Online Updates

  • Additional Support for reading data from Trimble Precision-IQ™ for Multi-Product VRA — If using the TMX-2050™display with the Precision-IQ software for multi-product application, the legend for the coverage map will now give options for each product used.
  • Updated Field Profiler Functionality — Consolidated boundary functionality into Field Profiler, making it easy to export boundaries as ArcView Shape and KML files.
  • Improved Default Time for Historical Fleet Tracking — If tracking historical fleet locations, the default time shown on the History page is now the last recorded location data, minus the time duration selected on the slider time. This change makes it easier to find the last recorded vehicle location data.
  • Fix for Fleet Utilization Time Scale — Fixed the time scale, which was not matching the chart time when viewing the Fleet Utilization page.
  • Improved Full Screen Mode for Maps — Field maps can now be managed in full screen mode for easier viewing.
  • New PurePixel™ Shapefile Download — PurePixel crop health imagery can now be downloaded in an ArcView Shapefile format so that it can be utilized in other software applications.