We’d like to let you know about an exciting opportunity for anyone with a passion for agriculture and an appreciation for the satisfaction that comes with helping farmers feed the world in a way that maximizes productivity, profitability and sustainability.

For over 20 years, the AGRI-TREND Network of Professional Agricultural Coaches have been helping farmers grow more profits. From the field to the grain bin, to the balance sheet and beyond, growers are enjoying the benefits of a systematic, strategic processes, combined with a massive body of knowledge from our vast network of agricultural experts.

AGRI-TREND coaches help farmers excel in all aspects of their operation. This means that whether your expertise is agronomy, grain marketing or farm finance, there is a coach role for you! And by joining the network, you’ll gain access to one of the most powerful, streamlined software platforms in the industry today.

Trimble Ag Software is an integrated solution that combines desktop, online and mobile platforms that enables growers and their trusted advisors to track, record and access farm data 24/7, all from a smartphone.

AGRI-TREND, a division of Trimble, provides coaches with the support of a strong network of Senior Coaches and technical experts who have hundreds of scientific and technical publications to their credit, including experience with the majority of crops grown in North America. They create the scientific and technical foundation upon which AGRI-TREND Coaches make their recommendations to farm clients.

AGRI-TREND’s purpose is to make farmers more profitable by providing:
• Innovative, agricultural leadership
• Expert advice
• Confidence to make better decisions

Our services revolve around a fully integrated strategy helping farmers SELL the crop, GROW the crop and MANAGE the money.

SELL the crop — AGRI-TREND™ Market Coach pros work with fundamental and technical analysis to determine what crops are likely to be most profitable while developing market strategies to reduce risk and maximize cash flow. They provide the expertise to help with farm planning, cost of production, contract management, and price discovery; all for a fraction of the cost of a full time dedicated employee.

GROW the crop — Once we have figured out what to grow, we need to determine, ‘How best can I allocate my scarce resources to raise profitable crops?’ An AGRI-TREND™ Agri-Coach™ helps farmers allocate resources (time, inputs and equipment) in order to increase their crop yield and quality, and ultimately their return on investment. Our objective is precision agronomy, which means using technology tools available to a farmer to help implement agronomic decisions as precisely as possible on each farm.

MANAGE the money — AGRI-TREND Farm Business-Coach™ Professionals are experts in specialized areas such as accounting, banking, corporate finance, insurance, etc. We work with farmers to conduct an objective assessment of their farm business, and then create a Strategic Farm Business Plan to attain their goals.
Our specialists ensure farmers get answers they need when they need them, and tailor recommendations to the specific needs of their operation.

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