Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus software solutions, both offering additional value to farmers and crop advisors.

  179. Are Water Issues Impacting Your Yields?

    Water is the scarcest nutrient in dry-land agriculture. Even if you aren’t growing in a semi-arid or sub-humid region, water is the most critical input that many farmers struggle to properly manage. All other input decisions should hinge on it.

  180. More Power. Same Price. Farmer Pro Has Two New Features!

    After launching Trimble Ag Software two years ago, we have paid close attention to customer feedback. As today’s farms continue to grow in size and complexity, Trimble’s engineering and product development teams are working hard to continually enhance our software solution to add more value. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new features that […]

  181. App Updates (v2.7)

    Updates to Path/Polygons  — Benchmark path / polygons now display the length and area. Updates to Boundaries  — View crop boundaries above field boundaries in map area Various Bug fixes New! Work Orders Feature  — Assign tasks to team members so that everyone is updated with the latest tasks for the day. Work orders can […]

  182. Create tasks from the Work Order tile in the mobile app

    Use the Trimble Ag Mobile to build work orders for your team, including associated fields, materials, equipment and weather restrictions, and assign it to an operator from your account contacts, including a planned start and end date. Keep track of progress as your operators start, pause and complete assigned work orders, with automated summaries that […]

  183. Manage map layers with Field Manager (GIS) online

    With Trimble Ag Software, you can use online filters to turn map layers on and off, overlaid on boundaries across your farm. Adjust layers to view field and crop boundaries, benchmarks, guidance lines, landmarks, as-applied coverage maps, Crop Health Imagery, as well as management zones and vehicle tasks. Log in to your account online (learn more) […]

  184. How Can I Leverage Weather Data to Maximize Crop Yields?

    As farmers move further and further into precision management, getting a firm grasp on the areas of their fields that are underperforming becomes vital. Often, this variability involves water. According to Elston Solberg, a Senior Agri-Coach with the AGRI-TREND network, there are two sources of water: soil water and precipitation. These two sources are equally critical […]

  185. Tech Innovators Shaping the Future of Precision Agriculture

    The notion that precision agriculture is angling to be the next darling in the tech solution space was only validated by the 900+ ag leaders and innovators present at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco. With bright new startups from around the world vying for their chance to disrupt one of the most mature and established industries in our economy, there was a sense that continued change and progress is absolutely in our future.

  186. App Updates (v2.6)

    Improvements to performance and usability of map screens Record Benchmark polygons/lines in Drive mode Added option to issue description before submitting logs to support Display labels for Field Names and Zones on top of layers for easy identification

  187. Introducing Advisor Prime: Trimble Ag Software for Service Providers

    As any crop advisor or independent agronomist knows, all farms are unique just as each farmer client has their own specific goals, expectations and working styles. A good service provider understands these unique needs and provides a service that not only meets them, but often exceeds them. However, a successful service provider must be able […]

  188. Online Updates

    Updates to Crop Season List  — If editing a task in Equipment Activity, the Crop Season list only shows the crop seasons for the selected field as well as sub-crop names. Support for Creating Resources for John Deere GS3 and GS4 — Creating resources to download to a USB now supports John Deere GS3 and […]

  189. Reseller Admin Updates

    Undo License Assignment — Trimble resellers can now undo license assignments within the first 24 hours of assignment. There are limits to how many licenses can be unassigned. For more information please refer to the support bulletin.

  190. Desktop Updates (v2018.02)

    Fixed Filter for Crop Planning Report — Resolved issue where the Client/Farm/Field and Crop Enterprise filters did not work for the Crop Planning Report. Added Delete Button for Scale Tickets — A delete button can be used to remove individual scale ticket loads. Support for Syncing Chemical Categories — Chemical types (Herbicide, Insecticide, etc.) will […]

  191. Use the Field Manager Overview online

    Use the Field Manager Overview screen in your Trimble Ag Software online account to automatically track actual field-level expenses by crop year including cost per unit of production (CPUP). Record scouting and product recommendations, view Ag Premium Weather details, manage equipment activity, compare and convert budgets plans to actuals, and manage harvest data. Actual costs automatically roll […]

  192. Edit or delete time sheets on the mobile app (worker)

    With access to Ag Time Tracker™ on your Trimble Ag Software account, your workers can easily fix mistakes on their time sheets right from their mobile device, saving you time on chasing updates. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access the online account (learn more) Tap the Time Tracker tile View […]

  193. Online Updates

    New Field Creation Interface — There is a new interface when creating a new field or updating the properties on an existing field. The new interface is more intuitive and makes it easier to enter or edit information. The General tab allows you to add/edit field, client and farm names as well as creating a […]

  194. Create a new Trimble ID

    It’s easy to set up a new Trimble ID, for easy, secure access to all of your Trimble accounts and services, including Trimble Ag Software. Visit our login webpage at and click the LOG IN button (top right). Select Software Customer Login. Click the Create new Trimble ID link (at the bottom) Enter your contact information (first name, last […]

  195. Need Help Setting Up Prescriptions and VRA Plans This Season?

    Farming isn’t just a full-time job, it’s a lifestyle. And while technology has done a lot to transform this industry, today’s farmers need it to work simply… and to simply work. This hits especially hard as farmers are heading into planting season. To make the process easier, we’ve launched a new help video where growers […]

  196. Create a corn maze

    Watch our video tutorial on creating a corn maze in your field, using Trimble Ag Desktop (formerly Farm Works) software and Farm Works Mobile. We’ll take you through how to use any drawing or illustration and calibrate the image for geo-referencing as a map layer. This simple process can be used to create virtually any […]

  197. Add an irrigation event on the mobile app

    When you’re on the go, use the mobile app to add irrigation and rain events in Trimble Ag Software. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app’s home screen, select the preferred crop year (top left) Tap the Fields tile Tap the arrow on the […]

  198. Add a seed application on the mobile app

    Use your mobile device to record a seed application on your field. Contacts with access to your account can see real-time updates online or on the mobile app in Trimble Ag Software.   Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app’s […]

