Irrigate-IQ Variable Rate Irrigation

Every field is variable. They each vary in topography, soils, rainfall, and other factors. And because of this variability, not every area needs the same amount of water. Since too much or too little water can affect the quantity and quality of your yield, every decision you make about irrigation is critical.

With the Trimble® Irrigate-IQ™ precision irrigation solution, you can precisely apply the right amount of water, fertigation, or effluent in the right place—regardless of your pumping equipment. Choose between traditional variable rate irrigation (VRI) or optimal flow VRI, based on your equipment and needs, to optimize your water use and improve yields.

Traditional VRI

Irrigate-IQ™ traditional variable rate irrigation can be utilized by pivots with a variable frequency drive (VFD) or variable speed drive (VSD) pump. These pumps provide the right amount of flow and pressure to the pivot to account for varying application depths.

Optimal Flow VRI

Farmers who were unable to use VRI in the past, due to equipment constraints, can now apply the right amount in the right place. Irrigate-IQ™ optimal flow variable rate irrigation enables you to perform full VRI on pivot irrigation systems that have standard pump equipment or limited well capacity.

Irrigate-IQ variable rate irrigation is now available with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) products through both Trimble’s Vantage reseller network and the global Valley Irrigation dealer network. Now, more farmers worldwide can enhance their pivot’s capabilities by adopting a high-accuracy irrigation solution.


Irrigate-IQ variable rate irrigation works with center pivots from all major manufacturers and helps you:

  • Improve crop quality and yield
  • Optimize water use by reducing overwatering, underwatering, and run-off
  • Minimize input costs of water, fertigation or effluent
  • Reduce energy costs for fuel and electricity
  • Meet environmental regulations by controlling where and how much you irrigate


  • Individual Nozzle Control
  • Reliable Values
  • Flexible Options
More +

Use the GreenSeeker handheld to instantly take a reading of your crop’s health. Readings can be used to make non-subjective decisions regarding the amount of fertilizer to be applied to your crop, resulting in a more efficient use of fertilizer—a benefit to your bottom line and the environment.

How it Works

  • The sensor emits brief bursts of red and infrared light and then measures the amount of each type of light that is reflected back from the plant
  • The sensor continues to sample the scanned area as long as the trigger remains engaged
  • The sensor displays the measured value in terms of an NDVI reading (ranging from 0.00 to 0.99) on its LCD display screen
  • The strength of the detected light is a direct indicator of the health of the crop; the higher the reading, the healthier the plant
  • Use the Trimble Ag Software scout app on a smartphone or tablet to calculate fertilizer application rates from crop readings taken with the GreenSeeker handheld.


  • High-quality optical sensor to instantly measure plant vigor
  • Easy-to-read display, even in sunlight
  • Simple pull-type trigger and comfortable hand grip
  • Micro USB charging port

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