precision viticulture

Viticulture & Permanent Crop

Your challenge is to produce a high quality wine or other value-added crop, while increasing profits, reducing costs and respecting the environment. Trimble precision viticulture and permanent crop solutions can help you identify in-field variability, improve vineyard and orchard management and create a sustainable operation.

Design & Planning

The Soil Information System™ (SIS) produces highly accurate soil and topographic information which outputs a variety of three-dimensional data models.

Vine & Tree Planting

Plant trees or grapevines at desired distances with RTK accuracy (1 inch/2.5 cm) to improve pattern uniformity and planting counts.

Spraying Management

Map individual spray zones within a block and automatically vary and apply fungicides or herbicides.

Canopy Management

Measure the vigor or deficiency of the plant canopy and automate delivery of the plant’s nutrition.

Harvest Management

Communicate critical information between vehicles, such as completed blocks, and align priority harvesting activities to ensure highest productivity.

Trimble Ag Software

Utilize Trimble Ag Software for zone management and to find patterns from EM/EC soil sampling or yield data. Your vineyard manager can set zone sizes and edit zones in a single platform, and manage variable rate prescriptions, irrigation tracking or imagery support.