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Save more with WeedSeeker 2®

How to reduce costs and boost ROI with spot spraying technology
April 04, 2022

Farmers have been playing a perpetual game of tug of war in every field since the dawn of agriculture: keeping crops growing while stopping weeds from taking over. Unfortunately, weeds continue to put up a good fight against herbicides, and some are incredibly resistant against any attempt to control them. To get a true advantage, it comes down to optimizing your weed control approach, both through inputs and application techniques.

That doesn’t mean weeds have to win, however. Blanketing fields with herbicide is not good for your bottom line, your crops, or for the environment. It’s not particularly effective either. It results in a waste of inputs that could be more effectively and strategically used elsewhere or throughout the season.

What are the benefits of WeedSeeker 2® Spot Spray System?

Trimble’s WeedSeeker 2 Spot Spray System offers a better approach. It uses the same application skills as other sprayers, but it’s much more agile, lightweight, and intelligent about how it applies the herbicide. This redesign has resulted in some serious improvements that make it even more practical and efficient. The system’s total weight has been reduced, making for easier installation and to allow for installation on even the longest booms without reinforcement. Channels designed into the streamlined sensor housing allow any liquid to drain through and out without any manual intervention, wiping, or residue checks required. Less maintenance and preparation equals more time actually getting the work done.

Though the technology behind WeedSeeker 2 is complex, the way it works is not. By using advanced optics and processing power, the system only applies herbicide when weeds are identified once the sensor passes over them. Essentially, the system eliminates the need to walk or observe the fields prior to application.

Superior Weed Detection

WeedSeeker 2 has expanded its available weed detection width and fixed sprayer nozzles that match the industry standard of 50 cm (19.6 inches) spacing, which provides maximum coverage with minimal input use. With this coverage and the ability to strategically apply herbicides and other inputs, you can reduce the overall application amount by up to 90 percent. That’s keeping some real dollars in your operation.

This smart technology is designed to adjust to all the variables that may occur in your field. To start, WeedSeeker 2 knows your boom speed and position. It helps avoid multiple applications on already covered areas and helps adjust application on turns. It can also adapt on the fly for temperature changes, ambient light differences, and backgrounds, such as soil, stubble, or unusual field conditions. There’s never a need to sit and perform system recalibration for maximum effectiveness.

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