Sugarcane Planting Solutions

Sugarcane planting solutions from Trimble combine advanced precision agriculture technologies and tools to help you optimize your planting capabilities, ensure consistency across your farm, and increase profitability.

Advanced Guidance Line Management

Advanced Guidance Line Management from Trimble’s Trimble Ag Software allows you to follow pre-planned A-B lines, so you can plant with ease.

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Create and edit steerable guidance lines within Farm Works Software® solutions and import the data into the FmX® integrated display. During planting, record the actual position of furrow lines for later use during harvest.

Planter Blockage Monitoring

Mount cameras on your sugarcane planter to monitor mechanical blockage caused by excessive or irregular seed-cane and ensure consistent placement in furrows.

Water Management

Use the FieldLevel II system for land leveling to help you evenly distribute water across your field to avoid stress and diseases caused by excess water, especially during the growth stage of your crop.

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Accurately map your fields and create boundaries, interior points, and surfaces for optimal field surface drainage designs. Create a best-fit surface using Autoplane technology. Use that information to automatically drive the scraper hydraulic valve to move the correct amount of dirt across your fields.