Online Updates


  • New Guidance Line Offset Feature — The Guidance Line area has a new Offset button that can be used to create a new guidance line by offsetting an existing line. To do this, go to the GIS area and find the Guidance Lines tab. Here you can select a guidance line and choose the Offset button to execute the copy.
  • New Data Transfer Menu —  A new Data Transfer menu is now available, replacing the previous location from the Field menu. This option allows you to upload and work with your data files.
  • Create Management Zones from Boundaries —  The GIS area has a new Zones tab for manually creating management zones. The Draw Zones feature allows you to use drawing tools for creating zones from a field boundary. These zones can be created from background maps such as yield maps, Crop Health Imagery maps or elevation maps. Once created, these zone maps can be viewed from the GIS area or from the Trimble Ag Mobile app for soil sampling and other purposes.