Online Updates

  • Auto Verification of Tasks Entered Manually — Equipment Activity tasks are now automatically verified when manually entered into the web-based software. This allows tasks that are manually entered in the Equipment Activity area to automatically appear within the Field Manager (including costs), Calendar, Trimble Ag Mobile app and other areas.
  • Additional Guidance Line Features — A wide range of functionality has been added  to the guidance line area. Not only can you see a map of guidance lines by field, there is now more information about each line, including name, type and date/time. Guidance lines can be selected from the map or from the list. This makes it possible to select a line by name and see it highlighted on the map (or vice versa). Once they are selected, lines can easily be deleted or renamed.
  • Support for Ag Leader Data — Added support for reading Ag Leader *.agdata files via the File Upload area.
  • Resolved Issues with Task Verification — Resolved issues where verifying a task in the Equipment Activity area could sometimes result in an error.