Online Updates

  • Improved Background Imagery – The background imagery has been updated to give a consistent look across the site.
  • High Resolution Viewing – The site has been optimized for better viewing if the customer has a 4K or Retina high resolution display.
  • New Country Info – New users can enter their country information when they set up their account so that currency and the store location will be automatically selected for them.
  • Legend Updates – Updates to legends include always showing  grain yields in bushels per acre (instead of pounds) and changes in the fonts used on legends to make them more readable.
  • John Deere Files Download – When you first add a John Deere (Operations Center) account, the program will only download the last 7 days worth of data.  There is a previous files button that can be used to download previous data for any date range.
  • Support for Reading John Deere GS3 Forage Yield Data.