Farmer Pro Release Notes

August 2020

Enhancement Summary

  • Mobile (Android and iOS)  – Visualize Documents in mobile app  (version 4.8 or higher)
  • Customers can upload any type of document (pdf, xls, doc…etc) in the online platform in Farm > Documents and organize it by folder, field, type or year. A “document” tile is now available in the TAS Mobile app to enable remote access to desired documents.


  • Mobile app supports different currencies symbols for materials, operators and Equipment costs.  (version 4.8 or higher)
  • Currency settings are still defined in Online and pushed to the Mobile app when synced. Currencies supported: $, €, £, ¥, R$.
  • Mobile – Share bulk Work Orders with contractors (version 4.6 or higher)

Users can now share bulk work orders with their contracts ahead of time. This can be done in the mobile app for both Android and iOS versions. The feature works for Farmer Core and Farmer Pro users, as well as both WO types: display and non display Work Orders. Follow the 4 steps.


1. Select Multiple Fields for WO creation 2. Complete the WO as a normal process and SYNC 3.Select the WO to share and click EDIT button 4. Choose the sharing method

Below is the report that will be available to the recipient.

  • First page includes a summary with all jobs, and fields details hectares, products and total quantity. On the left you can access individual fields work orders.

Bug Fixes

  • Online: Yield Cleaning
  • Error message was showing up before cleaning yield data: “Insufficient Data for Yield Cleaning”
  • Fix: Updating yield cleaning to use sensor type for checks instead of sensor names

  • Mobile (iOS): Zone disappears when adding a benchmark over a Zone in the mobile app
  • Fix: A point benchmark can be added in the mobile app having the zone showing up as a background layer.  (version 4.8 or higher)

  • Mobile (Android) – App crashed on changing path to polygon and vice versa
  • Fix:  No crash happens anymore at the end of this workflow

1. Log into the application

2. Select Farm and Field

3. Draw Path and Save

4. Tap on Path

5. Tap on Change to Polygon

  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Crops added to a company through the admin menu online failed to appear on the mobile app after syncing
  • Fix: Now when diseases are turned on for a company through admin, and a mobile sync is completed, those recently added diseases will be available on the list


  • Online – Tissue sample PDF: when a zone is set, ranges row is offset due to added sample id column. The units and ranges were both out of alignment with the header and the results.
  • Fix – When the zone and sample ID were added to the PDF, columns began aligning correctly.
  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Accounts with Farmer Core, and Company Mobile Grower View licence has Coverage tab missing in mobile
  • Fix – 4.8.1 mobile release reversed this issue and the coverage tab is available on the field map for these types of accounts.

For additional AutoSync and Work Orders releases notes, please check the latest releases here: LINK