Drone imagery is becoming an important part of any successful precision management strategy.

That’s why the Trimble Ag Software engineering team is working with drone imagery providers to make it easier for farmers to import and view these valuable maps alongside their other farm data.

Case in point: Our engineering team worked with SLANTRANGE, an aerial imagery and analytics company, to help integrate their agronomic information layers into Trimble Ag Software. Our integration with SLANTRANGE is a manual, yet simple, import that will accurately display the legends and data layers from SLANTRANGE systems.

Below is a quick summary of SLANTRANGE’s offering, please click here to learn more about this product, and you will receive a coupon code to get 15% off! All service and support will be handled by SLANTRANGE.

SLANTRANGE Makes Farming More Efficient

SLANTRANGE systems combine powerful analytics tools with accurate and reliable airborne measurement sensors to deliver the most actionable and immediate crop information ever produced for agriculture.


SLANTRANGE systems deliver the information you need at the time and place you need it. That means pushing powerful analytics tools out and away from the cloud and into the field where your decisions need to be made. New in 2017, SLANTRANGE introduced the most powerful on-board processing system in the industry for immediate, in-field results. Built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the SLANTRANGE 3p extends modern analytics to all of the world’s agricultural acres, not just those within easy reach of a fast internet connection.

The SlantView™ analytics platform delivers an entirely new approach to crop measurement and analysis – one that works for agriculture.  What does that mean for farmers?

  • Valuable new classes of information, including stand counts, weed maps, stress maps, vegetation fraction, yield potential, NDVI, and more
  • Immediate, on-site results with no need for network access
  • Exportable data to be consumed wherever, whenever, and however you’d like


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