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Canadian farmers have the opportunity to do their part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while earning some extra income. By incorporating farming practices that reduce tillage and maximize efficiency of applied nitrogen, farmers can earn farmers carbon offsets that can be sold to companies wanting to offset their carbon emissions. These practices go a long way toward achieving compliance with international environmental standards and, with the right paperwork and data support, they can also put extra cash in farmers’ pockets!

Key benefits include:

  • Getting paid for implementing sustainable farming practices
  • Reducing your farm’s carbon footprint
  • Aligning your farm with consumer demands
  • Discovering new efficiencies that save you time and money

Trimble intends to pilot and test this very important contribution to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions under a voluntary system — and, to expand our offering to include farmers in B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in a larger manner going forward. Evidence gathering and data requirements will be identical to the previous regulated Conservation Cropping protocol.

In addition, Trimble is moving forward with an effort to pilot and test a Voluntary Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol (NERP), which encourages producers to work with their agronomist to utilize the 4Rs of good nitrogen management practices and results in offsets due to the reduction of nitrous oxide from your soil.

Trimble is very proud to work with our farmer partners in this important program. We are committed to expanding the capacity of our software and hardware systems to simplify and quantify these emission reductions.

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What are our customers saying?

We’ve been participating in this program for five-plus years now. I’ve been getting between $1 and $1.80 an acre, which might seem small but every little bit helps. For my farm that might be $9,000 for only a few hours of work a year.”

– Wayne Erickson, Viking, Alberta

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