precision irrigation rig

Precision Irrigation

You’ve invested in pivot irrigation systems to help get water to the crop and maximize your yields. Now, you’re ready to take the next step in irrigation management, whether it is monitoring and controlling all your pivots from any location, or targeting applications in specific areas across your field. Every situation is different from field to field, and grower to grower. That’s where Trimble Irrigate-IQ™ precision irrigation solution comes in, providing uniform and accurate water delivery to the crop throughout its lifecycle.

Trimble’s precision irrigation solution can be purchased through Valley Irrigation’s global dealer network as a result of an exclusive distribution agreement between Trimble and Valley Irrigation. This solution is available for Valley Corner Sprinkler Sequencing and Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) products, providing farmers globally with an advanced control, GPS-guided, individual nozzle irrigation solution from two recognized leaders in both irrigation and precision technology.


remote irrigation control

Remote Irrigation Control

Monitor and control all your pivots in one place from any location, using any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

variable rate irrigation

Variable Rate Irrigation

Perform highly targeted application or water, fertigation, or effluent by varying the rate of application across your pivot.

uniform corner

Uniform Corner

Achieve a consistent application on areas covered by the corner arm regardless of its position, and minimize the risk of gaps and overlaps.