Online Updates

  • Filter Settings in Equipment Activity Now Saved — If you filter the jobs that are listed in the Equipment Activity and navigate to another area of the software and then go back to Equipment Activity, the filter is now retained.
  • Updates to Notification Behavior — Changed the behavior of the “Mark all as Read” in Notifications so it clears all notifications. In the past this would just clear the notifications that were listed.
  • New Hail Alerts — If you own Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus with Ag Premium Weather, a hail alert email will be sent to your inbox when a hail event occurs on your farm. The email includes your field boundaries overlaid with a color-coded hail map, pinpointing areas affected by hail including the size of it. This feature is only available in North America.
  • Drone Imagery Support — Drone imagery can now be imported as a GeoTiff file and viewed in the GIS area as a layer.