WM-Subsurface Software

WM-Subsurface (formerly known as Farm Works Surface) is farm drainage software that works with the Trimble® WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution. WM-Subsurface ensures the optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and sub-surface drainage water management projects, helping to drain fields adequately and increase crop yields. Easily overlay other layers such as yield or soil types to help visualise the field from different perspectives.

The farm drainage software installs on desktop computers utilising Microsoft® Windows® 7 or higher.

Trimble WM-Subsurface Software
Trimble WM-Subsurface Pipe Sizing

Automatic Pipe Sizing

Calculate the recommended pipe size for all pipes within a given design, as well as generate an estimate on total cost and material required for the drainage project.  Automatic pipe sizing helps you quickly and efficiently produce optimal drainage designs while reducing your overall costs.

Tributary Lines

  • Allow your farm drainage software to determine the various watershed zones of the field to assist with main, submain, and lateral pipe placement.
  • Enable flow arrows and tributary lines to assist with tracing the natural surface water flows.

Drainage Lines

  • Utilise the drawing tools to tie laterals to mains, create parallel lateral spacings, and clip drainage lines.
  • Layout and design drainage tile by size, pipe type, phase, then enter the minimum depth, maximum depth, and optimum grade for each.
  • Utilise the design check feature to confirm that all drainage lines flow correctly.
  • Easily make design adjustments based on vertical profile and set or change direction of water outlet.

Levee Creation

  • Create levee paths from topography data based on contour interval and implement turn radius for proper placement of irrigation levees.

Product Comparison - UK

 FeaturesFarmer StarterFarmer CoreFarmer Pro
Farm SetupUser logins1Up to 5Up to 5Up to 5
Manage client/farm/field names with boundaries
Map landmarks with mobile app (points, lines, and boundaries)
Farm OperationsManage guidance lines
Includes AutoSync™ feature for syncing guidance lines and other data to all Trimble connected devices2
Import/export or use third-party APIs to get data to/from precision farming displays
Track real-time equipment locations, current status, and fleet utilisation
Use Trimble Display Work Orders to facilitate remote task setup on Precision-IQ displays and monitor their status in mobile and web
Create Standard Work Orders and assign to people to monitor their manual completion
Includes dashboard for weather forecasting and commodity price tracking3
Farm RecordsView and edit task details
Add materials and track purchases and usage by field with costs
Print a 'Proof of Placement' report that includes a coverage map and details for each task
Process yield data with yield cleaning tool
Enter detailed field records manually for seed, chemical, fertiliser, harvest, and other applications
Print reports for seed, fertiliser, chemical usage, and field/crop profitability
View basic weather with option for upgrading to Ag Premium Weather
VRA ToolsUse drawing tools to layout management zones based on yield and other geospatial data
Create VRA prescription maps
Utilise the mobile app for grid or zone soil sampling, including navigation to sample sites
Grain MarketingTrack bin inventory
Manage grain contracts and market position statements
In-Season MonitoringView Crop Health Imagery for each field4
Record crop scouting events and create product application recommendations
Import UAV imagery
1 Additional user logins for Farmer Core and Farmer Pro can be purchased separately.
2 AutoSync automatically connects all your smartphones, computers, and Trimble displays (using the Precision-IQ™ software). Each connected Trimble display requires a Display Connection with modem and data plan or a third-party wifi adapter.
3 Cash bid prices currently available only in North America.
4 Includes up to 10,000 acres of Crop Health Imagery. Additional acres can be purchased by reaching out to your local Farmer Pro Reseller

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