  199. Manage crop inputs on the mobile app

    Check the status of purchased inventory on your farm with Trimble Ag Mobile, when recording products applied to the field with the mobile app. Crop inputs are managed by crop year. Share real-time updates with your online account, where crop inputs (also known as Purchases online) can also carry over balances to next year. Log in to […]

  200. Manage purchases online

    Each time that you track a purchase online or on the mobile app, Trimble Ag Software automatically calculates your total inventory and expenses by crop year, with the option to transfer balances to the following crop year. When you enter a purchase, the product is automatically listed in your Materials tab online, where you can […]

  201. Manage materials online

    Keep track of farm materials online to see application rates and costs, including safety details for your products. Materials are not organized by crop year, but are visible when selecting products for tasks in the field from your online account or on the mobile app. Refer to your Material cost and default rate when doing […]

  202. Online Updates

    Added Bateman Spreaders to List of Vehicles — Within the Vehicle Setup area, a new Manufacturer for Bateman and a Vehicle Type for Spreader (for self propelled spreaders) is now available. New Edit Button in Task Summary  — There is now an Edit button in the Task Summary box so you can view a task […]

  203. Add or remove bin inventory on the mobile app

    Once storage bins for your farm have been set up online or on the mobile app in Trimble Ag Software, any contacts with access to your account can use the mobile app to record bin transactions in real-time, and automatically update the inventory and storage capacity of your bins. Additional tracking options are only available […]

  204. Manage bin transactions online

    With Trimble Ag Software, each storage bin transaction recorded online or on the mobile account is rolled up into the Bin Transactions summary for your farm. See all records from any crop year and tailor your online report to show as much or as little information as you need, with options to edit or import CSV data […]

  205. Sort and filter storage bin records online

    Tailor your summary report views on Trimble Ag Software to make it easy to find and print storage bin records fast. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click Farm (top menu) Select Storage (left navigation menu) Click the Bin Profiler or Bin Transactions tab to view the summary screen Adjust how records are sorted in […]

  206. Manage bin inventories online

    Once you’ve set up farm storage bins in Trimble Ag Software with the online account or mobile app, you can use the Bin Profiler online to view all of your farm bins. Automatically adjust inventory in each bin by adding or removing inventory, resetting inventory to zero, or viewing and adjusting transaction history details. Log […]

  207. Edit storage bins on the mobile app

    Edit basic storage bin profiles with Trimble Ag Mobile when you’re on the go. Later, edit or delete full bin profiles online, if needed. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app’s home screen, select the preferred crop year (top left) which is not […]

  208. Add storage bins on the mobile app

    Set up basic storage bin profiles with Trimble Ag Mobile when you’re on the go, to automatically update inventory as delivery transactions are recorded for bins. Later, edit or delete full bin profiles online, if needed. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the […]

  209. Edit or delete storage bins online

    Once you’ve added storage bins online or on the mobile app in Trimble Ag Software, use the online account to view or add additional profile details, or delete these farm assets. Storage bins can only be deleted from the online account. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click Farm (top menu) Select Storage […]

  210. Add storage bins online

    Use Trimble Ag Online to keep detailed records of storage bins used by your farm, including capacity, location, construction, access and more. Once bins are set up online, transactions can be logged online or on the mobile app to automatically update capacity and inventory for each bin. As a physical asset tied to your farm, […]

  211. Contact support with in-app help

    When you need help with using Trimble Ag Software, live support is just a click away. Use our online and mobile in-app help options to send an email message to our global support team in your region, which automatically includes system diagnostics for your account. Two Options for In-App Help 1. Click the help  icon […]

  212. Add a product recommendation on the mobile app

    Plan the next step in your crop management plan with product recommendations on Trimble Ag Mobile. As part of the field scout report, you or your advisors with access to your account can use the mobile app to define and share the purpose, timing, rate and more for product applications, including automatic PHI (pre-harvest interval) […]

  213. View map types on the mobile app

    Switch between standard, satellite or hybrid view when referring to field boundaries on Trimble Ag Mobile. Use these map features on any field on the mobile app, starting from the home screen’s Field tile or Farm tile.   Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn […]

  214. View map layers on the mobile app

    Switch map layers to get more insight into your field boundaries on Trimble Ag Mobile, including alternate boundary views, paths for crops or obstructions, coverage maps and Crop Health Imagery. Use these map features on any field on the mobile app, starting from the home screen’s Field tile or Farm tile. Log in to the mobile […]

  215. Add, edit or delete a map benchmark on the mobile app

    Use Trimble Ag Mobile to easily drop map points (also known as benchmarks) with custom names to keep track of field scouting, crop health, property issues and more. With precise coordinates automatically generated for each point, you can use your mobile device’s built-in GPS to view the distance to navigate to each point from your […]

  216. Add a map path or polygon on the mobile app

    Use Trimble Ag Mobile to easily drop map points to create a path or polygon with a custom name to keep track of field scouting, crop health, property issues and more. With precise coordinates automatically generated for each shape, you can use your mobile device’s built-in GPS to view the distance to navigate to the […]

  217. Email a field scout report on the mobile app

    After you’ve saved a Trimble Ag Software field scout report on the mobile app or online, you can share reports by email from your mobile device. Recipients can view report details and photos, even without access to your account. For best results, always sync any mobile changes with the online account (return to the home screen […]

  218. Delete a field scout report on the mobile app

    After you’ve saved a Trimble Ag Software field scout report on the mobile app or online, you can delete the report at any time on your mobile device. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app’s home screen, select the preferred crop year (top […]

  219. Edit a field scout report on the mobile app

    After you’ve saved a Trimble Ag Software field scout report on the mobile app or online, you can view and edit reports at any time on your mobile device. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app’s home screen, select the preferred crop […]

  220. Add a field scout report on the mobile app

    Create a new field scout report with Trimble Ag Mobile to quickly record observations on your mobile device when you’re out in the field. Select from predefined crop health factors, add photos and comments, then sync updates with your online account once you’re back within cell or wi-fi range. Save your report anytime to edit […]

  221. Create and compare field plan budgets

    Using an existing field set up in your Trimble Ag Software account, you can quickly generate a series of field plans to compare the cost of different crop management strategies. Compare side-by-side budgets with basic or complex operational details, to gauge the cost per unit of production and benefits of each scenario. Save time by […]

