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Precision-IQ Extensions
Precision-IQ Extensions provides independent business partners with the ability to bring unique, supplemental digital capabilities to the Trimble family of Android™-powered displays.
Elevating farmers' precision experience

Do you have an idea for an app that enhances precision ag field work? Ever wished you could add some extra functionality to a Trimble display? As a part of our Trimble Select program, Precision-IQ Extensions give independent businesses the opportunity to build extensions that integrate with Precision-IQ to serve your customers’ needs.

Unlike a simple Ag App listing in App Central, Precision-IQ Extensions add custom functionality into Precision-IQ, our proprietary precision ag operating system. That means farmers can have your extension active while also using guidance and steering and flow and application control features in the run screen.

Develop tools to meet the specific needs of your region
Create an additional touchpoint with your customer
Gain unparalleled access to Trimble hardware and software solutions
Combine GNSS positioning and CANBUS for your unique needs
Leverage the Trimble distribution network to reach potential new customers
Access thousands of precision ag farming operations directly
Integrate your hardware solutions with Trimble Precision-IQ
What can you do with Precision-IQ Extensions?
Below are just a few examples of how Precision-IQ Extensions can help make farming easier through precision. Don’t be limited by what you see here, though! The possibilities for companies and developers are endless.
Let farmers know what technicians are in their area
Conduct your own remote output
Implement downforce applications
Tree planting
Custom counters for elements like distance, product applied and area covered
Meet regional accounting and regulatory requirements
Custom implement control using Precision-IQ field boundaries, A-B lines or other landmarks
View or send camera feeds over the network (e.g., grain carts, office view, mobile phones)
A farmer adjusts his GFX-1060 display, which uses Precision-IQ.
Have an idea for Precision-IQ Extensions?
More information, including directions for submitting product ideas, can be found in our Developer Portal.