Farmer Pro Release Notes

Enhancement Summary

  • Add support for Egyptian Pound
  • Add Egyptian Pound (EGP) currency mapping from online so that this unit will appear in mobile
  • Display number of Pallets in Bin Transaction screen
  • Bin transaction screen on the mobile app now gives you the ability to enter the number of pallets on the setup/edit screen
  • Add new Storage Units – Bin Transactions
    • Added new units “bins” and “troughs” when creating or editing a bin
    1. Navigate to the Bins icon from the home screen
    2. Click the “+” sign to create a new bin, or if you want to edit an existing bin, click on the desired one, and click the pencil icon to edit that bin
    3. On the edit bin screen, select the units under total capacity to bring up the different units you can select
    4. There you will see all bin unit options, with “bins” and “troughs” now being available
  • Mobile (Android): Permission Request Changed to Dynamic
    • Updated the way permissions are requested for storage/location/camera
  • Add GDD (growing degree days) option to the PremiumWeather Chart

Bug Fixes

  • Online: Product Recommendation and Work Orders Spanish translation fixes
    • Fix: Recommendations and Work Orders will now translate to Spanish when thatis the language set for the browser
  • Online: Field Profiler not loading when browser language set to Chinese
    • Fix: Field Profiler now loads without any problems when the browser language isset to Chinese
  • Mobile (Android): Inputs and Materials – Fertilizers and Chemicals -Add the record and save, come back to listing screen, record is not present
    • Log in to the app
    • Click on the Inputs & Material tile
    • Click on the fertility/chemical tile
    • Add the fertilizer/chemical record and save
    • The record is not present. The user has to go back to the Fertility/chemical tile and click again to see the record
    • Fix: The record is now present after saving.
  • Online: Rendering/caching of management zones in GIS Tab – When displaying management zones in GIS, zooming in or out would sometimes cause pixels of the management zone to disappear
    • Fix: Updated tile server so pieces of management zone no longer disappear
  • Mobile (Android): Soil report list is not clickable and checkbox is not present
    • Fix: You can now select any soil report or checkbox with no issues
  • Mobile (Android): Time Tracker – Editing the time field and selecting OK would not save the updated time
    • Fix: Now updates the time as expected
  • Mobile (iOS): Tank mix pesticide issue – 1st time using tank mix on a work order would produce the correct quantity. 2nd time using the same tank mix on a work order would cause the quantity to be incorrect
    • Fix: Tank mixes now produce the correct quantities after multiple uses
  • Online: Field Name – Not matching between field profiler and crop rotation planner
    • Fix: Field names are now consistent in both pages
  • Online: Customers not receiving Premium Weather notifications
    • Fix:Premium Weather alerts are now coming through as expected
  • Online: TABS VR Recommendation Generator Request – When creating a variable rate Work Order and saving the desired rates, the rates would change once saving the Work Order
    • Fix: Rates stay consistent when saving the Work Order
  • Online: Financial Summary Report: Inability to Update Target Yield – When updating the target yield, the changes would not reflect on the Financial Summary Report
    • Fix: Updates in target yield successfully carry over to Financial Summary Report
  • Online: Work Order Summary Shows Wrong Metric – Rate unit was being selected from the dropdown and was being changed after saving based on the user’s preferences
    • Fix: Units stay consistent after saving based on the drop down selection

For additional auto sync and work orders releases notes, please check the latest releases.