Online Updates

  • Updated Language Translations Updated online translations for Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian.
  • New Material Purchase Interface — To purchase materials (chemicals, seed, fertilizer,…) go to the Farm menu, select Materials and choose the category of material. To purchase an existing material, select it from the list and previous purchases and uses for that material will appear. A new material can be added to the list. When adding a new material, a cost can now be entered based on the Purchased Unit of the material.

  • Improvements to Crop Colors Revamped how colors are used on field boundaries and crops. Crop colors have a default color which can be customized by going to the Farm Map and clicking on the crop. When a crop color is set in one year, it will carry forward the color into future years. Also, boundary colors are now consistent throughout the application including the Farm Map and Dashboard as well as the Trimble Ag Mobile app.
  • Task Creation via Shapefile Import  You can now create application tasks by importing a shapefile for a coverage map that includes a material and rate.
  • Ag Premium Weather Improvements  Enhancements to the online portal so that weather data refreshes and displays more quickly. Ag Premium Weather is an add-on to Farmer Pro.
  • Ag Time Tracker Data Export  Data collected via Ag Time Tracker can now be exported as a .CSV file with details. Ag Time Tracker is an add-on to Farmer Pro.