Trimble’s external and integrated radios deliver highly accurate, repeatable GNSS RTK corrections for your precision agriculture applications. With their wide frequency ranges, transmit capabilities, and ruggedness, Trimble radios provide reliable performance in the most demanding conditions.

External Radios

Trimble external radios feature greater receive sensitivity and high-performance external radio antennas to help you achieve a greater range. All our external radios are rugged, weather resistant, compact, and lightweight for mobile use on your farm.

TDL 450L radio

An advanced, high-speed, wireless UHF data radio.

  • Full-function user interface for on-site set-up, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic data for solving signal strength challenges
  • Channel bandwidth options of 12.5 or 25 kHz
  • Extended range and seamless coverage around obstacles

Uses: Rover, repeater, or base station radio

SNB900 radio

A multi-channel 900 MHz radio.

  • Internal display and keyboard for easy configuration, feedback, and troubleshooting in the field
  • Internal battery that delivers 10+ hours of operation
  • Immunity to jamming and interference
  • Error correction and high-speed data rate for maximum performance

Uses: Rover, repeater, or base station radio

SNB900R RTK Rover radio

A multi-channel 900 MHz receive-only radio.

  • Easy set-up and configuration through the EZ-Guide 500 system
  • Simple installation via a single 12-pin Deutsch power/data connection

Uses: Rover, repeater, or base station radio

Integrated Radios

Trimble integrated radios consist of a radio antenna integrated with the GNSS receiver or display in a single unit. These integrated radios receive corrections transmitted by Trimble GNSS RTK base stations.

AgGPS 900/450 Radio

An integrated, 900 or 450 MHz RTK radio.

  • Compatibility with the AgGPS 262 receiver
  • Error correction and high-speed data rate for maximum performance
  • Rugged, low profile design for all agriculture operations

900 MHz radio: Available in US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
450 MHz radio: Available in Europe and South America

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