Online Updates

  • Added Bateman Spreaders to List of Vehicles — Within the Vehicle Setup area, a new Manufacturer for Bateman and a Vehicle Type for Spreader (for self propelled spreaders) is now available.
  • New Edit Button in Task Summary  — There is now an Edit button in the Task Summary box so you can view a task in Equipment Activity and then immediately edit it if desired.

  • Updates to Task Verification — Updated Task Verification so you can now verify fertilizer application tasks that include a fertilizer that’s a gas (i.e. Anhydrous). You can now verify any task that’s listed in Equipment Activity and have it show up in Field Manager.
  • New Operator Manager Role — A new role called Operator Manager is now available to help others edit, manage and send operator data to vehicles without having full Org Administrator rights.
  • Vehicle Alert Frequency — A new option is now available to specify the amount of time that passes between the same alert in order to control the frequency of alerts.