  222. Use the Crop Planner

    View, edit or print and share high-level plans for your fields, including past crops, current crop and variety, along with target yield rates and prices. Crop plan summaries are automatically generated from crops and fields set up on your account, and are organized by farm and by crop year. Log in to your account online (learn […]

  223. Track commodity forecasts on the mobile app

    Set up and view your commodities on the mobile app when you’re on the go, with features similar to online commodity tracking within your Trimble Ag Software account. Keep tabs on revenue forecasts for specific crops, edit commodity details, and see how each rolls up to the mobile Market Position Sheet by crop year. Log […]

  224. Track commodity forecasts online

    With a few clicks of a mouse, you can track commodities in Trimble Ag Software to see real-time North American futures prices for a select range of crops. By linking commodity tiles to fields on your farm, you can track your gross projected revenue for each crop, online or on the mobile app. Each commodity […]

  225. Activate free modules in the online Marketplace

    The online Marketplace within Trimble Ag Software is your one-stop shop for add-ons and upgrades, as well as free modules included with the purchase of your software. Choose whether to activate and use free features that work for your farm business, or hide them from view. Contacts with access to your account will only see the […]

  226. Delete crops online

    To remove a default crop from your account, simply delete it from commodities tracked for your farm. Fields already created with this crop are not affected; however, when adding or editing fields online, this crop will no longer be displayed in the list of default crop options.   Log in to your account online (learn […]

  227. Add or edit crops online

    It’s quick and easy to add the basic details for each crop that you’re growing on your farm, outside of any specific crop year. Once your crops are entered online, they can be used in commodity tile forecasts by crop year, online or on the mobile app. Your crops can also be edited or deleted […]

  228. Desktop Updates (v2018)

    Updated  Support for Trimble TMX-2050 Precision-IQ — When using the Precision-IQ™ app on a Trimble® TMX-2050™ display, the software now utilizes an updated driver that supports the reading and writing of resources, jobs/tasks, VRA maps, guidance lines and landmarks. Added Support for Trimble GFX-750 Display — Support for reading and writing data files for the […]

  229. Online Updates

    Auto Verification of Tasks Entered Manually — Equipment Activity tasks are now automatically verified when manually entered into the web-based software. This allows tasks that are manually entered in the Equipment Activity area to automatically appear within the Field Manager (including costs), Calendar, Trimble Ag Mobile app and other areas. Additional Guidance Line Features — […]

  230. We’ve Been Busy! Summary of Trimble Ag Software 2017 Updates and Enhancements

    Check out what’s been keeping our developers so busy in 2017! We’re excited about all the updates and enhancements our team has made to the software over the past year. For example, did you know that: • You can now track real-time fleet positions — and monitor fuel levels — all from your Trimble Ag […]

  231. Online Updates

    Merge Tasks — Within the updated Equipment Activity area, two or more tasks can now be merged together.  This is extremely helpful when a task is completed by more than one display/vehicle. Verify Multiple Tasks — Within the Updated Equipment Activity area, you can now select multiple tasks and verify them all at once.  Previously […]

  232. Taking Desktop Customers to the Cloud: Where Farm Data Truly Drives Profits

    When I first began working in the ag software space in 1996, farmers were excited to use their desktop computers to track their field records, maps and accounting entries. Compared to a notepad and scattered pieces of paper tucked in drawers in their home office and the glove box of their pickup truck, desktop software […]

  233. Online Updates

    New Delete Option for Organization — Added functionality that allows you to delete one or more organizations, completing removing all of the data within that organization from the web platform. Updated Language Translations — Updated web and mobile app translations for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Russian. Added Field Search —  There is now […]

  234. Reaching for Higher Yields with the Ultimate Yield Management Institute

    An ag retailer in southern Saskatchewan has established the Ultimate Yield Management Institute as a way of test-driving the performance of agricultural inputs so farmers can see the results. “The reason we started is that there’s a lot of frustration from customers who have nutrition questions and there’s just not a lot of good nutrition […]

  235. Online Updates

    New Task Verification — Added functionality that allows precision ag data (also known as tasks) collected with an in-field display or uploaded from the Trimble Ag Desktop software to be verified. Once the data is verified, it will be used throughout all areas of the web platform, including the Trimble Ag Mobile app. This is […]

  236. Online Updates

    Improved Field Name Editing of Task Data — Within the Equipment Activity, you can now change the client/farm/field name to a task if it is wrong. This is handy if you’ve selected the wrong field on a previously created task. Additional Support for Raven Data — Updated the File Upload page to support the manual uploading of […]

  237. App Updates (v2.5)

    Improved Map Performance — The displaying of boundary maps has been improved so that organizations with a large number of fields will display much faster when you click on the Map button. Metrics Measurement for Soil Sampling — Soil sampling now works in metrics unit of measure. Drone Imagery Support — Imagery from drone data can now be […]

  238. Desktop Updates (v2017.06)

    Send Planned Sampling Jobs to Trimble Ag Mobile App — You can now create a planned soil sampling job within the desktop software and tag it to be synchronized to Trimble Ag Online (Farmer Pro).  Once synchronized, the target points for that field will appear on the Trimble Ag Mobile app so that the targets […]

  239. Online Updates

    Improved Field Name Editing of Task Data — Within the Equipment Activity, you can now change the client/farm/field name to a task if it is wrong. This is handy if you’ve selected the wrong field on a previously created task. Additional Support for Raven Data — Updated the File Upload page to support the manual uploading of […]

  240. When to Incorporate More Precision into your Crop Management Plans

    Everyone is all hyped up over precision management, and there seems to be a sense that if you’re not variable rating some or all of your inputs, you’re somehow being left behind. But as Markus Braaten, AGRI-TREND Knowledge Team Lead and Senior Agri-Coach advocates, even the decision NOT to do precision management IS a precision […]

