Use only the water you need while maximizing your yield

Variable rate irrigation (VRI) is one of the most talked about topics in the farming community. Farmers are asking themselves when water regulations are going to kick in, and how they can benefit from this technology. But if you are a farmer who has limitations for purchasing a variable frequency drive (VFD) pump, then the conversation around VRI has largely been taken off the table.

Your farm might be in an area that doesn’t have the infrastructure for an electric well, and your equipment is not compatible with a VFD. You might also have multiple wells that feed into one or multiple pivots, leading to irregular flow rates throughout the watering season. Or you just might not be able to make a substantial investment in a VFD.

If this sounds like you, then you are in luck. You do not need a VFD to perform VRI. It’s true! What was once thought impossible, has now been made possible by Trimble.

Trimble® Irrigate-IQ™ optimal flow VRI enables you to perform full VRI on pivot irrigation systems that have standard pump equipment or limited well capacity. That means you can precisely apply the right amount of water, fertigation, or effluent in the right place—regardless of your pumping equipment.

5 Important Advantages to Irrigate-IQ™

There are many advantages to this system. Keeping in mind the fact that you can utilize pumping equipment that you already own, you can also:

  • Optimize water resources by accounting for variable field properties
  • Improve crop quality and yield by applying the right amount of water in the right place
  • Ensure pressure and flow rate are within safe ranges and reduce the risk of equipment damage
  • Perform variable rate irrigation with multiple pivots running on the same pump
  • Achieve a consistent application of water even as the water table reduces throughout the growing season or if a well goes out

So, how does it work? The system is outfitted with larger nozzles to optimize the distribution of water. When the pivot moves across the field, the individual nozzles pulse and the speed may adjust to apply the defined amount of water. It also keeps the pressure regulated across the entire pivot—so you don’t have to worry about damaging equipment.

See it in action:

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