Farmer Pro Release Notes

Enhancement Summary

  • Online – Add Clarification on the Harvest Data UI
    • Added additional clarification on the harvest summary screen that “changes in this summary will not reflect in the Yield Map PDF. Use the clean yield function in equipment activity to run post-calibration.”
  • Online – Ability to Transfer Equipment Task Data from One Org to Another
    • Enterprise users/Advisors have now access to a new functionality which allows them to transfer equipment activity from one grower organization to another under the company umbrella
      Screenshot of feature
  • Online – Add Option to Display the Work Order Creator and Filter by the Creator
    • We have updated the UI of the Work Order tab which displays the creator of the Work Order. It also allows you to filter Work Orders by the creator.
      Screenshot of Feature

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile – Android – App crashes when edit field boundary is tapped
    • When trying to edit a field boundary in the mobile app, the app would crash and you would have to restart it.
    • Fix: You can now edit a field boundary on mobile without any issues.
  • Mobile – Android – Work Order count is displayed on the tile when Work Order access is removed for the Org
    • Work Order count is displayed when Work Order access is removed for the Org
    • Fix: Work Order count is no longer displayed on the tile when Work Order access is removed from the org
  • Mobile – iOS – Storage Risk Assessment Report – Back button is missing in “Select Map Screen” in landscape orientation
    • When switching the map type on iOS mobile (standard, satellite, hybrid), the back button would disappear when the phone/tablet was in landscape mode.
    • Fix: Back button now displays as expected when in landscape mode.
  • Mobile – iOS – Storage Risk Assessment – Canceling the search doesn’t clear the search text and result
    • Canceling the search would not clear the search text and result
    • Fix: Search results now clear as expected
  • Mobile – iOS – Storage Risk Assessment Report – Map is missing in Portrait view
    • When on the storage risk assessment report tab, the map would disappear from the screen when in portrait view, but displayed in landscape
    • Fix: Map now appears as expected when in portrait view
  • Mobile – iOS – Work Order Filter – Filter resets immediately when user navigates back to Farm Master Screen
    • Work Order filter would immediately reset when navigating back to the farm master screen
    • Fix: Filter now stays active even if closing and opening the app. Filter will now only reset when switching organizations
  • Online – Blend Figures Change when the Rates are Edited
    • In Farm Nutrient Manager, when updating the rate of a fertilizer entry, it would change the nutrient requirements in the blend.
    • Fix: Updating the rate will keep the blend numbers consistent.
  • Online – Field Search Errors
    • When using the “jump to field” search window, the field acreage showing there was inconsistent with the field acreage showing in field manager. The field acreage showing in field manager was the correct number.
    • Fix: Field acreage is now consistent between the jump to field page and field manager.
  • Online – Inability to Generate Rx Reports in Field Programmer
    • When trying to generate an Rx file in Field Programmer, it would send you to the ‘contact support’ page and not generate the Rx file.
    • Fix: You can now successfully generate Rx files in Field Programmer as expected.
  • Online – New Year Import Not Pulling Nutrients and Legal Lands Description
    • When creating a new year to import the fields from one year to the next and using “Apply Planned Future Crops” from the Crop Rotation Planner, all information such as Legal Land Descriptions and Nutrient Zones, which should have carried over, did not. If you create a new crop year and uncheck the Crop Rotation Planner box then it appears to bring everything over as intended.
    • Fix: Legal Land Descriptions, Nutrient Zones, and other relevant field information carry over to the new crop year when “Apply Planned Future Crops” is checked off.
  • Online – Fertilizer Activities from Plan to Actual
    • When adding a fertilizer entry on the planner/budget and then applying as actual, there were some pieces that failed to carry over to actual as expected: 
      • Fertilizer application shows on summary tab but not on fertility tab
      • Displays date one day off selected date
      • Shows operation as spreading
      • Materials tab does not show fertilizer material
      • Comments not displayed
    • Fix: All of these pieces now carry over to actual correctly Screenshot
  • Online – Slow Load Time in New Field Manager
    • When using the new Field Manager page, it was reported that there were slow loading times, and would often take up to 10 seconds for the activities to load.
    • Fix: The slow load times were corrected and everything is loaded as expected.