  241. Online Updates

    Additional Support for reading data from Trimble Precision-IQ™ for Multi-Product VRA — If using the TMX-2050™display with the Precision-IQ software for multi-product application, the legend for the coverage map will now give options for each product used. Updated Field Profiler Functionality — Consolidated boundary functionality into Field Profiler, making it easy to export boundaries as ArcView Shape and […]

  242. Assign a crop year to a field

    If you’ve already set up a field in your farm assets without a crop year, it’s easy to add a crop year so that you can view and manage field details in Field Profiler within Trimble Ag Software. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the Field tab Select Farm Map from the […]

  243. Drive boundaries on the mobile app

    With the same tools used to draw boundaries on the mobile app, you can also drive boundaries in your vehicle while using your phone or tablet to to automatically update boundary area in your Trimble Ag Software account. View or zoom into your location on satellite maps while your phone’s GPS automatically updates latitude and longitude coordinates […]

  244. Draw boundaries on the mobile app

    When you’re on the go, use the mobile app’s simple point-and-click tools to drive or draw boundaries and automatically update boundary area in your Trimble Ag Software account. View or zoom into your location on satellite maps while your phone’s GPS automatically updates latitude and longitude coordinates for your field. By adding boundaries to your fields, […]

  245. Run Ag Time Tracker reports

    With the Ag Time Tracker™ add-on available for purchase in the online marketplace, farm supervisors or organization administrators can run instant reports for time sheets and payables for all Ag Time Tracker activities across your Trimble Ag Software account. See summaries of key information including job titles, status and hourly wages saved in each contact’s profile on your online […]

  246. View, edit or delete time sheets on the mobile app (admin)

    Once workers have clocked in/out with Ag Time Tracker™, supervisors or organization administrators can view, edit or delete any time sheet activity in your Trimble Ag Software account, all from a mobile device. Workers can also edit or delete their own time sheets, when requested by a supervisor. In remote areas, the most up-to-date information […]

  247. View, edit or delete time sheets on the mobile app (worker)

    Along with managing their own clock-in/out records, workers can view, edit or delete their own time sheets Ag Time Tracker™, using their mobile phone. The organization administrator can easily add or remove time tracker access for workers, to control access to your Trimble Ag Software account. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble […]

  248. Clock in and out on the mobile app

    With any iOS or Android mobile device, farm workers can clock in and out of shifts with Ag Time Tracker™, even when outside cellular or wi-fi coverage. Once workers are set up as contacts with time tracker access in your Trimble Ag Software account, the mobile app does the rest of the work for you. Just turn […]

  249. Draw boundaries with Field Manager (GIS) online

    Use a wide range of drawing tools available online in Trimble Ag Software, with the GIS editor. Create point-and-click shape files that auto-calculate the boundary area, including polygons, lines as well as circles for fields managed by centre-pivot irrigation, with the option to save separate crop and field boundaries. Units of measure shown in the boundary area […]

  250. Find latitude and longitude coordinates

    Easily find and save latitude and longitude coordinates in your online field profile details on Trimble Ag Software. These coordinates provide information on your field location only. To automatically zoom into a location on your farm when using the online account, add field boundaries to your map by drawing or importing boundaries.   Open Google Maps Search for an […]

  251. Import boundaries online

    In addition to setting up basic information for your fields online, it’s easy to import field boundary data. Our software uses spatial selection to look for matches between your data and our software, starting with the field name. If field names are different, Trimble Ag Software looks for similar field boundaries to find a match. Log […]

  252. Online Updates

    Landmarks Appear on Field Map — when going to Available Layers within the Field Map, you can select to display landmarks. If selected, landmarks will be located with other layers, including task maps, PurePixel™ crop health coverage maps and other map layers. Guidance Lines Appear on Field Map — when going to Available Layers within the Field […]

  253. Add a new crop sequence

    Add a new crop sequence to an existing field to track events and expenses for multiple harvests during the same crop year in Trimble Ag Software. View multiple crop sequences for the same field when the using the quick start menu, Jump to field, in the online account.   Log in to your account online […]

  254. Split fields

    Turn one field into two or more fields with the click of a button in Trimble Ag Software. Use this tool in the early process of setting up your fields online, before adding boundaries, applying products to fields, importing as-applied coverage maps and other tasks that affect field expenses.   Log in to your account […]

  255. Assign fields to farms with Field Profiler

    In addition to managing field boundaries, use the Field Profiler™ to assign fields to farms on your Trimble Ag Software Account. Save time by organizing farm resources with the click of a button.   Log in to your account online (learn more) Select the preferred crop year (top left) Click on the Field tab (top menu) Select Field Profiler from the left […]

  256. Import fields with Field Profiler

    In addition to managing fields and boundary data, use the Field Profiler™ to import fields between crop years on your Trimble Ag Software account. Save time by automatically creating a copy of one ore more field profiles as a clean slate for the next season’s field tasks and events. Log in to your account online (learn more) Select the preferred crop […]

  257. Draw boundaries with Field Profiler

    In addition to managing fields and boundary data, use the Field Profiler™ to preview, draw, delete and change boundary colours in Trimble Ag Software. Web drawing tools allow you to zoom in to your farm location on satellite maps to create point-and-click shape files. Easily edit, redraw and add inner boundaries, while the software auto-calculates the size of […]

  258. Manage boundary data with Field Profiler

    Use Field Profiler™ to manage field boundaries by crop year in Trimble Ag Software, with options to add and assign fields, draw and color-code your boundaries, import and export boundary shape files and Google Earth map files, import boundaries from the prior or following crop year, and import or export benchmarks. Our software uses spatial selection to […]

  259. Using Farm Analyzer

    Use the Farm Analyzer™ template on your Trimble Ag Software account to create an evolving snapshot of your farm’s business and history, including property, soil and crop management practices. Update details online to print and share with advisors or agronomists. Print the summary each year to keep a historical record for previous years.   Log in to your account […]

  260. Edit fields on the mobile app

    With the mobile app’s automatic map coordinates, plus the same features that are available online, you can easily edit fields on your Trimble Ag Software account using your phone or tablet, with or without cellular or wi-fi coverage.   Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From […]

