Online Updates

  • New ‘Update Task Costs’ Button for Materials — When you go to the Materials screen (chemicals, fertilizer, or seed), there is now an ‘Update Task Costs’ button that can be used to update the cost of selected materials on the fields where it has been used.  To use this feature select the materials that you want to work with then select the ‘Update Task Costs’ button. All jobs within the selected year that had the selected material(s) will be updated with the current Average Cost.
  • New Button to view Material Details — Individual materials for chemicals, fertilizer or seed now include a ‘Details’ button. Selecting this button will give details of the purchases and uses of the material along with the inventory balance. Also, the ‘Details’ area is where you can go to enter purchases for the selected material.
  • Support for Davis EnviroMonitor — Added support for Davis EnviroMonitor soil moisture probes.