Farmer Pro Release Notes – October 2021

Feature Enhancements

Create a Copy of a Work Order on Mobile

  • We have added the ability in mobile to create a copy of an existing Work Order. This enhancement was added to support the use case of a customer wanting to repeat the same task multiple times without having to recreate the Work Order.

create copy of work order image

Update Yield cleaning to prefer crop zone boundary and fall back to field boundary

  • Yield Cleaning was only looking for the Field Boundary and ignored the Crop Zone boundary for processing, which created a problem in the scenario where a user has no field boundary but has a Crop Zone boundary. The yield cleaning process now prioritizes the crop zone boundary highest, then falls back to the field boundary if there is no crop zone boundary.

Bug Fixes

Days after planting is showing current date not scouted date

  • When looking at a scouting report on mobile, it was displaying the planted date to the current date as days after planting, rather than the amount of days after planting the scouting report was created.

Convert field path from dots to a solid line in drive mode.

Retired Fields showing in Farm Map

  • There were isolated instances of fields that were retired in farms > fields still displaying under the Farm Map.

Unable to Print Harvest Summary Page

  • When attempting to print the harvest summary page, an error message appeared.

Work Order

  • Unable to add fertilizer when editing a work order group.

Field boundary doesn’t update on first edit

  • When editing a field boundary in GIS>boundary or Farms>Fields>edit and making changes to the boundary and saving, you would not see the updated field boundary on the map. If you then edited and saved again, the updated boundary would populate on the map.

Mobile mapping after crop rotation planner splits

  • When updating a field boundary on a child field, the updated boundary was also being pushed to the parent field, rather than only updating the child field boundary and not changing the parent field boundary.

Contact Details Showing as Null, Null

  • On the Customer >> Contact window, the Contact details were showing as null, null

Yield Cleaning Not Sending Full Map to Harvest Data

  • When cleaning yield under equipment activity, there were reported instances of it only sending a partial yield map to harvest data, rather than sending the full map as intended.

PurePixel – Landsat 5 DataOcean executions are failing

  • This was causing Powerzones to be stuck in processing after order and not successfully processing and becoming available for use.

Advisor Map Template Performance Improvement

  • There were reported instances of slow loading times under the workbench map templates page if the Advisor had a high number of templates active in the account. Work has been done to optimize this page to improve loading times in this scenario.

Advisor Map Template Search reloads whole page prior to submission

  • Work was done on the search function for the search to only happen until hitting enter, or if it’s a progressive search reload the list grid below the search bar, but not the whole page when searching for a template.

Advisor Map Template unit conversion w/ Yield data

  • When using Map Template with yield data, we have updated the logic so units to convert to appropriate measure (e.g. kg/ha -> bu/ac).