  261. Add fields on the mobile app

    With the mobile app’s automatic map coordinates, plus many of the same features that are available online, you can easily add fields and associated farms on your Trimble Ag Software account using your phone or tablet, with or without cellular or wi-fi coverage. To associate a client name with a farm created on the mobile […]

  262. Manage user access

    Once contacts, organization administrators and partnerships are set up on your account, you can see and control the level of access each of these has to your information online and on the mobile app. You can control which features are visible to users by managing system and mobile access for each contact, as well as choosing which […]

  263. Add or edit fields online

    Add fields to your online account with as much or as little information as you need, with the option to draw or import boundaries to auto-calculate area for boundaries. Start by selecting the preferred crop year, then enter details on each tab before saving all changes at once. Return to this field profile editor any […]

  264. Add farms on the mobile app

    Quickly add new farms to your Trimble Ag Software account when editing or adding fields on your mobile app. To include an optional client name, edit the field details online. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access your online account (learn more) From the mobile app home screen, select […]

  265. Add or edit farms online

    Farms can be set up online with basic information, and can be associated with fields on your account during setup online or on the Trimble Ag Mobile app. Include a client (also known as grower on precision ag vehicle displays) to easily group fields and farms on your account. Log in to your account online […]

  266. Add or edit clients

    Update your list of client names online, to make it easy to group fields and farms on your Trimble Ag Software account. Most precision ag displays require the client name (also known as grower). Clients are not visible on the mobile app. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the Farm tab (top menu) Select Farms from the left […]

  267. Farm asset options

    View and manage farm assets online to see what’s growing where and who you’re selling to, with summary and detail views. Once farm assets are set up online in your Trimble Ag Software account, including clients, farms and fields, you can view and make certain changes to these records on the mobile app.  

  268. Retire farm assets online

    When you’re starting to set up your Trimble Ag Software account, you can easily retire clients, farms or fields from your online account, with the option to unretire partial details for these items later. Do this in the early stages of setting up your account as, once items are retired, some important information such as operational […]

  269. Configure tiles on your mobile app

    The Trimble Ag Mobile app home screen can be adjusted to show or hide tiles, to help you focus on the areas of your account that matter most to you. Once a tile is disabled then enabled again, it will appear in the top left corner of the home screen, adjusting the default layout of tiles on […]

  270. Configure dashboard widgets online

    From your Trimble Ag Online home screen, your account dashboard shows widgets with real-time farm weather, maps, field events, commodities, fleet tracking and more. With the click of a mouse, each widget can be reset, resized, or moved around the grid layout. To resize or move a widget, click and drag the frame from the bottom right corner, then […]

  271. Edit or delete partnerships

    Once you’ve added a partnership to your Trimble Ag Software online or mobile account, it’s easy to edit or remove their access from your account. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the Farm tab (top menu) Select People from the left navigation menu Click on the Partnership tab to view active […]

  272. Add partnerships

    Use partnerships when you want an advisor or agronomist to have access to your Trimble Ag Software account, without taking up a licensed user seat on your account. Partners can see and edit data within your online and mobile account, and you can remove access at any time. For help with adding a licensed user […]

  273. Enter your initial settings online

    When you use your online account for the first time, you’ll be prompted to fill in some basic information for your account organization, as shown below. Name your organization to match your business (for example, Smith Farms or 3R Farms). Your Organization Name is also known as your Purchasing Organization when managing licenses in your […]

  274. Desktop Updates (v2017.05)

    Customization of Crop Years on Enterprise Statements – when printing field enterprise statements, you can now enter the number of crop years to appear on the crop rotation portion of the report. Additional Support for Ag Leader Planter/Sprayer Section Layouts – when importing *agdata files, the mapping software will create coverage views of the planter/sprayer layouts. Support […]

  275. Online Updates

    New API Functionality with CNH — data can now flow wirelessly from a CNH display into Trimble Ag Software (online and desktop) when using the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect™ and New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect telematics platforms in North America. Automated Weather Data for Field Records — when entering a date and […]

  276. CNH Industrial and Trimble Announce Data Sharing Connectivity

    ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 25, 2017—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI), a global leader in agricultural equipment, announced today that they are enabling wireless connectivity between Trimble® Ag Software and Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect™ and New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect telematics platforms in North America. […]

  277. Online Updates

    Filter Settings in Equipment Activity Now Saved — If you filter the jobs that are listed in the Equipment Activity and navigate to another area of the software and then go back to Equipment Activity, the filter is now retained. Updates to Notification Behavior — Changed the behavior of the “Mark all as Read” in Notifications so […]

  278. Online Updates

    Use Your Custom Materials within Purchases and Field Manager — Select from your Custom Materials list when doing activities within Crop Input Purchases and Field Manager. These are materials that were manually created by going to the Farm menu and selecting Materials under Materials & Inputs, or uploaded from the Trimble Ag Desktop software. Updated Language […]

  279. DIY data management for the FmX integrated display

    While your local Trimble Authorized Reseller can provide you with robust, fully supported solutions for wireless data transfer powered by higher-end modems such as the DCM-300® or GX450® , there are lower-end solutions for those of us willing to put in a little extra effort. Keep in mind that this is not an officially supported […]

  280. Trimble Ag Division Hailed as Leader in Carbon Offsets

    Agri-Trend Aggregation, a division of Trimble Ag Business Solutions, is capturing headlines for being a key driver in the the first beef carbon offset project in the world. Bill Dorgan, Agri-Trend Aggregation Business Unit Leader, worked with Feedlot Health Management Services in Alberta to establish the groundbreaking project that saw participating feedlots engage in verified […]

  281. Manage organizations

    After naming your organization during the initial setup of your Trimble Ag Software account, organization administrators can manage the members and ownership of organizations associated with your account, edit organization settings, add an organization or delete an organization. When you’re done here, check out other account settings that can be updated in your online account. Log […]

  282. Add a crop year on the mobile app

    When you’re on the go or working in the field, it’s simple to add a new crop year to your account using the Trimble Ag Mobile app so that you can use the app to quickly add fields to your account. 1. Log in to the mobile app with the same Trimble ID used to access […]

