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Building a strong relationship with your precision ag dealer

Learn how to make the most out of collaborations with your local technology partner
February 27, 2023

With so many options, researching and investing in precision agriculture technologies can be challenging. That’s why local experts are available to provide the training and service you need to put your precision solutions to work. Whether you are looking for an entry-level option or have a unique farm challenge you’re trying to solve, dealers can provide the long-term partnership you and your farm deserves.

Today’s dealers make up a significant part of the local support for precision agriculture, which is essential to farming operations. Local dealers provide the technology that can drive your business to higher levels of efficiency and sustainability, while also offering day-to-day support, long-term training programs and critical farming insights to enhance your farm’s effectiveness.

Over the years, Trimble has built a worldwide network of more than 2,400 local experts who understand agriculture and your unique business needs. To better understand how to make the most of your relationship with your precision ag dealer, we interviewed two long-time Trimble resellers:

  • Nick Martin - General Manager, ModernAg Inc., United States

  • Jordan Wallace - Sales and Advanced Solutions Technician, GPS Ontario, Canada

Nick and Jordan work with farmers daily to equip technology solutions for various farming operations. Continue reading to learn more about their recommendations for making the most of your relationship with your dealer! 

Getting started

How do I get in contact with a dealer?

If you haven’t started working with a precision technology dealer yet, you can find someone in your area by requesting more information or using our reseller locator tool.

Once you’ve connected with someone, the sky is the limit when it comes to staying in touch with your precision partner. From social media and texts to direct mail or face-to-face communication, Nick noted that there are many ways his team reaches out to and connects with farmers daily. They strive to be flexible and available in the way that best works for each person.

“Most of my team will try to follow up with their customers every so many weeks, just to make sure that they know we're in the area and just touching base with them,” Nick said. “Or, if it's not the busy season and we’re driving past, we’ll stop in and just say hi.”

What should I keep in mind when getting started with a precision dealer?

Both Nick and Jordan believe that keeping an open mind about what precision agriculture can do and pushing yourself to be forward-thinking is key to a great farmer-dealer relationship. 

“Keep in mind that precision agriculture has a very quick payback," Jordan said. "Just because you only want a guidance system today doesn't mean that's where you should stop. Try to look at things like the cost of production analysis and flow and application systems. Those increasingly have more value to today's farmers.” 

He also noted that dealers are always trying to look out for the best interests of their farmers. By asking questions, they will get to know your operation and begin qualifying different solutions that could fit your needs. 

“As a dealer, our goal is to be a trusted advisor or a partner for farmers,” Nick says. “You can buy stuff online, but that doesn't make it work in the field and doesn't guarantee you're going to have success with it. A knowledgeable dealer with well-trained staff will help you get what you need from precision ag equipment. We know you are purchasing precision ag equipment to help you gain efficiency, get better data and drive better performance out of the equipment you currently have – not to be a hassle.”

Ongoing support

Precision technology dealers have tested and used a wide range of precision solutions.  According to Jordan, that means they can continue to apply their knowledge to support farmers long after a purchase has been completed.

“As an example, we don’t just tell or show farmers the steps of GNSS setup in Precision-IQ. We actually go through it with them on their own screen – a visual training and then an activity that backs it up. Some growers learn by watching other growers, so learning by doing gives you the best of both worlds.”

Training opportunities are also a big part of Nick’s team’s services. Their dealership does a four- to six-hour classroom training every other year, bringing together anywhere from 30-50 contractors, farmers and operators who are learning new precision ag systems. In addition to leading the training, Nick says that being able to bring customers togetheris another way dealers add value.

“After the training, we go back to the people that have questions, and that is where the benefit lies in having that many people in the same room. Especially when you have contractors that use water management equipment daily, someone will say, ‘Well, I'm doing this with it, and what do I need to do to tweak that a little bit?’ And somebody across the room will say, ‘I want to do that, too. What do I need to do that?’ And it lets them find out ways that other people are using the equipment. They get almost as much out of that part as they do the first four hours of training.”

Find your local dealer today

We know the importance of finding a precision partner you can trust to deliver expertise and support. Visit our website to connect with one of over 2,400 local Trimble dealers today to enhance your equipment with precision agriculture tools.