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A photograph of Andy Zimmerman in his office using WM-Subsurface design software.

Product Summary

WM-Subsurface design software

WM-Subsurface design software works with Trimble’s WM-Drain® solution to ensure optimal placement of tile and drains in both surface and subsurface drainage projects.



  • View data from any angle and exaggerate the vertical to visualize field shape and slope

  • Determine various watershed zones to assist with main, submain and lateral pipe placement

  • Configure contours at any interval to help visualize topography and relative elevations

  • Enable flow arrows and tributary lines to assist with tracing natural surface water flows

  • Layer field analysis with aerial images

  • Produce optimal depth designs for more consistent water tables using Autoslope feature

  • Calculate the recommended pipe size for all pipes within a given design and verify that pipe network will successfully drain prior to installation

  • Installs on desktop computers using Microsoft® Windows® 7 or above

A headshot photograph of Joey Schlatter.