  283. Add time tracker access to contacts

    Assign labour costs by season or date range to farm contacts on your Trimble Ag Software online account, for use with the Ag Time Tracker™ add-on available in the online Marketplace. In addition to easy access from your mobile device when you want to call or email the people on your team, contacts can also […]

  284. Update your profile

    Find and keep your account information up-to-date for from your secure online account in Trimble Ag Software. Add an email address to ensure you’re receiving the latest feature updates and service alerts, record your address to support purchases in the online Marketplace and select your Country to automatically display features available for your region. Your […]

  285. Add equipment operator access to contacts

    Assign equipment operator access to your farm contacts with Trimble Ag Software’s online tools that let you decide who will have login access to vehicle field displays, with options to group or inactivate equipment operators on your account. In addition to easy access from your mobile device when you want to call or email the people on […]

  286. Add system access to contacts

    Manage permission levels for all of your farm contacts with Trimble Ag Software’s online tools that let you decide who will have system access as a licensed user on your account, while giving you control over who can view your account data online or on the mobile app. Once contacts are set up online with system […]

  287. Add contacts

    Manage all of your farm contacts in one place with the Trimble Ag Software online, for easy access from your mobile device when you want to call or email people on your team. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the Farm tab (top menu) Select People From the Contacts tab, click […]

  288. View current licenses and add-ons

    The online Marketplace within your account is your one-stop-shop for all of your Trimble Ag Software needs. From here, you can view licenses and renewals, see any annual maintenance plans, and purchase add-ons for use online, on the desktop, or on the mobile app. Log in to your online account (learn more) From the Profile […]

  289. Edit settings on the mobile app

    Trimble Ag Mobile displays units of measure that are determined by the location settings on each user’s mobile device. It’s easy for each account user to customize units of measure directly in the mobile app settings, and sync changes back to the online account. As well, language settings and translation for the mobile app are managed by each user’s […]

  290. Edit settings online

    From the online account, each user can set personal preferences for time zone, unit systems and more. Language settings and translation for the online account are managed by each user’s web browser. Trimble Ag Online is fully compatible with the latest Google Chrome browser and is available in 11 languages other than English, including: French, German, […]

  291. Reseller Admin Updates

    Added Text Boxes for Licenses Notes – The Software Activations page now has text boxes for licenses so resellers can create notes about the different licenses. This will help resellers better manage their inventory of licenses.

  292. Online Updates

    Spatial Matching for Tasks and Boundaries  – Improved the process of reading task data from a display and syncing it to the correct field. If at least 90% of the task data falls within an existing boundary, the task will get assigned to the field with that boundary (even if the task data from the display […]

  293. App Updates (v2.2)

    Ag Premium Weather Integration – New weather tile allows you to see a map of precipitation, temperature or growing degree days for your entire farm. The map makes it easy to quickly assess variability over your farm, which is particularly useful for tracking which fields received rain and which did not. This feature is only available in North […]

  294. Three Things to Know About Drift in Land Forming Projects

    For years, the inherent risk of running land-forming operations with GPS has been that drift is a possibility. However, the wasted time that happens with drift is far less likely than the more common delays that happen with laser technology due to factors like wind and dust. Still, downtime is still a big concern when using GPS-based systems, which have long been unable to overcome the increasing magnitude and repeated occurrence of drift.

  295. View and edit vehicle properties online

    Once your vehicle is connected to your online account in Trimble Ag Software, you can view real-time status and location on the satellite map, edit properties and export location history. Log in to your account online (learn more) Click on the the Fleet tab (top menu) Select Vehicles and click on a vehicle name from the Vehicle List […]

  296. 5 Steps to Implementing Precision Ag on Your Farm Today

    An informal review of over 150 Agri-Trend’s farm clients covering 500,000 acres of VR over the past 7 years revealed an average net return of $35 per acre. Of that $35 – $7 were savings from reduced or eliminated inputs to low producing areas and $28 were earnings from improved yields in higher producing areas […]

  297. Online Updates

    Additional Support for Ag Leader® Files – We have updated the USB upload process using the File Sync utility, as well as uploading from the Files tab, to support Ag Leader *.agdata files. This provides data in the Equipment Activity area as well as resources including clients/farms/fields, boundaries, supplies, vehicles and implements. Ability to Assign Crops to […]

  298. Track vehicles used in field tasks on the mobile app

    Once you’ve set up your vehicles and data connections on the online account, you can use the Trimble Ag Mobile app to do more than find and navigate to your fleet. You can also track vehicles and operators at the same time when recording field-level tasks on the mobile app. 1. Log in to the […]

  299. View fleet locations on the mobile app

    Once you’ve set up your vehicles and data connections on the online account, you can use the Trimble Ag Mobile app to view fleet working status, and find or navigate to vehicles with GPS coordinates and satellite map views. For best results, turn on location services in your mobile device’s privacy settings, and activate Farm […]

  300. View and use vehicle data online

    Once your vehicle displays are connected to Trimble Ag Software by serial number or through an API that shares data with your third-party account, your information is automatically pulled into the online account from your fleet activities. Our software uses spatial selection to look for matches between your data and our software, starting with the […]

  301. Delete vehicles from your account

    When you’re no longer using a vehicle on the farm, it’s easy to delete the vehicle from your fleet records on Trimble Ag Software. Any vehicles that are deleted are simply retired, in case you want to unretire vehicles for use on your account at a later date.   Log in to Trimble Ag Software […]

  302. Export resource files to connected displays

    With Trimble Ag Software’s fleet management tools, you can quickly deliver prescription maps and resource files to vehicle displays connected to your online account, including John Deere vehicles connected via API. Log in to Trimble Ag Software online (learn more) Click the Data Transfer tab (top menu) Select Manage Files from the left navigation menu Click on […]

  303. Manually upload vehicle data to the online account

    When you prefer to simply manage or share machine data files directly with your Trimble Ag Software online account – without using our built-in wireless vehicle display connections – it’s easy to to manually upload files and resources. Log in to Trimble Ag Software online (learn more) Click the Data Transfer tab (top menu) Select Manage […]

