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Software Comparison
Get to know your options for Trimble Ag Software and find the solution that best fits the needs of your farming operation.
Farm SetupFarm OperationsFarm RecordsVRA ToolsGrain MarketingIn-Season Monitoring
User logins*Manage client/farm/field names with boundariesManage guidance linesAutoSync™ resources, as-applied data, and Bluetooth tags between Precision-IQ displays and the cloud**Import/export or use third-party APIs to get data to/from precision farming displaysTrack real-time equipment location, current status, and utilization historyWirelessly send prescriptions to displaysCreate Precision-IQ Display Work Order in web or mobile for remote task set-up and monitoringCreate Standard Work Orders and assign to people to monitor their manual completionIncludes dashboard for weather forecasting and commodity price tracking***Create detailed field records for seed, chemical, fertilizer, harvest, and other applicationsAdd materials and track purchases and usage by field with costsGenerate compliance reports with coverage or as-applied and task detailsAccess Precision-IQ as-applied data in shapefile format to use in other applicationsProcess yield data with yield cleaning toolCreate reports for seed, fertilizer, chemical usage, and field/crop profitabilityView basic weather with option for upgrading to Ag Premium WeatherUse drawing tools to layout management zones and create prescriptionsUtilize the mobile app for grid or zone soil sampling, including navigation to sample sitesTrack bin inventoryManage grain contracts and market position statementsView Crop Health Imagery for each fieldRecord crop scouting events and create product application recommendationsImport UAV imagery
Farmer StarterFarmer StarterUp to 5X
Farmer CoreFarmer CoreUp to 5XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

* Additional user logins for Farmer Core and Farmer Pro can be purchased separately.

** AutoSync automatically connects all your smartphones, computers and Trimble displays (using the Precision-IQ software). Each connected Trimble display requires a Display Connection with modem and data plan or a third-party wifi adapter.

*** Cash bid prices currently available only in North America.

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