Sugarcane Nutrient Management Solutions

Sugarcane nutrient management solutions from Trimble® help you prepare a nutrient-rich environment that encourages maximum growth and high-quality sugarcane. Benefit from our advanced precision agriculture technologies and tools to improve soil sampling techniques and precisely apply your nutrients.

Soil Sampling

With Farm Works™ Mobile software and a mobile computer, you can collect geo-referenced soil samples to analyze nutrient in your fields. Use this information to generate nutrient variability maps, design an optimal prescription plan, and know exactly where to apply you inputs-for improving growth, yield, and quality of your sugarcane crop.

Nutrient Management

The Trimble Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables you to preform variable rate application control using prescriptions. Automatically adjust the application rate depending on your soil needs and create a high-yielding environment throughout your fields.

Office and Field Connectivity

Trimble’s Trimble Ag Software allows you to send critical information, such as prescription maps and coverage data, between the farm and office for improved efficiency.