Online Updates

  • New Field Creation Interface — There is a new interface when creating a new field or updating the properties on an existing field. The new interface is more intuitive and makes it easier to enter or edit information.

The General tab allows you to add/edit field, client and farm names as well as creating a field boundary.

The Crop tab allows you to easily add crop types, yield goals, ownership, crop rotation history and more.

  • Assign Chemicals to a Category — All chemicals created within the Materials area can now be assigned to a Category. This ensures that any tasks that use the chemical (including tasks created by verifying equipment activity) will show up in the expense breakdown of Field Manager.

  • Show Task Sessions — The details for Equipment Activity now shows all the regions/sessions for a task. You can select one or more regions and see the map and inputs for each region.
  • Split Task Sessions — It is now possible to view details of Equipment Activity and select one or more regions/sessions and split them into a separate task. This makes it possible to break a task that covers more than one field into separate tasks and then assign them to the correct field(s).