Online Updates

  • New Task Verification — Added functionality that allows precision ag data (also known as tasks) collected with an in-field display or uploaded from the Trimble Ag Desktop software to be verified. Once the data is verified, it will be used throughout all areas of the web platform, including the Trimble Ag Mobile app. This is a significant feature as it allows you to keep your precision farming display data separate from your field records, or to merge it all together.
    • The visuals below demonstrate how to take your precision farming data and make it available in all areas of the web software and mobile app.

Step 1: Go to Equipment Activity, view the details of your task and select the Verify Task button.

Task verification of yield dataStep 2: Go to Field Manager to view field records and to edit cost and other details.

Trimble Ag Field Records

  • Enhanced Equipment Activity — The Equipment Activity area at the field level now offers more options such as edit, add, delete and verify task data.
  • Free Marketplace Modules — Unlock additional free modules to Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus accounts by visiting the online Marketplace. It is important to activate these modules to:
    • Monitor Soil Moisture Compatible with AquaCheck soil probes to monitor soil moisture levels and forecast water demand over time, helping with irrigation planning.
    • Perform Soil Sampling Layout a grid size, set orientation, navigate to targets and log the actual sample location on the Trimble Ag Mobile app.
    • Manage Grain Commodities & Contracts Forecast commodity revenues by combining goals with live market data and track the delivery of each contract from field to storage.

Marketplace Modules