Online Updates

  • New Field Manager  — An all-new interface for creating, viewing, and managing field records is now available. Various farm category tabs are available and easy to navigate, including an updated ‘Profitability’ tab that now includes expenses and revenue. Field records can also include operators and equipment with an expanded area for ‘Other Expenses’ where you can customize your list of expense and revenue categories. Field tasks include a coverage map thumbnail if data is available for the task as well as the ability to print a ‘Proof of Placement’ report.
  • Create Tank Mixes Based on Volume or Percent  — Now you can add products to a tank mix based on total product volume, rate per volume (such as gal/100gal), or rate per area (such as fl oz/acre). This allows you to build a tank mix based on how the product is recommended for application without additional calculations.
  • Support for Custom Units on Chemicals  — You can now track chemical usage for products that are recommended for application in a unit of area/volume (such as acres/jug, acres/case or acres/pouch).
  • Spray Volume on Work Orders and POP Report  — Work Orders and Proof of Placement Reports now show the spray volume when using a tank mix. This is needed for listing the total application rate for record keeping and compliance purposes.
  • Improved AB Line Management  — A new, intuitive interface to view, interact, and manage guidance lines is now available. The guidance type symbols also match the Trimble displays (using Precision-IQ™), making it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • New Operator Permissions  — Farm managers can enable either full or restricted user permissions when using Precision-IQ displays for each operator. This permission benefits inexperienced operators who tend to make changes they are not authorized to make.
  • Operator Login  — Operator login credentials for Precision-IQ displays can be entered on Trimble Ag Software to help managers track which operator is completing each field task.
  • Enhancements to AutoSync  — The AutoSync™ feature now automatically syncs materials and implements with all connected devices. Before this update, this data was not being synced. Also, vehicle profiles are created on the display and saved automatically within Trimble Ag Software during the AutoSync process. If the display is accidentally damaged or lost, AutoSync can restore all vehicle settings to a new Trimble display avoiding recalibration.