Knowing that data is a key part of any successful, profitable precision management strategy, Trimble Ag Software has established an API connection with AGBRIDGE™, a universal wireless data transport solution that works with almost every brand of field computer containing a USB or compact flash port.

Farmers and their advisers who are looking for a seamless, automated alternative to using thumb drives for moving data between their Trimble Ag Software and their equipment in the field may now consider the AGBRIDGE™ solution regardless of the brand of ag controller in use.

AGBRIDGE™ was developed to be a low-cost, universal data bridge that enables efficient transport and secure storage of the precision data files that today’s growers so heavily rely upon. At its core is the simple yet powerful AGBRIDGE™ Mobile App that works with an AGBRIDGE™ Drive and utilizes the user’s existing smart device.

This means:

  • No expensive modems or additional data plans are required
  • Transporting as-applied data, harvest data, boundary files, and prescriptions between the field and office is as simple as launching the mobile app.
  • A-B lines can be easily ported from one machine to another without leaving the field.
  • And because files are transported between the user’s smart device and the AGBRIDGE™ Drive, a data connection in the field is not required.

To learn more about how to get started today, click here!


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