Precision Irrigation has Never Been Smarter

For the first time ever, it’s possible to perform variable rate irrigation with any standard pumping system.

Electric Well

Do you have a non-electric pump?


Is your pump incompatible with a variable drive?

Multiple Wells

Do you have multiple wells feeding into one pivot?

VFD Financially out of reach

Is a variable drive pump financially out of reach?

From age-old challenges, emerges the future of Variable Rate Irrigation

Introducing: Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow VRI

Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow VRI eliminates the need for a variable frequency drive pump while delivering powerful variable rate irrigation precision

Optimal Flow lets you

  • Achieve greater yields by applying the right amount of water where it is needed
  • Eliminate the need for a variable frequency drive on the pump by using standard pumping equipment you already own
  • Get precise water application whether your pump is non-electric, or you’re operating multiple wells or multiple pivots
  • Protect your equipment by keeping pressure within safe ranges
  • Invest in a VRI system that can be fitted on pivots from most manufacturers

Optimal Irrigation on Trimble Display

VRI is now Possible With Standard Pumping Systems

Variable rate irrigation (VRI) is one of the most talked about topics in the farming community. Many are asking themselves how they can benefit from this technology. But if you are a farmer who has limitations for purchasing a variable frequency drive (VFD) pump, then the conversation around VRI has largely been taken off the table…until now.

Get the flexibility and control to water when and where it’s needed most when you add Irrigate-IQ Optimal Flow to your center pivot irrigation system.

Hover over the image and click to learn more

Hover over the image and click to learn more
RMC-100 control module Valves IQP-100 power module Individual Nozzles IQL-200 control module Irrigate Application Irrigate Software

RMC-100 control module

The RMC-100 control module controls the irrigation system based off the last received command from the software or the mobile app. This module stores irrigation prescription information and send it to the IQL-200 control module to execute.


Industry-leading, 3-way vent to atmosphere valves ensure the system performs reliably all season. The rugged, fully-sealed housing prevents clogging and blockage, even when pumping unwanted debris. Plus, the valves default to the open position, so water will always flow, even during unexpected system events.

IQP-100 power module

The IQP-100 power module connects to the main power on the irrigation system and provides power to all the valves in the system.

Individual Nozzles

Pivots with optimal flow VRI are fitted with larger nozzles to optimize the distribution of water. Each nozzle is controlled individually based on the irrigation plan and location to provide the highest level of accuracy for your variable areas.

IQL-200 control module

The IQL-200 control module operates as a GNSS receiver for timing control and position reporting. It controls the valves to apply the desired depth based on the current location of the irrigation system, and tracks pressure information.

Irrigate Application

With the Irrigate app, farmers can monitor and control their irrigation systems from any device. This means trips to the field can be reduced since farmers can check on their irrigation systems anytime, anywhere.

Irrigate Software

The Irrigate software enables farmers to monitor and control all their pivots from a web interface. It displays system status information, initiates commands, and publishes prescriptions to the RMC-100 control module.

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