Soil Information System (SIS) for Design and Planning

The Soil Information System™ (SIS) produces highly accurate soil and topographic information which outputs a variety of three-dimensional data models.

  • Assess detailed soil properties for each block such as compaction, root zone depth, moisture retention and fertility
  • Utilize soil information for making critical ranch management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility and amendment applications
  • Download soil maps into your farm management systems, including Farm Works Software® solutions or others

Soil Information System™ (SIS)

Conduct soil and topographic sampling with the Soil Information System™ (SIS) and design and prepare fields that are optimized for the long term.

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The SIS system makes it possible to know precisely where to add deep-root amendments, select and plant varieties based on known moisture-holding characteristics, rip to eliminate root restricting compaction, and increase in-field uniformity. The solution provides valuable information for all stages of farming from pre-purchase land evaluation to improving vineyard yields and quality to informing sustainable practices.