  304. Add third-party vehicle data by API connection

    Get instant access to vehicle data in your third-party account(s) with Trimble Ag Software’s built in API connection. Our API (short for digital handshake) makes it easy for organization administrators to set up a wireless link with our partners, so that you have all of your farm’s precision data in one place. To learn more […]

  305. Add a vehicle display and vehicle groups online

    With just a few quick clicks online, organization administrators can add a vehicle and organize vehicle groups on your Trimble Ag Software account, with the option to add device serial numbers to wirelessly connect precision ag data to your account. Automatically import field, boundary and job data once your vehicle connection is established. Our software […]

  306. Time to Renegotiate Land Rents? Check Out These Tips

    There is no shortage of experts recommending new strategies on how farmers can negotiate a good deal on land rental. I’d like to offer a more specific approach, tailored to growers who may be dealing with retired landlords or out-of-state heirs who are managing the land. In most cases of land rental negotiation, flex rents […]

  307. Set up your crop year online

    Each time that you login or use your account, you’ll start by selecting your preferred crop year, which will default to the latest crop year saved. The crop year ties your activities and records together under a single point of reference so that you can organize and view information year over year. When you first use […]

  308. Why Clean Yield Data is Crucial

    We had a great comment/question come across our agchat from Agri-Coach Andrew Clements, co-owner of Premium Ag Solutions in the Lethbridge AB area, referring to the interpolated yield map shown in Fig 1. “I see these all the time in the crop and you can also see them in Google Earth. Now I am seeing […]

  309. Download the Trimble Ag Desktop with Advanced Accounting user guide

    Get the latest user guide for Trimble Ag Desktop (formerly Farm Works), including help for the add-on, Advanced Desktop Accounting. Click here to view, search (CTRL+F), print or download the PDF document. You can also get the latest guide when you log in to your desktop account. Click on the Help menu and select Trimble Ag […]

  310. Get the latest software updates for your desktop account

    For the best experience, use the most up-to-date version of Trimble Ag Desktop software which includes the latest data processing drivers, features and bug fixes. Updates are included with the purchase of an annual software maintenance plan, which also gives you access to our technical support group. By default, the software is set up to automatically […]

  311. Get the latest software updates for your mobile app

    Updates for the Trimble Ag Mobile app are not automatically installed, unless you select this option on your mobile device. As with any app installed on your mobile device, you can decide when to install updates, so that you can control download speed and data usage costs. Check your iOS or Android mobile device for Settings […]

  312. Get the latest software updates for your online account

    Software updates are applied automatically to your Trimble Ag Software online account. No installation or manual updates are necessary. Check that your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) is up-to-date so that you always have access to the latest features and fixes. Visit our news and updates page to learn more about the latest fixes […]

  313. Reset your password

    Forgot your password? We’ve got you covered, day or night. Visit our login webpage at and click the LOG IN button (top right) Click on the Forgot password? link (bottom) Enter your email address Click Reset password Check your inbox (or junk folder) for an automated message with a link to reset your password (expires within 72 […]

  314. Access your account on the desktop

    If you’ve already activated your desktop license online and installed Trimble Ag Desktop software for Windows (or Windows emulator for Mac), you can access your desktop account from your computer, with or without an internet connection. No sign-in or password is required. From your computer’s Start menu, select the program Trimble Ag Software, or click the Trimble  icon on […]

  315. Android permission for the mobile app

    Running or installing a new version of the Trimble Ag Mobile app? Android requires that app users also give permission for the app to access Storage on your phone. Users will get a notification when they first run the new version. Settings can also be accessed from the alert that pops up when you first run the app. […]

  316. Log in to your account on the mobile app

    If you already have an online account, you can download the Trimble Ag Mobile app for iOS or Android for use on your phone or tablet. (Don’t have an account? Click here to browse our plans or contact our sales team to find the best match for you.) Get the app here: From your phone or tablet, search the app store […]

  317. Log in to your account online

    Access your Trimble Ag Software online account from your web browser on any computer, laptop or tablet. Trimble Ag Online is fully compatible with the latest Google Chrome browser (learn more about our minimum system requirements). Visit our secure website Click the LOG IN button on the top right corner of the page (visible from horizontal view on […]

  318. One Trimble ID for all of your services

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Use our secure, single sign-on technology to log in to all of your Trimble services with one ID. Use this email address and password whenever your sign into Trimble Ag Software online, on the mobile app or desktop. Need to update your email address associated with your Trimble ID? […]

  319. Activate your desktop license and maintenance plan

    Before downloading Trimble Ag Desktop software included with any Farmer plan, start by visiting our secure website to activate your desktop license and maintenance plan. From the Marketplace within your online account, you can also manage your account profile and purchases, all through a single, secure Trimble ID email address. Use this email address and password whenever […]

  320. 4 Reasons to Make Soil Sampling a Top Priority this Crop Season

    Many of you are coming off a pretty tough year….either no rain when you needed it or too much rain. The first thing that likely comes to mind is “I am going to have to cut back on my expenses”. One of the first places many look is soil sampling. We would like to argue […]

  321. Online Updates

    Irrigate-IQ Org Fix – Fixed pivot display bug for users who have access to multiple orgs. When the user switches between orgs, they will now see the correct pivots associated with the org. New Reassign Feature – You can now easily assign tasks with no crop season to the proper crop season. It does this by comparing […]

  322. Compliance is Coming: Be Prepared

    Precision ag professionals such as Daniel Hedgecock, who runs a new Vantage dealership in North Carolina, is working hard to help growers scale their data so the system can quickly disseminate reports that will be increasingly required for compliance agencies. This means proper naming of fields, proper record keeping and proper input tracking all the way down […]

  323. Secret to Success in Precision Ag? Harnessing Agronomy Expertise

      Precision Ag Expertise: Essential Piece of the Puzzle Today’s growing popularity of objective agronomic experts are gaining among growers as the go-to resources for unbiased agronomic advice. And when it comes to good precision management, farmers are using these experts to help integrate all systems — in other words, how to use the intelligence […]

  324. Desktop Updates (v2017.03)

    New Task Syncing – You can now select Tasks (field records and maps) in the desktop software and upload them to the web solution. Updated Scale Ticket Report – Tickets that span multiple fields or regions show the ticket totals and not the totals for each field or region. Improvements to John Deere GS3 Data Support for […]

