One of our goals on the Trimble Ag marketing team is to open new communication lines with our customers, get their feedback, and pass that valuable input along to our development team. When this process flows smoothly, everyone wins. Our engineers know the software upgrades and enhancements will hit home with users, and our customers reap the benefits of superior software.

Our recent customer survey results are a great example of this successful feedback loop in action.

This survey, which came out one year after Trimble Ag Software was launched, revealed some interesting findings that we have been sharing with our teams — including sales, training, product development, and engineering.

Here are some customer survey highlights:

  • The No. 1 value Trimble Ag Software brings to users: “It allows me to stay organized,” followed by “It helps us plan well for the future.”
  • Our customers also gave high marks to the full spectrum of support available to Trimble Ag Software users. Farmer Pro and Pro Plus users specifically pointed to our ongoing software update and release notes as well as direct support, via email or phone calls.
  • In terms of customer satisfaction, Trimble Ag Software scored top marks for ‘Quality of Product’ and ‘Ease of Use.’


Didn’t have time to take our survey? Let us know your thoughts by tagging us on social media. And to learn more about how Trimble Ag Software can help you stay organized and plan well for your farm’s future, check out our free videos, webinars and e-book today!

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