Farmer Pro Release Notes – September 2021

Bug Fixes


  • Optimize loading time for Harvest Screen.


  • Optimize loading time for Scouting Screen
  • When accessing the map the map centers on the extent of farms and the user needs to press the Locate Me icon to center the map on the user’s current location.

Farm Map

  • Revise the farm map to Automatically Locate Me.


  • Do not display Applications on Farm Contracts screen – As a Contract Manager, we have updated this page to only see contracts listed on Farm Contracts screen. If there are Applications created they should be filtered out.

Grid Soil Sampling jobs without Grid Size

  • We have updated the logic to be able to upload sample targets not necessarily associated with a grid or management zone and those will successfully get to Workbench in TAS.


  • Android – REI and PHI fields should not be displayed for fertilizer by analysis.

Mobile Sync – Prompt for Crop Boundary

  • When remapping a crop zone on mobile, after a field has been split using the crop rotation planner, this causes the updated boundary to be pushed through to the parent field.

Work Orders

  • When bulk of vines are verified/skipped using “upon completion” during the work order execution screen hangs.

Inventory & Bin

  • Removing inventory from bin does not do a bin reset on mobile.
  • When removing all inventory from a bin without performing a bin reset, the variety would display as “multiple” as it recorded there being more than one variety in the bin.

Task cost

  • Total task cost is not displayed in the list view of the irrigation task

Irrigation events

  • Deleting the irrigation actuals which have multiple sessions fails to get removed.

Mobile Android

  • KML/thumbnails are not displayed after file download complete.
  • Not able to open Fertilizer-actuals

Mobile crash

  • Crash occurs in “Other expense” tiles when actuals created from New field manager are deleted in mobile.

Pin Drops not showing up in scouting report pdf

  • Benchmarks created on the scouting report were not displayed on the map in mobile or online, but were listed under GIS > benchmarks.

Planting data not transferring between Orgs

  • Transferring tasks between grower orgs wasn’t working.

Expand CropYear options in Crop Season

  • Expanded the options Crop Season > ADD SEASON to include years 2000+

Add crop types

  • Salad Burnett, Chamomile, Corn Flower, Corn Poppy

Legal Land Description not syncing to Farms > Fields