  325. Online Updates

    Improvements to John Deere Compatibility Customers who use MyJohnDeere/JD Link can now see live fleet positions in the Fleet and Dashboard area. Support for importing field boundaries from John Deere Operations Center. Support for importing cotton yield data collected with a John Deere GS3 Display where it is shows all attributes including lint yield and seed yield. Updates […]

  326. App Updates (v2.1)

    Add multiple materials and costs at once for seed, fertilizer and crop protection Track vehicle, implement and operator costs within tasks See more real-time field-level weather View job/coverage map layers and PurePixel™ imagery See fleet status and select by group or map location See boundaries and vehicles on the farm map

  327. Online Updates

    Improved Background Imagery – The background imagery has been updated to give a consistent look across the site. High Resolution Viewing – The site has been optimized for better viewing if the customer has a 4K or Retina high resolution display. New Country Info – New users can enter their country information when they set up their account […]

  328. New Weather Tool Boosts Bottom Line

    Farmers have always been obsessed with the weather. What’s different now is that with new technologies and greater understanding they can mitigate some of its impact on their bottom line. Farmers, by nature, are notoriously obsessive about the weather — and rightly so. It touches all aspects of their life and livelihood. In most instances, […]

  329. Online Updates

    Material Online Database – Farming materials can now be added by using an online database. If there are properties for that material within the database, all of it will download into Farmer Pro. You can also link an existing material to a material in the database. Fleet Enhancements To improve the visibility of the vehicle list, […]

  330. Thrive in Volatile Times – Guaranteed Success in Precision Ag

    As farmers contemplate the upcoming planting season, many are wondering how to measure the value of on-farm technology investments — especially when it comes to adopting precision ag practices. The key? Good assessment. Check out these 4 tips that will act as a great measuring stick for guiding investment decisions this crop year. Markus Braaten, […]

  331. Thrive in Volatile Times – The Secret to Success in AgTech

    Farmers today are under increasing pressure to produce higher yields, while soft commodity prices are forcing them to lower costs. In order to achieve this, farmers need a software platform that helps them leverage their farm data into timely decisions that save money and maximize profits on the farm. This is especially important as growers […]

  332. Trimble Ag Software Now Compatible With QuickBooks!

    Are you ready for tax season? The latest version of Trimble® Ag Software (desktop only) allows you to export your accounting information directly to QuickBooks®. This allows your accountant or tax preparer to import all of your current balances into their desktop version of QuickBooks.  This time saving feature simplifies data handling, eliminates potential mistakes […]

  333. Online Updates

    Updated Menu Bar – When you hover over an option on the menu bar at the top you get a drop-down menu where you can click to navigate to a specific area of the application. Support for Fuel Usage Maps – When displaying an Equipment Activity Map, you can select the “Fuel Usage” attribute to see a map based […]

  334. Reseller Admin Updates

    Improved the overall experience when exporting licenses. Can now show all available hardware licenses with one click.

  335. Desktop Updates (v2017.02)

    Exporting to QuickBooks – When using the Advanced Desktop Accounting add-on, a new option is available for exporting to QuickBooks® desktop.  By selecting Accounting >General Ledger>Export Transactions you can export your accounting data to an Intuit Interchange File (IIF).  This functionality allows you to export account balances, transactions and details for use in QuickBooks and is ideal for sharing with accountants, […]

  336. How to Have Grain Marketing Success

    Smart grain marketing can make or badly break your crop year. A farmer may have all the right agronomic strategies and technology tools to churn out impressive yields, but a lack of attention marketing that crop after harvest and into the winter months is what will ultimately guarantee success. To capture today’s best practices in […]

  337. Save Money With New Ways to Manage Farm Debt

    There are several options out there for farmers who need to access funds to finance a new project or assist with cashflow needs. The challenge is determining which option offers the best solution to fit your financing needs, your budget and your unique farming operation. First, let’s look at the situation from the point of […]

  338. Introducing The New Precision Ag Paradigm

    A 2014 survey of prairie farmers that looked at the Adoption Rate of Precision Farming Practices suggested that, “those who have actually adopted precision farming could be still termed early adopters, if not innovators.” I would argue that the survey’s creators were not asking the right questions. I believe that a large percentage of you […]

  339. Use Technology on Your Farm to Cut Costs, Save Time and Drive Revenues

    Farmers today are under increasing pressure to produce higher yields, while soft commodity prices are forcing them to lower costs. In order to achieve this, farmers need a software platform that helps them leverage their farm data into timely decisions that save money and maximize profits on the farm. This is especially important as growers […]

  340. Precision Ag Adoption on the Rise

    Recently released research results out of the agricultural economics department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has found that adoption rates among farmers of precision ag technologies is stronger than ever. “With the availability of GPS and other technologies, growers can track yields, steer and control equipment, monitor field conditions and manage inputs at precise levels […]

  341. How to Manage Technology Integration on Your Farm

    Jordan Wallace spends the better part of every working day helping growers navigate their way to technology solutions. The co-owner of GPS Ontario helps growers with the planning, evaluation and execution necessary to make precision ag work. Wallace encounters many growers who have the tools, but lack the guidance to execute. “Using some of these […]

  342. Trimble Launches New Agriculture Software Platform

    Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it is consolidating three of its agriculture software products—Connected Farm™, Farm Works Software® and Agri-Data® solutions—into one powerful farm data management platform: Trimble® Ag Software.

  343. New Integration with MapShots

    Jan. 5, 2016 – Trimble® announced today a new integration that allows all users of MapShots’ signature AgStudio® software platform to read as-applied maps and production data from Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution.

  344. New Integration with Raven Slingshot Field Data and Devices

    Oct. 21, 2015 – Trimble® Connected Farm™ solution can now view task data and as-applied maps transferred wirelessly from Raven’s Slingshot® system. By tapping into the Slingshot API, Connected Farm is able to communicate with Raven field computers, such as the Viper Pro™ and Viper® 4 to wirelessly transfer field data and locate equipment in the field.